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Hai, I'm Rick.

5:54 PM on 02.17.2010

My friend Callum uses this site, he says it's a very good site for those into gaming... so I registered.

I used to be a Smash Bros Brawl player, for any of you who have played this horrible game, you will know it is very time consuming when you play it at a competitive level. I recently quit it, sold my Wii and got me a nice Xbox 360 which is satisfying my gaming needs. This means I will be playing several different games at a time and attempting to whore gamerscore and writing fancy little blogs about it, possibly including things about me, but I dunno.

I hope to make a few new friends on this Website and get some good feedback on my writing. I actually have no idea what to write in my first blog!

Anyways, gonna get back to getting the other 500g out of Tekken 6!