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11:42 PM on 11.04.2009

I guess I'll write my first blog post about the recent Modern Warfare 2 controversy surrounding their viral video ad that ended with the "Fight Against Grenade Spam" tagline. Every gaming journalist and their mother has had something to say about this, and even Adam Sessler had a 'Sessler's Soapbox' surrounding the ordeal. I believe this was foolish of Infinity Ward to produce a video that promotes such a hateful term while haphazardly encouraging the continuation of bigoted remarks to flood the cesspools of voice chat on Xbox Live and PSN.

Maybe I'm being a bit radical here, and for the record I will be picking up Modern Warfare 2 at launch, but don't you think Infinity Ward should have realized that they are a big brother-esque figure to not only other developers, but as well as kids(M-rated or not) that will play this game? Video games play a huge role in raising kids these days, as strange as that sounds. So shouldn't we as adults make an effort to teach teamwork and the spirit of competition rather than calling someone words that are fueled by nothing but hatred? It doesn't seem like it's such a far-fetched cause.

Sure you could use the arguments of "they're just words, you're the one that gives them power", or that you claim your First Amendment Freedom of Speech, but can't we just be considerate of other people?

As for the post title, I was reading through the comments on the 'Soapbox' , and it seemed every post was very positive, but every other post started with "I'm not gay, but".

I'll let that speak for itself.

(Anthony Burch's revrant earlier brought up many excellent points about homosexuality in gaming and really pointed to what's wrong with the image of sexual preference in gaming.)

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