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Retrofraction's blog

1:44 PM on 09.05.2015

Band of Bloggers: Speed Shooter

I do not know about you, but it seems that over half of the charm of the older style FPS games (Doom and Quake) is that they really highlight the ability of weapons you get in the game. Something about having a shotgun and r...   read

3:18 PM on 09.01.2015

Augest BOB RECAP!!!

Yo people! How was your last month? Mine was excellent. So here is our Band of Bloggers recap for August: LET THE HIDEO GAMES BEGIN! 8/03/2015First is TheLimoMaker's:Hideogames - Silent Hills: WHat Might Have Been.This w...   read

2:20 AM on 09.01.2015


Well I hate to be galavanting with terrible videos, but its been forever since I have truley been excited about birthdays so I think I can gloat once a year XDSo... The day the last Metal Gear Solid Launches is my Birthday! ...   read

8:25 PM on 08.28.2015

Ground Zeros and Epic Playlists!

So I would not be lying when I say that I am terrible at Metal Gear Solid. Honestly the only one I ever finished was Twin Snakes and most people disown that one for numerous reasons. (I enjoyed it a lot) But we all dance her...   read

3:11 AM on 08.26.2015

Un-offical Tie-in #2

 Un-offical Tie-ins is my running series on video games that should have been offical licened moive video games. Here is the first one if you missed it. The Theme that haunted pretty much all my momories of pep ba...   read

4:20 AM on 08.25.2015

A map I made is featured In Reflex

Well I don't like to toot my horn that often, actually most people that ever met me would say that I am too shy and not out going enough. In many ways this is old news, but you guys remeber the FPS game called Reflex that al...   read

6:19 PM on 07.28.2015

PR00U! T3IR! R3d A$h $TRAT GUID3!!!

What to do when the world is full of noobs?Make stratigie guides!Music: Much better.First of all forget reading the intructions... real gamers get lost in small places and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stum...   read

4:29 PM on 07.04.2015

I bought a Playstation TV

I am really excited!!! I bought a Sony System and I am going to play the games that I never have really been able to play since high school when I hanged out with friends that owned a Playstation. Guess I always have been on...   read

11:30 PM on 06.28.2015

Band of Bloggers: Exploring Fantasy

Dang... I missed the last one.Well... Final Fantasy 6 is somewhat of an open world exploring game that I have been replaying. Sry this will not be as nearly as cool as Tank Man... but I have plans for Tank Man to Return :) S...   read

11:45 PM on 06.26.2015

Three things Nintendo should fix on the Wii U before the NX

Well I guess I deserve it. I went out of my way to buy a Wii three months ago and they went ahead an announced they will announce the new “NX” next year at E3. It really does make sense considering the curre...   read

2:30 AM on 06.13.2015

Im back again! (LETS GET HYPED)

Dang got a new job and my Internet goes down for almost two weeks and the site has completely changed again. You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. Vi...   read

3:46 PM on 05.18.2015

If LOL was to DOTA then this is (continued in blog)

The League of Legends of League of legends. Heroes of the storm Review I have to say, all of the negative press that Blizzard had for not buying Defense of the Ancients before Valve had an option to do so is now obsolet...   read

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