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11:44 AM on 10.11.2012

My first animation: Rundfunk - A Dream (Official Music Video)

Hey everyone,

You might remember me as the guy who drew the pixel poster with the Destructoid robot on it.

This weekend I finished my first freelance project, a commission by an awesome British music producer Rundfunk for his latest song 'A Dream'.

And some GIFs! :)

Thanks so much for checking it out. As my first commission it really means a lot to me.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook: Rundfunk and Retronator. Cheers!   read

2:20 AM on 02.02.2012

The Unsustainability of Starting in Independent Game Development

You know what gets me down? The fact that itís hard or impossible to start from zero, make games, sell them and earn enough to cover your next one.

It all comes down to this graph from an interesting survey on iOS gamedev:

ďWhat is really interesting to me is that developers do seem to generate more revenue over time (on average). This should be encouraging if you really want to make games, but your first game was a flop. Fear not! 50% of developers who have only released one game made under $500 on that game. However, the more games developers had released, the more per-game average revenue they seem to generate.Ē

Fear not? This looks motivating, but it really is scary as shit. What it means is that what Iíve always dreamed of ó starting from zero, doing what I love and slowly making my way up ó is impossible (unless youíre lucky and you hit a jackpot app right off the bat). Why so? Because itís impossible to make a game on a $500 budget. Itís still hard to make a game with a $5,000 budget, which is as much as you can realistically expect for each of your first five games, but at least weíre getting somewhere. If youíre really frugal, you might be able to live on it for 4-5 months in an European capital. Or move to the third world and get twice as much time to make your game with that money. Or live with your parents.

It just doesnít pay off enough. If you want to make games for a living, you have to start off with something else to get the initial savings up and have a big enough reserve, to get you through the first few releases that probably wonít cover your expenses. And that fucking sucks!   read

3:43 PM on 01.16.2012

My tribute to you, Destructoid!

Watch work-in-progress timelapse on YouTube

I present to you Mr. Destructoid, proudly carrying Tara and Max (with his dildo sword) into my mostly gaming themed Tribute poster. It's something I started way back in 2005 as a cover of a local game magazine, but picked up in 2011 for an update into a big fucking pixel art poster.

After I quit my job as a game journalist, I left the AAA game industry alone to focus on indie game development, but since Iíve been watching The Destructoid Show for the last year itís slowly growing back on me. It became a steady part of my life so I wanted to give it a place in my Tribute poster. Well, and who doesnít like giant robots!?!

With this last bigger piece done, the poster is now almost complete, only couple of days of pixelling left. I'm going back into lurk mode, but I'll post it when I have the thing ready for print.

EDIT: Now added Jonathan Holmes (for talking to women about videogames) and Conrad Zimmerman (for writing about our game way back then).   read

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