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My love for videogames is only eclipsed by my love of music. I have an unnatural affinity for zombie movies, Reeses' Cups, and slide guitar. I own a gaming PC and a Macbook and love both. I've seen more movies than I'd like to say. I currently own the exciting Wii360 combo. I've owned every game system since except the Gamecube. The Deadliest Catch and LOST are the best shows on TV. I would drop out of school to tour full time with a band. If there was a fire, I'd grab a guitar in each hand and hope my girlfriend would make it out alive.

Neva Dinova - The Hate Yourself Change
Okkervil River - The Stage Names

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (360)
Portal (PC)
Crackdown (360)
Mass Effect (360)
Random games of Wii Sports Bowling (Wii)
Final Fantasy VII (PC)



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Oh snap.

Kotaku is reporting on a rumor about the GTAIV DLC being entire new cities. If this were to
happen, I would probably shit my pants.

Story here.

It doesn't seem like there's concrete evidence yet, but even as just a rumor this could sway
those who aren't sure which version to buy.

Looks like EA/DICE have given into the outrage of having to buy some weapons in their
upcoming first person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company.

Sort of.

IGN is reporting that the guns can be gotten two ways:

1. Buy the Gold Edition of the game.
2. Hit the max level cap of 25 in the standard edition.

But, you must also participate in a "marketing campaign," regardless of the version you buy.

So.... wait what?

Apparently you must sign up for a newsletter or something. Everyone has to in order to get
the guns.

Ugh. Seriously DICE/EA? You couldn't just give in and make them free? You had to be
assholes about it? No one wants your fucking newsletter or whatever you're going to be
making people fill out.

Oh yea, story is here.

I figured since a lot of you are whining like children, that I would join in on the fun.

OK, so Live wasn't working well for about like 6 hours on Friday.

Or, wait. I'm pretty sure I was playing COD4 online for most of the day. And I'm pretty sure
I downloaded the maps at about 11am without incident and then got and installed the
update no problem around noon.

"But, but I had trouble buying MS points and the maps!"

Yea, I understand you had troubles for most of the afternoon. Trouble accessing the
GODDAMN MARKETPLACE. Seriously? This is what you people bitch about? Not being able to
download maps for a videogame? This is where your righteous indignation comes through?
About downloading maps for a fucking videogame?

"But I pay for it and it should work all the time and give me hugs even when a shitload of
people are raping it in the ass."

Yes. How dare anything not work for like 6 hours. How dare it.

But after what happened in Dec. it should have been fixed...'

What happened in Dec. was bullshit. I agree with that. But come on. Are your lives that sad
that not being able to download maps for like 6 hours upset you guys that much? Come the
fuck on.

Yes. Shit we pay for should work. But off the top of my head, I can count on one hand the
number of times Live has been fucked up. That's a pretty damn good success rate when
you consider how many people play on and use Live on a daily basis.

Seriously people. Seriously.




I just recently (like yesterday) discovered Playstation emulators work quite well.

So I went off in search of some roms and got to seeing which games I remember hearing a
lot about but never bought (give me a break I was a broke ass 10 year old when I got my

Here's the list I came up with:

Final Fantasy Tactics (I know. So bad. I started this one today.)
Fear Effect
Chrono Cross (Another bad one. I loved Chrono Trigger)
Vagrant Story
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

And that's all I could think off the top of my head.

Anyone have suggestions? I played most of the popular games, so you can probably rule
those out. But what PS1 games did you love that I maybe haven't played?

Lifehacker has come through one again and posted a link to a DOS emulator for all platforms
and it's wonderful.

It's called DOSBox.

Seems to have a pretty active community behind and runs a TON of games. I just fired up
The Secret Island of Dr. Quandry and it runs great. They have a list of compatible games
and how they run on the DOSBox site there are even patches/workarounds for ones that don't
work too well.

This has just made me so happy.

Carry on.

I thought I might as well enter this contest. No reason not to.

These are my computers:

The PC is a custom build. It still runs great, although the case is pretty shitty.

It's current specs are:

AMD Athlon X2 4800 overclocked to 2.8 ghz.
Gigabyte S3 Motherboard
MSI 8600GT 512MB
4 GB DDR2 800 Ram
Seagate 500GB HD
LG 19" Widescreen Monitor

Then there's my new Macbook. Had it only for about a month or so.

2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
120GB HD
GMA X3100 Integrated Graphics

Woo. Contest entry.