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Rhyno's blog

11:03 PM on 10.27.2008

My 360 experience of the last week

Last week, I bought Fable 2 on Wednesday, and was excited to play it. But when I got back from Best Buy, my 360 wouldn’t recognize it. It wasn’t the Red Ring, but it wouldn’t recognize that any disc was in the tray. It would just say “Open Tray”. I tried a bunch of different things, but it still wouldn't work.

I decided to take it to the Best Buy that I bought it from, and got the 2 year replacement plan from to try and exchange it. They told me I needed to have all of the accessories it came with (I figured this anyway, but most of them were still home, and I was 2 hours away where I go to college, and I figured I’d give it a shot).

So I went home this past weekend and found all of the stuff. I took it back today, and got it replaced. The cool part was that I got the games from the new bundle )the first one I got came with no games), plus 50 bucks due to the price drop since when I had bought the first one in January. So I was feeling pretty good.

Later today, I was playing LBP because it had just arrived from UPS, and my roommate wanted to borrow Fable 2. So I hit the eject button on my 360, and I am greeted with this:

It didn’t amount to much, though, because once I presses the power button to turn it off, and hit eject again, it worked fine. I am just hoping it wasn’t a sign of things to come. Although, I guess it wouldn’t be too much hassle to return this one, too.   read

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