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1:13 PM on 06.01.2010

One small step....

I have found myself in the resonably relaxed employ of the Baltimore County Public Library branch for going on the past two years. In those two years I have seen the system adopt portable mp3 players with preloaded books, do away with casette tapes, streamline e-book downloading onto Ipods and zunes...but most importantly to me was the adoption of video games, thats right, my library system openly rents xbox 360, ps3, and Wii titles for free on three week loan periods. Now I wouldnt go as far as to claim that I am responsible for this trend, because simply enough they carried ps2 and xbox titles before I arrived here, but in a severly limited capacity. Now even though I'm not even a full time employee here, they have taken my advice on a recomendation system and they have been ordering newer titles in bulk for the past few months(we just got Alan Wake and LP2). Now one might assume I could rest on my laurels and consider this a victory for Gamerkind true fight seems to be rearing it's ugly head.

About three months ago I began a campaign to have the library start carrying mature titles for rental. Now before anyone jumps down my throat for wanting to make mature titles available to minors hear me out on our game policy. In order to even check out games you have to put a hold on them using our site which age locks out children under eighteen from even putting the old. Now assuming someone makes it past the block or, lets say, uses a parents card, they would still have to pick the title up using that specific needless to say even putting childrens games on hold is fairly well secured. Anyway I wrote an email to Jim Fish, the head of the entirety of the counties library systems, and had a reasonably well formed business proposal. I explained that by looking at our increased revenue from the titles we had that if we began carrying mature titles that our revenue cap would boom. If parents and even gamers discovered that they could check out Modern Warfare 2 and risk only a $2.50 a day late fine AFTER having it for three weeks that would easily trump the $59.99 they'd risk on a title that they might not even like. After typing this out and sending it across the wonderful web I received my prompt rejection almost immediately that stated that it was BCPL's stance to oppose carrying M rated titles as it posed a risk to our younger patrons. My response was short in the sense that I brought up our policy for checking out games in the first place and I even went a step further and pointed out inherent flaws in the current system that allowed children of ANY age to check out sexually explicit titles. Needless to say I received no response and that leads me to where I am now.

I suppose that my question for you wonderful people would be this. Do you agree with the stance of the library or do you think this is simply "old blood". The system is full of people who opposed renewing our gaming contract and we had to fight tooth and nail for that. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any responses.   read

10:26 AM on 03.07.2008

One angry Marylander


Last night I submitted a request to the Dept Of State through the FOIA to secure any documents , laws , or legal statutes for the state of MD that pertain to contests of chance and or gambling through tournaments. One might be wondering why I did such a thing....well here you go

[i]"2. Eligibility

You are eligible to enter this Tournament (a "Player"), if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:

* You are a legal resident of the United States, but not a resident of Vermont, Maryland, Puerto Rico, or any other U.S. territory or possession; and
* You are 18 years of age or older; and
* You have access to a Microsoft Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system, the Halo® 3 video game, and you are an Xbox LIVE Gold member in good standing; and
* You are not an employee of Microsoft Corporation (the "Sponsor", "us", "we" or "our"), 38th Floor Productions Inc., MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc., or their respective parents, divisions, subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, licensees, advertising and promotional agencies, or any of their immediate family members (including, without limitation, spouse, parent(s), child(ren), sibling(s), and their respective spouses) or those living in the same households, whether or not related, of such individuals.

This Tournament is void in MD, VT, Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories and possessions and wherever else prohibited by law."[/i]

It was the same situation for the Bomberman tourney , the Emergence Day events , GRAW 2 Launch event , PGR3 Weekend Racing event...the list goes on.

Now if anyone on this little rock known as Destructoid can shed some light on this I would be forever grateful. I've searched online , spent a while gunning through MD's online legal catalogue and I can't find my last hope lies in some random member knowing thelaw or reasons or the massive amount of paperwork that is going to arrive(hopefully) soon that I'm going to read through and find out why Marylanders and natives of VT are being shafted. And in all honesty if I can gather enough information and support I am seriously going to look into changing this. It's not fair in the least that our states are cornholed out of participating in these contests.

Your resident Revolutionary

-Rev   read

11:58 PM on 03.06.2008

Remember "Paradise"...I'm not talking about Burnout

I absofuckinglutely love point and click games. They formed my trifecta of gaming that I was weened on while I was but a lad which consisted of

Rail shooters
Jurassic Park on the GB
Point and click

They have always played on my love of detective oriented stories and mysteries and clicking stuff to discover stuff o.O. Anyway onto the point of this post.

Very few people can tell me who Benoit Sokal is , I respect that. He is the man who is responsible for some of the greatest games ever created in the point and click genre and for the PC in general. Some of his credits are

-Siberia(Omg T_T so good)
-Amerzone(I never played this but I've read good things)

So last year he announced what was to be his last game , known as "Sinking Island" which told the tale of an island that was literally sinking under the weight of a massive art deco hotel that took it's residence on the isle. You play detective Jack Norm sent to investigate the murder of a billionaire found dead at the bottom of the tower...the thing is you have three days before the hotel sinks and all of your evidence goes kaput with it. The game was to utilize a time system akin to Mask of Majora where you have a preset amount of time to get shit done and your evidence slowly sinks as time passes. Now normally I wouldn't make such a fuss about a new PC point and click but his company.

Have also stated that they are working on a DS version. Not to mention that they are working on a DS port of "Paradise" to be titled "The Last King of Africa"...hopefully with voicing by Forrest Whittaker...sorry bad movie joke.

-Rev   read

2:07 PM on 03.04.2008

Das Uber DS

First and foremost I apologize for the lackluster title of the post...It's been a long day. Anyway I ordered a new r4 for my Ds( the r4 is a modified DS cart that lts you use homebrew , roms , mp3 , and other neat shit on a micro sd on your DS) and decided that maybe I should start looking into homebrew. Afterall I hacked the living hell out of my PSP and I've enjoyed most of the homebrew that has been dev'd for it so far , so why not assume I would for the DS?...well I was wrong. Most of the homebrew on the DS kinda blows(with the exeception of Moonshell). None the less I kept perusing through the pages of in the hopes that I may find somthing cool to toss on my DS. What I came across was this

And while it's not homebrew I must admit that the idea of an oversized DS is kind of cool. If people are willing to carry around the Mac Book Air then I'd def carry around a Uber DS and you can't tell me you wouldn't either! Anyway what hit the link there for the nitty gritty. I just wanted to share it with you guys since we seem to be intrigued with retarded happenings in the gaming-verse.

-Rev   read

8:22 AM on 02.28.2008

Guiness Book of World Records: Gamers Edition

A little known fact about your resident Revolutionary is that I've been reading the Guiness book since I was about twelve. I could never explain why , but I was always been fascinated with reading about the mundane to the extraordinary efforts of humankind. Well last year they were kind enough to announce a new edition to the standard "Book"...a gaming edition. As you can assume my heart skipped a beat and I immediately flew into action. After about an hours worth of digging I found out that they had been in collab with Twin Galaxies(If you don't know who they are....for shame) for about two years , compiling and gathering these records , and readying this amazing little book. Well I've been waiting since last year for this book and I finally got my copy in the mail yesterday and I must admit that for $20...any self respecting gamer owes it to themselves to pick up a copy. They've broken it down into sections for the popular titles , such as


You get the idea. Then it moves into an entire sports section broken down by the individual sport. After that they've even added a portable Twin Galaxies scorechart for old school arcade title.

That is the official site for the book there. You can make an account and submit your own records...but be warned , obviously , Guiness has strict guidelines set around recording a record so check out the do's and dont's before you try and submit your record for "Most Hookers capped in VC". Hopefully enough people will buy the book so it becomes a staple in their lineup....hell the original Guiness is the most popular book in the world other then the bible and I refuse to believe that I am the only gamer that reads it. Anyway I just thought I'd drop that tidbit on ya.

-Rev   read

12:06 PM on 01.03.2008

Marketability of a personal opinion/philosophic viewpoint book

For the past few weeks while at work I've been spending alot of my downtime writing out chapter structure and ideas for a book that I'm writing for a few friends of mine that discuss some of our common held beliefs on modern society. Now I've fleshed out and written the first and second chapters along with a prologue. I intend to have ten chapters when finished along with an epilogue. Now all of my writing that I've ever done has been for personal use (with the exception of a collection of poetry that I did for our newspaper) , but when I showed a few of my old teachers and a few colleagues that I had written they told me I should try to publish it. Now I've never made an attempt to publish anything in my life and it seems silly to me that people would actually want to purchase a book of this nature.

Anyway I figured I'd ask for the opinions of my fellow D'tards since our little community tends to be a fair bit more level headed then 98% of the intarweb.

Quick Synop of Chapters 1,2

Chapter 1: The Demon Diaries

-Deals mainly with child rearing in modern society. Broad view compiled with smaller base opinions formed around personal experiences.

Chapter 2: Circuit Bored

-Deals with widespread electronic ignorance(Elderly refusal to attempt to learn basic cpu use , etc). Focused view on segments of society.

PS: If anyone who reads this has ever been published and wouldn't mind posting a few primers on the steps involved I'd be really appreciative.   read

9:11 AM on 12.31.2007

New years Revolution: The Good , The Bad , The Uggz0r5

Well ladies and gents we find ourselves on the precipous(SP?) of a new year. New possibilities , new one night stands , new bad music , new cinema , and new games with which we invest our god given capatalistic wages and time...only to find out that we would have been better off trying to collect a metric ton of monkey spunk in a bathtub. So my question for you is what do you think the hot trends this year will be. What will make it and what will fake it?

Without further adue I present Revolutionary's top ten trends of 2008

10) The Rise of E-Paper.

-In all honesty this is more of a hope then an actual predicition. I've been reading articles everywhere about how Sony and Microsoft have been putting R&D into E-Paper.

To me it has always seemed like the ideal resource to reduce logging issues. Who wouldn't want a tiny one sheet digital instruction guide with MGS4 or GoW2? granted the tech is still in development but I think we will hear more about this in '08.

9) Lowest viewed MLB season in history.

- Ever since the fiasco that the Mitchell Report has stirred up I've seen more and more old school MLB fans turn their back from the sport. It was known as Americas Pasttime , but with more and more negative light being reflected onto the sport it's obvious that the sport needs a serious revision. With declining ratings in the All Star Games and the World Series for almost 8 years and an increase in NFL and NBA popularity 2008 is going to have a rough time pulling people back into the MLB.

8) Internet TV shows will gain ground.

- Most major TV networks have already noted that they are looking into webisode based TV series. I'm not 100% sure how well this will play out but with the widespread usage of the internet , lowered costs for broadband access , and the price of PC's lowering to ridiculous standards I would not be suprised if this trend caught on

7) Celebrity Deaths.

-I never said these would all be happy or tech related >.>. With the amount of coke and sex that modern days teen starlets take part in I would not be suprised if we saw some serious celeb deaths in '08. Hell even putting the blow and cock aside these celebs drive worse then Billy Joel after one too many Tequilla Slammers.

6) Welcome to 4G.

-With the 700MHZ Wireless Spectrum auction fast approaching I'm tossing my opinion into the ring and saying that with the inevitable adoption of HSOPA to most cellphone providers , massively increased air support , and increased service range that the trop providers AT&T , Verizon , Sprint , will begin to experiement with over-the-air boradband speeds approaching 150+MBPS. With wireless net speeds set to double , HDD and flash memory increasing my leaps and bounds , international GSM functionality becoming widespread and supported , and the 700MHZ spectrum being auctioned off I'm damn sure that the era of 3g will be coming to an end sooner then most think.

5) Judd Apatow and company=Funny.

- After having seen Talladega , Knocked up and Superbad I'm damn certain that these guys are the new comic geniuses. With his National lampoon-esque quick riffs and jabs and frequent casting of newcomers who display this comic bravado that I havn't seen since the early days of Mad Tv and SNL Judd Apatow and Co have what it takes to define modern day comedy(at least for me). Keep an eye out for "The Pineapple Express"

4) Indy/Underground= Cool?

- With more and more great titles being released on XBL and the PSN I'm damn certain that '08 will usher in the era of wicked indy/UG development. We saw alot of fantastic titles in 2007 and we can only hope that 2008 keeps the trend up. Now I'd also like to point out that I mean software and app creation also. With people continuing to utilize the PSP , DS , iPhone , and tons of other devices only time will tell what our beloved internet will bring to our mobile devices.

3) Touchscreen across the board.

-We are all videogame fans. We've witnessed the meteoric rise of the DS onto the throne of handheld gaming and I'm damn sure that we are tech fans on some level so we watched the iPhone grab the nuts of the cell phone world and pull. With touchscreen functionality available to the mass market at the cheapest it's ever been we have seen dozens of companies experiment with it and release their respective devices on the market. From the Nintendo DS to Sony's's apparent that we enjoy putting our fingers on things o.O Nowhere has touchscreen been implemented more in 2007 then in the cellphone world with the release of such devices as the iPhone , the HTC Touch , Tytn , LG Prada , and the LG Voyager. My call is that with acoustic pulse recognition and dispersive signal technology being studied by MIT and the DoD I'm sure we will see some great strides made in touchscreen.

2)Ps3 will start to be cool?

- I have to admit...I owned a Ps3 and sold it to make a quick $ I regret it...not one bit. When I got my Ps3 was at launch and while I thought it looked neat it just did not have enough titles to hook me into keeping a $600+ '08 may change that. With games like MGS4 , La Noire , Killzone , and God Of War 3 in dev or set to come out I can definitely see the Ps3 moving up in the world. Not to mention that all of the titles PLUS lowered system costs are a definite upside to buying one.

And what is my numero uno call for 2008? What will top my list of the big things to happen next year!


1) Wii will Wii will...not rock you?

-I owned a Wii for three months and in those three months there were no games released for the system that could warrant me not selling it to make a pretty penny. Now I've played Galaxy and I'm sure that Brawl will be great...but I'm sorry to all of you Wii fanboys out there. Your system is a fad and it's a fad that will start to burn out in '08. Hell even Nintendo was surprised at the success of the Wii and I have to admit that I still am. I don't see enough solid title coming out for the Wii in '08 for me to to not make this call and all I see are Nintendo playing their "indecisive card" which is causing the real potential of th system to be lost. I could pound out each and every thing that the Wii needs to maintain it's staying power but for now I'll list a few.

-Lose friend numbers. Jesus christ these annoyed the fuck out of me and they still do. Let people name their system or their Mii and use that as the defacto rep for their system for online play or w.e

-Streamline your damn near non-existant online functionality.I understand that the Wii is primarily a single player experience. But with a huge multiplayer title like Brawl coming out you should be focusing your efforts on maximizing what the Wii ca do online. Hell look at what a good online network did for Microsoft?...aside from spawn racists >.>;

-Wireless sensor bar. The Wii has a bluetooth sensor...can we please just go completely wireless. If you can pound out the lag in the control and nunchauku then I'm damn certain you can make a functioning wireless sensor bar.

-This one aint so big...but can I get more colors? I'd really like to see the red , green , orange , and black Wii be released like you originally planned.

Well guys thats it for my 2008 call. Some may happen and some may not...but hey , who really cares? We are going to get some bitching games and tech devices. So I raise my glass to you fellow D-tards *raise* Happy New Year

-Rev   read

11:29 AM on 12.28.2007

Movies in REV-iew: Juno

Y'know I have to admit that so far December has kicked my ass in terms of mainstream cinema. First there was "I Am Legend" which I thought was the best attempt to make the book into a movie to date(comparing to the other two). Then "Walk Hard" damn near made me piss myself a few times. Then came the Hot Topic born Sweeney Todd , which for a musical/drama was pretty good. But then last night I saw Juno...I'm dead serious when I say movie of the year.

Now I may just be influenced by the subtle fact that the movie mirrored my current life damn near pound for pound(her due date is my gf's due date o.O ). But putting that aside I have not seen better acting from an actress in one seriously long time. Ellen Page's ability to make you laugh and then go "Wow that sucks" is epic in scope. Her and Michael Cera's(who was barely in the film) are quite possibly the best representation that I've seen of a teenage couple ever. And let us not forget Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner's damn near macabre execution of "The perfect couple".

Without giving too much away I'd say that the movie does the best job that I've seen in a while of combining the harrowing task of questioning adoption with the struggle of dealing with underage pregnancy. Take it from someone who has been there first hand and seen someone close to him work uphill against it and being with someone who is questioning it now.

The ideal film to take your significant other to. Or a flick to see with the boys for a few good laughs. Juno gets my "Taking it 11" award of the year.

Rating: 10/10

Comedy: 9/10
Drama: 8.5/10
Horror: N/A
Score: 8/10
Casting: 10/10

-Rev   read

8:07 PM on 12.17.2007

Smoke weed= No Wii GHIII

I decided to do my runs through the net while I'm stuck at the mother-in-laws and I came across this;title;4

Granted they are Cashwhore...but that article is kinda funny.

-Rev   read

4:56 PM on 12.17.2007

Better off some celebs go too far?

So I'm sitting in my bed , sipping some urban courvoisier (orange koolaid), and watching my fiance play Rock Band...when all of the sudden I had the urge to assassinate Britney Spears. Now I'm fairly certain that this random outburst of violence lends itself to the variety of tabloid BS that my mom brings home. While most people shrug it off as second hand shit talk on paper you would be surprised to see the accuracy ratings of some of these modern mags.

Now I usually find myself reading them while in the shower with nothing better to do then read into the erotic lifestyle of some coked up pre-teen who managed to squander away the last of their million dollar signing bonus on a Lambo Murcielago LP640 , 43 1/2 pounds of Colombian grade nose powder , and twelve hookers who are willing to recant their wild night of speed , sex , and "snowballing" to the closest author. One target of interest that the mags tend to focus on because of her wild lifestyle would be miss pears herself. From her wild sex room to her "considering adopting Chinese twins" I've found myself questioning her sanity on a much more frequent basis and now I'm wondering all together if certain people are past the brink , beyond saving , and are in general a blight on society...yea

So in general , opinions?

-Rev   read

6:46 AM on 12.04.2007

In a future where defensive coordinators STFU and Ref's pay some f'ing attention

Now I would not call myself an avid sports enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy football and know enough info to barely get myself out of an in-depth analysis or conversation. But when the Ravens or the Eagles play I do get a little amped up , put down Call Of Duty or Portal , grab my Batman mug and hit the couch...such was the case last night...I'll do a slight recap for those who don't know.

The New England Patriots have managed to do something that very few teams can say they have ever done...maintain the "perfect season" , which in laymans terms means that they have not lost once this entire season)the last team to do it were the 1972? Miami Dolphins , which does lend credit to the stellar performance of their club. Now my Ravens on the other hand are on the ass end of a 6 game losing streak that pretty much snagged their shots at any post season glory...I really don't care. I knew damn well that the Ravens were not in "Superbowl prime" this year and all I hoped for were a few key wins here and there to flesh out our wobbly offensive end and to hopefully tighten the screms on "d". Now the Pats on the other hand have been absolutley decimating the opposition with Brady's unholy ability to work miracles in the red zone and when it's hot in the pocket. Of course it helps that their entire club is filled to the brim with near proven if not tried ands tested athletes. None the less me and my friends were hoping for the upset victory of the year last night and to wipe that smug pout off of Bellicheck's ugly ass mug. He is a great coach(when he's not cheating) and has fine tuned a fantastic football team...but he is an absolutely horrid sportsman. He runs the score up , unnessecerrily. When faced with pressure he will often tear at his own clothing(violating NFL clothing policies btw lol). And when presented with a victory...instead of the traditional handshake at the end of the game (that even his players do) he will often storm to the locker room and brood. So even though it's a damn near certainty that NE is going to the bowl it would have been nice to see them be the first possible blemish on the perfect season...and that would have happened had it not been for one Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan is the Ravens defensive coordinator and is resposible for , obviously , maintaining what the Baltimore Ravens are known for which is their defensive end. Now Ryan has been with us since 2005 and had done a mildly decent job attempting to rejuvinate the defense and reworking some of our older plays. But unfortunately for Rex Ryan...he made one fatal error last night that will have his name cursed by Baltimore fans for a while...let me take you there

*wacky Waynes World hand motion*

It's 39 degrees outside and the wind is blowing 35-40 MPH hard up the field against the Pats making kicking and throwing difficult as hell. They are on their 4'th and with their perfect season flashing before their eyes...they know they need to do something. Tom Brady pulls back on the snap

-Stops time momentarrily-

Now the way this works is that if the Ravens stop Brady from moving the ball then it's over. Baltimore would get possession , Boller would most likely hold out on the ball and knee the rest of the game. We would win and me and so many other "Baltimorons" would have gotten our wish...did it work like that. Of course not because if it did I would not have this post.

-Starts time back up-

and the Ravens charge center and move in for the sack...but not quite. Rex Ryan called a timeout before the play was initiated and instead of the play being validated , the jackass referee allows the timeout to go through without even checking to see if it's the head coach, which negates the play and forces a restart on the drive

Basic terms: We stopped NE , Ryan called a timeout which he is not allowed to do , Ref allows it , drive restarts

SO the new play commences and NE moves it up for the first down which moves them even closer into touchdown territory. NE scores and pretty much clinches the upset.

So am I blaming anyone in Baltimore has had alot of sideline mismanagement for the past few years and I think that last night brought it to a boil. Did Baltimore win , no. But what they did do is scare the shit out of the Pats and that in and of it'self holds promise. When the Eagles found out how to move against the Pats the entire NFl studied it and the Ravens used that last night to prove that even though you have a perfect season you may not have "perfection". So hopefully other teams will study this and put that blemish there instead of the Ravens...hopefully next week won't be a repeat.

-Rev   read

7:46 AM on 12.01.2007

Are you a "Juke Box Hero" ?...not in Oregon

So I'm in the market for a new cell phone. My poor Samsung D807 is showing signs of aging and I figured with the holidays coming up that I would start my search for cell phone glory and after about an hour of research I begun to lean toward the Iphone. Now I sell cell phones for a living and when the Iphone first came out I hit up Cnet for some early info , reviews , etc. Upon returning to Cnet and watching some updated info on the Iphone I figured why not hit up Dtoid before wandering back to Xbox Live...well as I left Cnet I noticed a tiny url in the corner of the page with the following title.

"First "Rock-Band" related threat eviction issued"

How could I not read it?

Well apparently these guys were rocking so hard that their fellow tenants decided to complain to he head honcho...what resulted was the following

Now don't get me wrong...I love Rock Band as much as the next guys. But seriously...if you live in an apartment and your playing a group oriented music game then common sense should elude to

A) Volume control

B) Sound Proofing

C) The mas murder of each tenant.

...Think guys?

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