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Rhacodactyls's blog

12:20 PM on 05.14.2008

R-9 Limited Edition going for 61.00$, wait what?

I thought this was kinda funny, seems like the R-9 that
came with the pre orders of R-Type Command for the PSP
are going fast on Ebay. Theres one on right now going for
61.00$ with 3.99 shipping, hats off to the 20 people who bid on it.

Just go buy the Historical collection...   read

9:53 PM on 05.13.2008

New Otomedius Character Announced

Konami is hooking up 360 owners with a new character when Otomedius hits in Japan.
On the Famitsu site, it doesn't state that shes a playable character or a enemy. Also if that isnt enough, on the Japanese market place you can pick up an Otomedius Theme for 150 Microsoft points.

I really hope that this game hits state side.

Heres the original article   read

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