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Just1n avatar 8:43 AM on 08.21.2010  (server time)
Corduroy Turtle is Legend

My Gods! What could this be?

A package...nay, a parcel...delivered from on high.

Very little mail finds its way to Rick's Café Américain. I am suspicious, but impatient.

Eagerly, I rip apart the lovingly wrapped parcel with no regard to the effort or cost involved in crafting it.

I begin to form an idea of what might lay in wait within the papery confines.

It is!

Crimson Skies has landed safely on my shores!

Yet something gives me pause...

Is there a mirror on the cover of this box, for surely the cleft-chinned figure I see is a reflection of myself.

Ah-ha! A more thorough perusal of the case reveals that it is, in fact, Nathan Zachary!

The Nathan Zachary of The Fortune Hunters, you may be asking.

The very same!

How easy it was to confuse our roguish good looks!

Nate and I can't wait to begin our adventures together.

But before take-off, we are careful to offer thanks to Corduroy Turtle for bringing us together.

Thank you, great turtle! May you grant us safe passage through the skies!


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