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Reverend Macro
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9/9/09: Remembrance of the Dreamcast

I still have my DC from way back when and I still have massively fond memories of that console. There was something about the DC that was special, and I think a lot of it had to do with the massive leap in technology it repr...


Mini-Review: Defense Grid

So one of today's XBLA offerings is Defense Grid which I immediately downloading being horribly addicted to tower defense type games. I found myself getting it because it's hard to resist a good game in this genre, especiall...


Mini-Review: Shadow Complex

So Shadow Complex came out and it doesn't suck. Not that I'm implying I thought it WOULD suck, just that, in point of fact, it does not suck. I told myself I wasn't going to buy it though and that I already had enough games...


Lousy Games From My Past: Part 2

Anyone who grew up with an Atari 2600 remembers the fun times playing all sorts of great, fast games and occasionally having to blow real hard into cartridges in the vain hope of getting them to work properly. Another memory ...


I feel so violated.

A entry or two ago I posted about how I was playing Fable II. I like it a lot and find it an enjoyable action RPG, though obviously most of Lionhead's bullshit claims about it's sandboxyness are...well...bullshit. That said...


Mini-Review: Defender Chronicles.

I have a confession to make. I am goddamn addicted to Tower Defense games. I admit it. I'm one of "those" people. As a result, I have a lot of tower defense games on my iPod Touch since the apps market is in a glut with t...



There is much giggling and excitement over tomorrows new Dashboard update for the 360 which adds Twitter, Facebook, a popcorn machine, epilepsy mode, and a constant screeching sound that you can't turn off. One of the update...


Late to the party: Fable II

So in my last blog I mentioned I'm completing the guild quests in Oblivion, which is true, but I'm also starting to suffer from Oblivion-itis. Dude, I have put something like 200+ hours into that game since it was originally...


About Reverend Macroone of us since 12:33 PM on 07.31.2009

I've been playing video games since as long as I can remember, cutting my teeth on great arcades and the Atari 2600, then moving my way up through the 7200, the Commodore 64, the NES, and so on and soforth. I like to play video games as much as time allows (I'm a workin' man) and I guess now I'll try to blog about it for the reading pleasure of whoever happens to be wandering by.
For about 7 years now, I've been working in retail and while I don't work for some major, corporate video games outlet, video games are a significant portion of the business in my store, so I have all the wonderful experiences of retail hell that most people who work in those environments have.
Current systems I game on:
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS
iPod Touch (Which I guess technically counts since it has quite a few games and is becoming quite the little platform)

I don't own a Wii or PS3 as neither of them really interest me at the moment and I wouldn't even remotely have enough time for all these games to justify the purchase.

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