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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

Anyway hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave a comment.

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On the seventh day of Christ-NES my true love gave me:

Arguably the best introduction story on the NES is SNK's Crystalis. Nuclear war, waking up from cryogenic sleep, Monsters taking over the world. You just cannot help but notice that the story in this game is just in a league of Kabuki Quantum Fighter when it comes to creativity and appeal. Basically this game is what would happen if Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy had a baby.

Real time action with all the RPG elements you would expect from a text biased game at the time.

One of the largest cartridges on the NES, it holds 3 megabits!!! Which is still half of the size of Kirby's Adventure at 6 megabits. But this is quite a costly cartridge at the time.

The graphics are pretty awesome and really show off the skills of SNK that will become the future staples of their 2D animation as even on the NES they had animation that reacted like 3D objects.

The music is pretty well done as it uses a lot of instruments that other games would not use on the NES. So this game sounds a lot different than other games on the system. Which makes this game truly a very unique experience  :D In many ways it advanced for the time with open world save states, free roaming, live action bosses, and exploration without too much guidance.

There is a lot of grinding needed for this game, but if you are able to kill higher-level monsters you get rewarded quite hefty.

This game is another great treat :)


On the sixth day of Christ-nes my true love gave to me:

Kirby's Adventure

I am sure you already know about this game, but let me tell you my story:

When I was 10 and my Dad and I were alone on the weekend (mother and sister went somewhere) We rented this game to play on a random whim.

We spent the whole weekend taking turns on playing through the levels and just enjoying the energetic title. Kirby's Adventure is a tour de fource on the NES as the graphics are amazing, the music is amazing, the level desgin is also amazing.

I still think Island Paradise is the most amazing song out of the whole OST: (cannot get the intro at 16:28 cause of some silly glitch )

It might be a tad too easy but with so many diffrernet levels to find and mini-games to explote it is like a party that never stops. My father and I enjoyed using different combinations of powers to go through levels, though I think we had more fun playing the quick draw mini-game.

It has to be the most stylized game on the system as there were quite few that managed to have as complex animations. (probabbly due to the fact it is on the best cartridge on the system)

But by all means, this is a great game :D

Christmas Fonts

Christmas Fonts

It is true that Final Fantasy was basically the love child of Dragon Quest, as the devlopers basically fell in love with the style of game and realized all the abilities they could have been doing on the NES and basically wagered Square on this new style of game from the future.

The rest is all history in this already redundant series (which still has yet to end) But this game really set sparks that brought on the golden age of RPGs.

The scripted events, multiple diologe boxes, the seqencial level/boss desgin. This game took the best of Dragon Quest and turned it into a different direction and once again made a almost living and breathing world in a another level of role-playing.

But I think the biggest thing Final Fantasy brought was the ablilty to see your characters fight and grow. As Dragon Quest was more text based, you actually saw different weapons, spells, and saw your character dance, die, and feel pain.

Just a much more personal experince and that is what orginally brought me to the series, it was my #1 game I had to buy for my NES when I was in highschool as it was on the NES poster on my wall.

I had always wondered how it played and what adventures there might be to be had :D

It has aged poorly over time, but if you are willing to give it a shot and not afraid to look up guides for some of the harder puzzels it is a really fun game :D

On the Forth day of Chist-NES my true love gave to me:

Star Trek 25th Anniversarry

I know I know I know I know, a ton of people hate this game. But it is by far the best licenced TV show video game I have ever played.

This game is pretty much a 1:1 conversion of the experince of the orginal TV series. Which the orginal show is a much slower pace than TV series or the movies to follow afterwards... well maybe not the first movie but that thing has 20 minutes of space flight with little to no lines.

What is crazy is how complex of problem solving is required in this game, which is amazing on one level cause you should be tri-cording everything but on the other it does accuratly reflect the slow pace of the OTS.

I am sure that most people have seen AVGN video reveiw of this game. But as a Star Trek fan that went out of his way to rewatch the original series several times, all of the extra text and backward puzzels are pretty much 100% authintic experince of the show at that time. So I found this game quite enjoyable and a great addition the the already great NES library.

Hey sorry its super late... I just got back from Hoover Dam

On the Third Day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me:

Jaleco's Shatter Hand.

I was first introduced to this game through an emulator, as I was searching for hidden gems on the NES. Once I tried it I had to find it, and bought my copy for $7 (try to do that now XD)

Shatter Hand is one of the last NES games to be made, it was a re-sprited version of some Sabian TV show. (one of the many super hero shows)

It is really hard to think this game is good given the title... or the box art but underneith is a great addition to the NES library. Back in the day I was so impressed with this game that I tried to make a Youtube review:

Little bit more editing and a lot less sleep apnea and I think they would have taken off a bit more...
but less to say my mind was not quite as good as it is now XD.

On the Second day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me: Two unoffical Metal Gear games :D

Well lets just jump the gun like Konami/Ultra and talk about these ports and the orginal game.

The two games Kojima personally hates, and for good reason.

There is a lot of reasons why the NES version of Metal Gear sucks, but I think the biggest one is that it was poorly translated and that became the basis of a lot of bugs and weird stuff that just made the playing process less fun than other versions.

But this was even before "All your base" so it only made perfect sense that the poor team at Ultra had no clue what gem of a game they were porting at the time, and how unfaithfully they did not follow the series.

But at the core there is a great spy game to be played on a lack luster cartridge (probably to save money but overall provided an inffereior product)

But as a person that played the NES up till 2000, I went out of my wat to find and play different games on the system. Which for as horrible these games are, they did provide a nice amount of varaity to the already great NES library.

It is really hard to recomend this version because you do not already start in the base... So it takes a while for the real part of the game to start. Even then you have to really be on your toes to make it through alive and have the correct items to advance through the many hallways, doors, and bosses.

Snake's Revenge is a really interesting game.

It has better graphics, better music, better stealth gameplay, better story, and better mechanics. (probably due to being a better cartridge)

The problem is that they were still trying to push the NES a bit farther than what it should. As even Kojima used the MSX2 which was a much more powerful machine at the time. The lack of variety in color pallet just is really obvious in level desgin.

But considering that there a large amount of licencing issues, this game will probably never be remade for the Wii U VC or other online stores.

Either of these games are a real treat :D yum!