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My fighting plate is full:THE FIGHTING!

Well my lust for fighting has grown and grown, after branching out and jumping into the scary territory that is KOF land I have started playing all the fighters I have either dabbled in or always wanted to try but never got a...



Year: 1997 Platform: PC Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Mindscape My memories of this game came rushing back recently. I was cleaning out the area around my computer desk and I found a big stack of PC games from when I ...


My Spring Break Gaming: THE SLUGFEST

As I began to write this blog I noticed an ad for Rappelz Epic V, why the fuck do all these "FREE FANTASY MMO" developers throw money around to be advertised on every game site imaginable? Who can honestly say they play those...


More Badasses: Geese Howard

Sometimes there are men so powerful, so feared that the mere mention of their name will send shivers down the backs of anyone, good or evil. Geese Howard is such a man. I am going to discuss who he is and why he is so badass ...


Where the hell is Street Fighter 3?

So, at my college every month we have a tournament night. This month we focused on fighting games! WOOOO!! They were Brawl, Soul Calibur 4, DOA4 and Street Fighter 4. I didn't participate in the DOA4 and SC4 tournaments for o...


Review! Twinklestar Sprites

This is a great way to kickstart a small series of NeoGeo reviews I have planned. Year:1997 Developer:ADK System: Neo-Geo/Dreamcast/Saturn Genre: Puzzle/ Shmup. Sometimes a game comes along that is so goddamn amazing that...


A small update to my collection of crap

First let's start with the small stuff: -Ristar -Earthworm Jim -Phantasy Star IV -Decap Attack -Batman Returns (bleh, glad I got this one as a freebie) -Guardian Heroes Advance -Trouble Shooter (Vic Tokai FTW) -that littl...


Pole's Big Adventure: SEGA Mario Clone?

I just saw the trailer for this and it has me excited. Sega, doing an 8-bit style game, about cowboys, plays like Mario but has guns?! SOLD! So what do you guys think? Is this a classic example of Sega being Sega or is it s...


Review! Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu

Year:1990 System: NES/TG16 Developer: Hudson Genre: Action/Platformer I have been wanting to review this game for a while now but didn't want to until I beat it a few more times (the game, pervert!). This game is sadly unde...


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