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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how i got into gaming.

you could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

anyway hope you enjoy my blogs, feel free to comment.
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5:51 PM on 12.15.2013

You walk up to an arcade machine you have never played, all smug with your quarters in your hand. You put them in the machine press the start button and proceed to get pwned. It is okay; it is like walking up to a grand piano and expecting to play a symphony. Only with practice can the seemingly impossible become possible.
Fact: Gamesharks do not make video games more fun.
On paper it sounds great the ability to remove every flaw from you character, making them their own version of the man of steel. Invincible from the common forms of weapons, an impenetrable force of awesome power, a boring hunk of flesh that can kill anything…

It is the flaws of a video game character that makes games fun, not the lack of them. There has been a sad trend that developers are ditching typical video game characters for “Super-man” designs.
Super-man: A Character in a video game that does not have some form of a flawed mechanic in how they move or attack.
Games like God of War and Devil May Cry feature characters that are able to attack in any direction at almost any time, with little to no reprimand for attacking head on every enemy. While they can be fun games, I find myself only learning to use the quickest and easiest combo.

Without there being too much risk, there was not much of a rewarding experience to be found besides the story. Mastering the game-play should the most fun experience from playing video games.
The developer of  Volgarr the Viking, in a recent episode Sup Holmes, expressed that they purposely decided to make sure that Volgarr could not slash up. To put the player in a place where they cannot block an attack.  Slowly but surely you master the game mechanics to the point that it is your skill are flawless, not your character. In many ways in order to beat Volgarr you have to start thinking like Volgarr. So you also get another level of immersion into the game.
While I may get my butt handed to myself more many times in playing a video game, but it is so rewarding to be able to master in game mechanics and eventually beat a game. Which I would have to argue that the magic of gaming comes from, pulling off really hard moves flawlessly.
So what games have you noticed Super-Man characters in?  Are you a fan of being able to beat games easily? Do you think absublutly disagree and want to tell me whats what?

Comment on somthin’ will ya!

It more than fair to say that Vlambeer and other indie devlopers are dealing with a huge  on going cloning issue; developers that literally steal their core game-play elements and simply change the graphics and sound and the release it before devloper has a chance to release the original.

So today Rik Nieuwdorp and Martijn Frazer proudly present: Vlambeer Clone Tycoon a game where you take the role of a person trying to clone and release one of Vlambeer announced titles before they can.

It is a really fun meta game, as it really tries hard to get into the psychology of being a "game cloner." It might not be completely objective in their perspective, but considering what they are doing with I think it is more than fair.

The graphics remind me of Windows 3.1, really basic OS. You have to search through websites to find the announcement of new Vlambeer games and then try to beat them to the release date.

Which would be simple enough if you could copy everything, but you have to figure out how much you can get away with copying and keeping your cloning efforts to a minimum so that you can release the title before Vlambeer.

This game is really funny as there are many clues to real websites such as "Explodoid"

Over all it is a fun and interesting game, all the clone game titles and companies are uploaded to twitter.

It is great to see people publicly take a stand against the current injustice of the cloning of independent game devlopers. Truley made crushing the dreams of other people fun ;D 

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That is right, the pre-season of league of legends has started!

Time to learn the new game-mechanics and get ready for season 4!!!

So if you guys did not know Riot posted the Patch 3.14 Notes, which is going to be this season's pre-game patch.

BTW there is some really awesome and crazy thing that are coming to the game.
Here is a link to the patch notes

First of all is a major up-set for any Vayne player. As they are nerfing her extra auto-attack from activating her condemn ability. This is good and bad as it eliminates an easy extra auto attack vayne can use in combo with her ult to deliver 4-5 auto attacks under 3 seconds. Understandably from laning against her it is probably for the best considering she was pretty much used in every match of the championship.

One of the biggest thing is that Riot has finally recognized that supports were not getting much love at all. So they are buffing most of the major supports to have more utility and making trinket system to force other players to lay wards.

I really do not know what to think about riot changing all of the major supports to have more utility than damage. In many ways I  see that it is good, but I still would love to see them be more useful in general rather than being 100% tied to support no matter what.

Another big change is now that Jungle will give as much gold as in lane <------(big deal)
So in other words AD mele-junglers are going to be coming back super hard.
aka Tryndamere, Skarner, Mundo, Olaf, Aatrox, and many other junglers may be even more viable without having to go super deep to get fed.

Anyway, big things going down for the pre-season!!!

I guess I am not a main stream consumer.

In that I do not make neough money to perpetually buy the latest video game systems and buy all of the games. I can blame and have proof that many that there are many disgruntle human resources managers that cannot believe that a college graduate is capable of being the stock boy at Target, Walmart and many more local grocery stores.

But I digress...

I was very excited for the next hand held systems, except for the huge price tag and the lack of battery life.

The 2DS, Vita slim and the Vita TV pretty much fixed any problem I had with 3DS and Vita.

Not that the 3DS was a good system already, but I felt that they spent way to much time focusing on 3D technology. Basically priced the system out of my price range right away. But not only the 2DS cost less, but it also removes the 3D out of the price of the system.

I only use hand-held systems at home and on the road. While cars and busses are great transportation they can be... bumpy. While the 3D would be great at home, with its shallow depth of feild it would be impossible to use it in bumpy situations.

The Wheeles on the buss go...

Considering, it would be off most of the time to save the precious ammount of battery life it has.. I would probably never use the 3D.

So earlyer I was thinking really hard about getting Sony products... then I saw the prices.

Sony has always been about giving their consumers a "premium experince" for good or bad. Ushally means that their products are a bit over priced. While I would say that for the system, the Vita was sort of fairly price... Except that the systems lacked games, and if you wanted a game you were looking at a $300 price. Which would not be so bad, but you are almost paying for a stationary system.

Which is sort of funny when you think about it because the orginal playstation was the economical system of the 5th generation. (at least when you look at game prices)

But the addition of the Vita TV, was really smart as it literally make the Vita a home system that is very affordible.

The Vita Slim fixes one issue I had with the OLED screen. Burn-in-colors, the fact is that OLED is more prone to color burn in than LCD. Not to mention the organic tissue that makes of the screen will decompose in 10 years... So by the time I could afford the games I would want to buy the system itself would be needing a new screen.

However, this new system might be a death blow to the 3DS line. Not only does it cost about as much as the XL system, but it also is pushing about 12 hours of gamming.(depending on the game)

Now if only they had more games on the platform to make it worth it.

I really am excited about these changes, it shows both companies abilties to diversify their products away from the fans with all of the $$$ and really hope to get their new systems into my hands.

I am without a doubt that people that have played Mass Effect 2&3 have wanted to try the orginal game in the series and have found it to be a blurry texture mess. 

There are a few reasons that the 360 version is probably the best version of the original, but it comes down to that the original Mass Effect port was a horrible port job.

Get your game from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Done correctly you can achieve night and day results, by doing a harmless text update on the games engine file. (Yes, it fixes Garrus Face from looking horrible)

Thanks to some great fans of the game: KubanitoS and Kloreep on the Steam fourms, the game can be fixed in a few easy steps just modifiying a text file to correct a few faital issues. (Orginal Parge link here)

"Originally Posted by KubanitoS 
1. Go into the My Documents--Bioware--Mass Effect--Config folder and open the BIOEngine notepad file.

2. MAKE A BACK-UP COPY OF THIS FILE. In case the config doesn't work for you, you can easily restore default settings. Good to keep a backup of any Ini changes anyway.

3. Scroll halfway down to the section entitled "[SystemSettings]" (without the quotations). Change "Trilinear=FALSE" to "Trilinear=TRUE" (again, without the quotations).

4. Two sections further down the document you will see the "[TextureLODSettings]" (without the quotations). Replace the top 11 lines (12 including the section title) with the following:

//TEXTUREGROUP_Character=(MinLODSize=1024,MaxLODSize =4096,LODBias=0)

5. Save the file and load the game. You should immediately notice an improvement in the textures."

"Originally Posted by Kloreep

BTW, another good .ini change is if you change these three lines:

TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Diff=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLOD Size=512,LODBias=0)
TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Norm=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLOD Size=512,LODBias=0)
TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Spec=(MinLODSize=256,MaxLOD Size=256,LODBias=0)

To look like that. (Minsize raised to equal maxsize.) You'll get consistently high character detail - albeit some lowered performance, of course, since it's using high-res textures everywhere.  This is the only way I know of to fix Garrus' buggily low-res face without resorting to Texmod."

Those are some really awsome tweeks that made my third and fourth play through enjoyable as I was no longer being constantly reminded of horrible textures. I have more images in the gallery that better show off the dramatic difference.
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