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Rider Chop avatar 8:23 PM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
10 Things You Don't Know About Rider Chop

1. I have only beaten ONE rpg:
And that is Lunar, I must have sat down for four to six hours a day until I beat the game. Roughly a week later I made that game my bitch. Final boss was WEAK, the magic is so broken in that game. I almost felt guilty. But yeah, I love this game. Working Designs for the win.

2. I used to play Pokemon Trozei religiously....
for the first month that I owned it. It was intense, fun, easy to get into. I really enjoyed it. I should give it a go again soon.

3. I have retarded facial hair:
I can't grow a beard!! I can't even get fucking five o' clock shadow! Well I can but it comes in all patchy. I can grow some mean chin hair/sideburns though. *sigh* I am only half a man.

4. I despise FPS games:
I think it is all the same game pretty much. I get bored with them quickly, and after listening to all the assholes on xbox live I don't really want to be associated with that group of people.

5. My inspirations:
Next to boobs and gaming, art is my passion in life. The amazing artists at Capcom were a big influence for me, I adore the style of their older games. Street Fighter, Megaman, Captain Commando, Darkstalkers, Cyberbots, anything really. Hirohiko Araki is amazing as well. I love comic strip art from the early 1900's, fashion from that time period is really cool too. I love anime, mecha especially. I really love the style of mecha design from Dangaioh and Iczer-1, both made by the same director btw so it is understandable.
An inspirational piece of animation for me would definitely be Daicon 3 and 4, the amount of effort and creativity that went into it is what motivates me to try and be as amazing as they were back in the day.

6. I hit my sister with my bike:
I was racing some other kid down the road and she runs in the way and I slam on the brakes but slide and hit her. We both got pretty fucked up.

7. The only games I have ever beaten without dying are MUSHA, Metal Slug 1, Megaman 2, Soldier Blade aaaaaaaand probably a few Sonic Games.

8. I tried desperately to "go pro" at SF3:3rd Strike a few years ago. I lack neither the patience nor the ability to ingest the bullshit that game throws at you. I got tired of wading through seas of Kens, Chuns and Yuns. Plus eating an Aegis Reflector unblockable for the millionth time really wore on my patience. I hate that shit. It is like playing 4-square as a kid, only when you miss the ball you get stabbed in the face. Similar to how if I guess wrong I eat an infinite or something and lose 60% of my life bar.

9. I love to collect all sorts of toys, Star Wars and Transformers mostly. I love the effort (or lack of effort) that goes into their design. When I see them cheap I like to grab import robot toys too, Revoltech toys are too cool.

10. I enjoy collecting games, especially Genesis games. I've had that sexy black box for about 14-15 years now and it keeps on ticking. I believe my collection is somewhere around 50 or 60 games for it, now I have some rare games for it and most of the essentials but I also have a few shit games as well, and fuck the endless pit of sports games for it, nothing I hate more than seeing a lot of Genesis games being sold only to find that 2/3 of it is sports games. Nigga I want fucking Shining Force, not Tommy Lasorda Baseball! That game sucks! Anybody who says they actively enjoy and look forward to sports games is lying to themselves.

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