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3:18 PM on 09.01.2015

Augest BOB RECAP!!!

Yo people!
How was your last month?

Mine was excellent.

So here is our Band of Bloggers recap for August: LET THE HIDEO GAMES BEGIN!

First is TheLimoMaker's:
Hideogames - Silent Hills: WHat Might Have Been.
This was a great blog about what would have become the full games that P.T. will never be. Which really made me excited for the possibility of Kojima and Del Toro getting together again and making a new series between Konami's back. Cause yeah...

Hido Games: Metal... Gear?

Dealing with hype and getting refreshed in time for the new game, is that going to be enough to fill all of the plot holes of the series?

BoB: The Fall of Metal Gear Solid

Can anything live up to the level of game that Metal Gear Solid? Has the later games added more continuity holes and broken the gameplay to the point that it is no longer truly a great game? I have to agree that the story as gone in some crazy directions myself, though for what its worth it has been a great ride for me. But I can completely respect this blog. (Though I totally agree with the whole ending bit) Snake is just too cool to do what they did to him.

Ground Zeros and Epic Playlists

I really love epic ambient music and I feel like Ground Zeros could have used 5-6 extra albums to collect in game.

Metal Gear Memories


Oh here is this late blog, but dang it I am going to add it to the list cause I am cool like that:

Metal Gear and Me

A really cool recap of Metal Gear and King's personal recolation of the experinces with the series/


Sry but I thought I should include this as it is a great piece and it fits our topic this month. Nic talking about some of the best memories he had with Metal gear solid.

I am going to post the topic for next month this week, but I wanted to look at classic 2.5D or 3D FPS games, so if you want to help pitch in for art to attract new writers that would be awesome. Or if you would like to take over for a month I would totally be happy turning it over to someone else for a while. But yeah lets have a great next month!!!


2:20 AM on 09.01.2015


Well I hate to be galavanting with terrible videos, but its been forever since I have truley been excited about birthdays so I think I can gloat once a year XD


The day the last Metal Gear Solid Launches is my Birthday! Which I should be aquireing it sometime, once dat tip money gets there. My parrents have been awsome and bought me a huge lamp that effectivly lights up my room so I do not feel like I live in a cave anymore :) And it looks like I have gotten a few cards from my other famialy members.

I know we are only suppose to post one blog a day but I need to do re-caps and post the next topic for BOB. So I hope the admins are okay that I post two blogs today...

After all...


Sry about the italics, having too much fun already XD (Time to sleep yay!)


8:25 PM on 08.28.2015

Ground Zeros and Epic Playlists!

So I would not be lying when I say that I am terrible at Metal Gear Solid. Honestly the only one I ever finished was Twin Snakes and most people disown that one for numerous reasons. (I enjoyed it a lot)

But we all dance here… Right?

But for some reason I had the urge to purchase Ground Zeros on the PC:
1) PC Ports are rare from the 90s
2) It’s a rare series that I find myself able to play one of their games
(Aka rare chance to use some left over Sod from the neighbors)

Ground Zeros really got me excited about the possibility of PC ports. Not only are all of the requirements posted not quite as true as they say, but my dual core computer can actually run the game around 30fps. (So not too far away from the 360 or PS3)

But lets talk about this demo… This is one beast of a demo. Yeah with the right skill the game could be 100% in like 7 hours. But this is one heck of a sandbox they throw you into. In scope of everything this is a lot like the original Metroid when it comes to pacing. There are a total of two objectives and then tons of alternate missions.

Something about 2014 brought out the best in Cassette Tapes, as I instantly saw the value of having an even larger soundtrack that could be collectible through the missions. There is a few, but I wanted a ton more of collectible tapes and yeah I can see why that would have taken me out of the game, but the collecting side of my mind wanted there to be more collectible music.

So I made my own playlist:

The Chase by Giorgio Moroder: This song is so epic in the right of ways and the whole 1980s electronic vibe fits perfect with Metal Gear Solid. Never watch the movie it is connected to, it will only let you down that such a cool song was stuck to such a terrible movie.

Shoot or Die by Chris Huelsbeck:
If you have no clue what this song is you never have played Turrican the best game ever that is criminally disregarded as the years went by. If you know me then you know I really love Turrican, which is basically the best skilled-based side scrolling series you will ever play. Not only is this ambient music rock, but also it really gets you pumped up stealth.


Or not…

Yngwie Malmsteen - Black star:

Since the game already had an instrumental guitar track I thought I should add my own. This guy is a beast and the music he plays is really good. Nuf said.


Vangelis – Chariots of Fire
Since flight of the Valkyries was not enough. We needed more epic finishing music (spoilers) for helicopter escapes. What is more epic than this song? I really have a hard time figuring it out. Also I have found for some reason this song makes me smile when I get found and start mowing over all the guards even though my E rank will not get higher…

The Tornados – Telstar
This song does not fit in at all, and that’s why I love it. It’s like the best meme joke song that could ever happen. Just got found? Telstar! Just blew up stuff with C4? Telstar! Just threw a man into the ocean? Telstar! Just called for a helicopter to steal guards? Telstar!

It’s almost as bad as guiles Theme when it comes to fitting in and staying in your head.

But really I just enjoy it :)

Pipeline – The Chantays
I have heard this song too much, and it just fits with the weird western vibe the new MGS has on it. Plus you are next to a beach…

Might as well through more beach music into the playlist:

Dick Dale – Misirlou

Cause why not?

Well, I really did enjoy Ground Zeros, even though I had no clue what the game was about. Or where the game might be going. But it was a tight game. The combat and controls felt pretty good. And the graphics were amazing, though they weren’t crysis… but who cares about that anyway?

Hope your blogs are going well, but get them turned in tonight! So we can do an epic recap.

Btw I was thinking about Old School FPS games being the theme of next month. (like the 2.5D early 3D era Doom Quake and even look-a-likes like Gungods) What do you think?


3:11 AM on 08.26.2015

Un-offical Tie-in #2

 Un-offical Tie-ins is my running series on video games that should have been offical licened moive video games. Here is the first one if you missed it.

The Theme that haunted pretty much all my momories of pep band.

What can I say? Trombones can never be too loud.

Rocky the idependent film maker's dream movie.

That was not sarcasim at all. Before Rocky Sylvester Stallone was more or less a washed up actor in NYC that was struggling to make ends meat while playing very minor roles in some not so well known movies.

So somehow between battling his alcohol addictions and other stuff... he wrote the script for Rockey. It is a common steriotype that he is a stupid meat head, but in fact he wrote Rocky and sold it to the studios by himself. Of coarse it was the 1970s and film was probably at its lowest low since the 1960s... econamically so studios were more inclined to make lower budgeted movies.

But it is probably one of the best Rocky movies and I think that is simply due to the fact the studio did not care too much about the writting and ensuring success.  (which generally the pressure to succede is why most movies fail or trie to hard)

A legend is born, A genre is reborn.

Not to say that there were not great boxing movies before Rocky, but when it hit the theaters is was in the time of economic depression that hit a coard with middle and lower class citizens across the world.

In 1976 it was a much needed message for urbanizing world super power. The young man tightening his boot straps still can go head to head with the best of the best.  Shot on a $1 million and in 28 days it was a sucker punch in an industry, as it earned $225 million in global box office that year.

Few years later Rocky 3 hits the scene, and its Eye of the Tiger in 1983.

Which for anyone that does not know is not the orginal theme song, its just the only one people can do bad karaoke to.

Nintendo a small company from Japan that manufactures arcade cabinates develops and releases Punch-Out!! The arcade game.

Just so happens to start showing up in a bars and arcades in Japan 1983 ,  1984 Europe, and North America.

Less to say, highly succesful for an arcade game as it really challanged a players sense to wanting to be the best and show off their skills in a way that is not verly physical. ( I really cannot say that with 100% assurance as I have zero data to back that up, but considering they re-made it into Super Punchout, Punchout NES, and Punchout Wii... I have to assume that the arcade game was succesful enough to warrent so many games)

I have to say there is a lot there to love about this wanderful machine. It used a dual monitor video system that showed the player's score higher than the actual screen, just like how most organized sports at the time would have an electronic display shoing the time and score of the arena.

Which is a reall neat idea when you think about it, as it made it a lot easyer to find out what level they were on and what theri score is. So it only amplified the sense of compition as watchers in the same room could keep tabs on who is the best very quickly.

That said, Nintendo did not make Boxing games popular. But I do think they brought a more modern perspective to it. Looking at your opponet face on vs looking from the side really gives a much more accurate experince to actual fighting.

Which eventually when Rocky did hit the Sega Master System it still did not quite live up to the action and intensity that the Arcade or NES versions of Punch out provided. (Not to say for the time it did a great job recreating the Rocky experince in playable form, its just that little too heavy on graphically remaking it than providing complex yet enjoyable game)


4:20 AM on 08.25.2015

A map I made is featured In Reflex

Well I don't like to toot my horn that often, actually most people that ever met me would say that I am too shy and not out going enough. In many ways this is old news, but you guys remeber the FPS game called Reflex that allowed people to make their own maps?

No? I am not surprised since there is Toxikk and other games that look better. But I messed around with the map editor until I made a map that I was actually quite proud of. (Though I totally lack any knowlege of FPS tactics and stuff cause I am not a Quake 3 pro)

But hell this is my map and I do what I want with it... well sort of.  This baby took me about 6 months worth of editing and biting time, making sure the jumps were fun. Personally got inspired be the segment in the ROTT remake commercial where they were tons of floating platforms and I began to wonder if that could actually be part of a multiplayer map.

I won't like I was inspired by a varaiety of FPS games including: Timesplitters, Perfect Dark, Halo, and 2012 Nexuiz.

I love a good multiplayer map, and I love a great LAN! You know what the gameing industry is missing right now? Is LAN mode. (cause seriously who wants to pay for something your machine should be able to do) It really rekindled my experinces in high school where we would go over to a friend's tree house and get 4-5 TVs and Xboxes and play Halo. (Cause Halo was the arena FPS for consoles that was popular at the time, I wreaked at THE ORIGINAL WARLOCK NOT WHAT THEY CALL IT NOW...)

Ehm... sorry that was a rant back to the good stuff:

But a lot of building my own multiplayer maps really rekindled my love for FPS multiplayer action: I wanted the map that was arcade enough that new people could still feel like they could use the inviorment to their advantage. But yet have some smaller places for expirenced verterans to take advantage of the double edge jump, and some places the triple jump. (very hard to pull off)

Sooner than later I found myself looking at fourms and figuring out how to optimize my map so that it could be competitive. (which started my pain) As every polygon I spawned needed to be mapped. Which means all of the edges that were not visable needed to be mapped invisible, so they did not take up space and slow down someone playing on the map.

Slowly but surely I took a map that was 45megabites and took it down to .1 ... It was so refreashing when my light maps only took a few minutes instead of hours.

Being in early access I really have no clue how much longer this game is not going full on release. It might be a few more years out as it looks, but I have met a lot of really interesting people that all are very tallented mappers... and somehow I have managed to impress the developers of the game enough that they wanted to study my map and put it into actual build of the game.

Link here - search for "crossroads"

Anyway I totally understand if you guys have not purchased this game, and are not ever planning on doing so. But I am excited that some of my hard work is getting recoginzed :D

Oh and if you have the game it should be there somewhere... but here is a direct link if not:


4:10 PM on 08.20.2015

Super excited to see Band Of Blogger posts... NEED TO WORK ON MINE ASAP!!!


2:22 PM on 08.19.2015

I guess I am too narcissistic... but I would love to see "my comments" again and possibly all of the replies I get.


11:51 AM on 08.17.2015

Sup? Peps? Still playing Persona 4


6:19 PM on 07.28.2015

PR00U! T3IR! R3d A$h $TRAT GUID3!!!

What to do when the world is full of noobs?

Make stratigie guides!


Much better.

First of all forget reading the intructions... real gamers get lost in small places and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble and stumble cause reading instructions is for people that don't know how to break the game and build up pro strats!

So before you do anything grip you mouse with your hand and move it over the English button:

Then wait 5 minutes and press down on the left button on your mouse. If you mouse squeaks you have grabbed the wrong mouse and you with have to grab a new one till it clicks. Likewise if your new mouse does not connect to your PC you are doing it wrong... Also if you are using a MAC you are a total noob and should not be playing games anyway.

First thing you are going to notice is that you are in a Mall... Malls are dumb and plain and boring. So you want to get out of the mall. Cause lets face it your friends are not in the mall. So the Mall is a very though place, as you can see there is a lot of sharp edges.

So obviously we need to go by prizon rules if we want to survive this harsh climate. Which means you need to take control of the situation.

First thing to winning this game is getting Call to respect you. With her on your side no one would dare shank you while you are trying to get to the outside. So the best way to take control is to kick her when she is not looking.

After that you need to show everyone whose boss by "kicking the can" by that I mean kicking the garbage dumbster. As the person that controls the inviorment controls the mall.

Now that you have shown them that you are the KING OF THE MALL; its time to excape.

This lady won't stop talking... pro tip. So its better to go back inside.

You notice a silly guy that talks about mayors... ignore him.

Instead jump on his head and jump to iron bars.

Then make your way to a secret room!!!

There you will meet your dopleganger and it is time to kill him before he takes over your life. (besides he called you an old man!%^&*^%!&!&!^!^!&!!*!&!^^!%!)

Why not drink a soda while you are at it?

Pro gamers read the labels on the cans before they drink them.... PPPPRRROOOOOO TIP!!!

Cause not reading labels is for noobs.

This is my first PROOU! TEIR! GUIDES. I want to thank myself becuase I am not a noob so thereforth I am awsome and just by the fact you are reading this you are totally a noob. Sorry its hard at first but once you get it it works out in the end.

(BTW this is totally a joke article, if you had not noticed)


4:29 PM on 07.04.2015

I bought a Playstation TV

I am really excited!!! I bought a Sony System and I am going to play the games that I never have really been able to play since high school when I hanged out with friends that owned a Playstation.

Guess I always have been on the boat to purchasing a Sony system; it’s just that there were many bumps in the way that kept me from legitimately allowing myself to make such a purchase.

Not that I have anything against Sony systems, but they usually are not very cheap.

I almost bought a PSP, but then I remembered that the GBA SP, and the DS were much less. $60-$100 vs $200 is almost a no brainer for me.

Yes the PSP was better but the difference was that I could spend $100-140 on games. Which honestly was the only reason I never made the jump.

I almost bought a PS3 in College, but I was too much of a video game hipster… AKA I spent $150 on a Sega Genesis model with a x32 with the proper cords and After Burner II and After Burner 32x, and Mega Turrican (with box for $20).

I spent a stupid amount of money in college on a lot of small things, and the problem is the PS3 was one huge thing I could never get myself to buy. Cause the cost was a lot: at the time used systems went for $200-$250 and new ones went for $250… There was just not enough reasoning on my end to see that if I halted some of my spending practices I could have gotten a PS3.

But then again I made a killing on the early Steam Sales - -> Back when they actually were crazy deals and not slight discounts.


There were many chances I could have taken to buy the latest systems and get a PS4, PS3, PSP, or Vita.

But recently I just broke down and bought the PlayStation TV… I call it the Vita TV because that is literally what it is XD.


But I did not want the combo pack with The Lego Movie: The Game. I liked the Lego Games back in the day when all they had was Lego Star Wars Episode 1 really made those movies a lot of fun. But now that the market is saturated with them (again I am a hipster) they have really lost any charm to me. Which is sad, cause besides terrible game breaking glitches those games were pretty fun.

Good movie, but I am not sure I really would want a game baised on it.

So I rather not spend the extra $15 on a silly game I cannot re-sale because no one wants that game… It’s not even worth re-selling.

So I got the GameStop Deal for $40, and unlike what my local store told me it did come with the power cord and HDMI.
Did you know that used PS3 controllers are quite scarce in Phoenix, Arizona?

Not only did my local shops not have used ones, but none of the other stores did… So I have to think that people bought up all the extra used supplies of Dual Shock 3s in case there was a surge of people buying older stuff for the backwards compatibility.

There was one store in my area that was selling Dual Shock 3… used for $40

Which is a total rip off considering for $50 you can buy new ones… For $60 you can buy new Dual Shock 4…

So instead I went to a pawnshop and they had a Dual Shock 4 for $40. Thinking to myself: If I have to pay extra I might as well get the top of the line. Cause the value of Dual Shock 3 is only going to drop faster than the Dual Sock 4.

I was going to trade some Amiibos and games but it seemed every shop I went to devalued them to $10, which online the Squid from Splatoon goes for $50… by itself.

At the cash register the owner told me it was $32!!! Even though there was a sticker for $40. So I saved $8 and paid less than what the other store wanted for a used Dual Shock 3.

 Its not black, but I am okay with that.

So my total came to $92 plus tax, but it only cost me $10 more and I got exactly what I wanted. (No games are better than a game you did not want right?)

Immediately I bought Mega Man x4, the game that really started this whole problem. I probably could have bought a used PSP or Vita, but this seemed right to me as I can play it on a TV than some scratched used screens.

I think going the Vita way is better than the PS3 or PS4. Mainly because I am restricted to a single bedroom when it comes to gaming. I simply just don’t have the space.

Oddly enough it feels right at home next to my Nintendo Wii U, though I wished they made a vertical stand for both. Then I would be in micro console heaven.

Since, I was in the midst of buying games on the PS store I went ahead and just bought Final Fantasy Nine. There seems to be little to no room for Sony wanting to port this game and I wanted to play it since it was one of the hottest games I never have gotten to play.

Sure emulators could have been faster and cheaper, but I actually enjoy keeping some content off of my PC :).


11:30 PM on 06.28.2015

Band of Bloggers: Exploring Fantasy

Dang... I missed the last one.


Final Fantasy 6 is somewhat of an open world exploring game that I have been replaying.

Sry this will not be as nearly as cool as Tank Man... but I have plans for Tank Man to Return :)

So I have played Final Fantasy 6 a lot of times. I once emulated it on a Pentium 1, which was struggling to get the intro movie to go faster than 1 FPS. But when faces with epic mech walking I might as well be a Chinese vampire in front of a bag of rice that just got spilled. I watched all 15 minutes of the mechs walking, which I am sure that most of you know the segment only takes 2-3 minutes so my computer had to have been running the game at 1/30 of the normal speed. Less to say I went on and played through Chronotrigger at the same staggering rate however was slightly more playable due to the lack of as many visual effects. Anyway back to FF6.


Not that I have never been accustomed to RPGs. I played though Dragon Warrior I on the NES. Which is about the grindiest game a person could play back in the day. (I know there are worse out there but at least give me some credit) But to me the world of FF6 was truly expansive and it seemed every hour or so the world would expand and expand and expand and expand.

And then when I though they could not give me more, they went ahead and wrote around that to give me more to explore.

Less to say I kept the game on my list of games that I should buy if I ever have the system for. So once I bought a GBA I went to GameStop and bought the GBA version of Final Fantasy 6 I had been looking at for the last year or so. I was a different person then, early on in high school I did not have much of a social life. While everyone else was busy playing social games, I was struggling to understand basic sarcasm and what my friends were talking about when they were swooning over women.

I did not know I was suffering a serious case of sleep apnea and that most of my higher brain functions were not working and that really cut me out of most of the social aspects of high school. I think that kept me out of a lot of unnecessary drama but I was quite oblivious to everything happening and yet constantly cereous about the people around me.

Instead of worrying about life, I played video games when I was free of homework, chores, and marching band.

At night I would pop open my GBA SP and play it till I got tired. Instantly, I returned to the great plains of the fantasy world as the heroes that were going to bring back magic to defeat the evil empire. For a 2D game there was just tons of detail the designer put into the world of this game. I think that is what really impressed me the most about it.

I was more than content to play my older retro video game consoles; this game provided complex puzzles that could only be solved through writing down clues that were hidden across a vast and interesting landscape.

Which, I have to wonder what shock went through the gaming community when they saw Final Fantasy have 3D plane in the over world. The small depth really broke up the characters from the world and vise versa. Really showed off what could be done with 2D sprites in a 3D world, just a shame it took many years after that for devs to pick up on the tricks done in the latter generation.

It really just made traveling the world a lot more fun, especially when you finally got the Air ship and were able to do donuts in the sky. I spent quite amount time doing such.

This month I am playing though it again but with a different perspective than my past self played this game. Beginning to learn RPG maker VX ACE, I wanted to see/learn from the best of the era of 2D RPGs to see what it takes to make a great world to explore. There are so many quick vanilla ports of RPG maker games, and while they are fun they do all look the same and generally feel the same.

So it is the best place to look, as there is just a ton of details in sprites for the towns.

Well that is all I have for now :) I hope you had a great month!!


11:45 PM on 06.26.2015

Three things Nintendo should fix on the Wii U before the NX

Well I guess I deserve it.

I went out of my way to buy a Wii three months ago and they went ahead an announced they will announce the new “NX” next year at E3. It really does make sense considering the current status of the Wii U.


It does not help that there was a hesitation in buying their latest system this round. I simply was not in a position to buy one, and I have to say there still is a lot of great game on the Wii that I am not quite done with yet.

I just bought Blaster Master on the VC after selling my physical copy to a really cool game store down the street from me. As you noticed my avatar has not changed, and that series really means a lot to me even though it was kind of too easy to let it go. I recently remembered that I have Final Fantasy 6 on the VC and downloaded it when I was at the game store playing Splatoon on their awesome Internet. (I have a wired adaptor, which made the experience even better) Another game I had to let go but this was easier as I only had the GBA version and the SNES has better picture and audio.

Really have been enjoying playing Final Fantasy 6 again. I forgot the amount of detail that went into that game. A friend of mine went into the army and he basically told me and another friend that we had to make an RPG before he comes back in 6 months XD. Luckily I have RPG Maker VX ACE and that is going to make things somewhat easier. But every special effect I see in that game took a keen mind and a really good programmer to do. Really makes me appreciate the technical feat it is even now.

But it was in trying to play this game that I was constantly reminded of some of the limitations of the Wii U. It almost made me feel as if the console itself was a bit rushed. Either if they had pushed it before the 3DS or waited year longer to put better hardware in it, I feel that the Wii U could have been a very different machine.


I should mention when I mean better hardware, I mean hardware that is more compatible or has more utility rather than just the normal arms race we see with Microsoft and Sony constantly trying to pull.

sry I could not help myself there

Not that Nintendo has not gone out of their way to fix the Wii U, but there is simply a lot that could have been done to spruce up the Wii U to be the system they always had vision it to be.

1) Wii U controller Support for Wii emulation


Its really, really, really, really, really should have been an easy thing to code into the emulation software. I know for a fact that the Wii U does not have Wii hardware running in tandem with Wii U like how the Gameboy Advance works. So it really has me questioning why it would be impossible to get a Bluetooth controller working with the Wii side of the software. Especially considering the Wii classic design is so similar to the Wii U Gamepad and Wii U Pro Controller.


In many way this could be as simple as getting the 3DS working as a controller for Super Smash Wii U. $5 for functionality that would save an extra $20-$50 seems worth it to me and I really think it would be worth it for a large majority of their consumers.

If 5 million consumers spend the money for the patch you literally have $25 million on a somewhat simple patch job.


2) Fix the TV or Screen selection options + Fix GUI in general


I have to think that a lot of people like me use their Wii U pad away from their TV whenever they have a game that does not require it. But what is the point of having the system constantly sending an extra signal between the TV and the Gamepad? It just uses more power and sends signals to a TV that is not on.

(Why the heck does my TV have to be on to switch from Wii U to Wii?)

It just does not make any logical sense to me, and just seems to be poorly programed.


Why would I want the TV and the Wii U pad to be on at the same time when I have to aim the Wii mote at the TV or use the Gamepad solely for menus? They single handedly think that all of the time I would want to uses either the Wii-mote or the Gamepad. Which really frustrates me when I am already in the other room with the classic controller and the Wii Pad all set up for a game session, but it requires that I use IR to select if I want to use just the TV or the TV and Wii U pad.


It would not be so bad, but these are the things that Nintendo usually does well. But there is some over bearing force that keeps reminding me that it has to be a certain way. Which this would be acceptable, but its already three years into the life of the system and they still have not patched it out…


3) Finish unifying the account systems


Again as tantalizing the NX is for being the “latest and greatest system” it has a lot of baggage from the Wii, 3DS and Wii U. Rightfully so as Nintendo has taken their time and used their side of the table to their own advantage. But again there really is only so long before consumers are going to happy with their slow and unnecessarily costly transition to a unified account system. Without any significant reason to why it is taking so long, or when it might actually be fixed leaves consumers wondering if it will ever be fixed.


I totally understand it takes time and money to port games from one system to another. But when and how much it cost this time to get all of the games that were digitally bought onto the Wii U?

Then there is that whole issue of Wii Ware, which I really hope they are planning to somehow include into the transfer. It was well-spent money on exclusive content for the Wii. (including the last Gradius game to grace us all)

I guess in the long run, I hope Nintendo understand that there is a lot of things that should be done before NX comes. So far they seem to be doing a pretty good job. But it would be cool to see more of a commitment to adding these things to their great system.

Well it is getting kind of late here I should play some more FF6 or Heroes of the Storm.

Hope you are doing well.


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