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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how i got into gaming.

you could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

anyway hope you enjoy my blogs, feel free to comment.
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This is a new blog series about official movie games.

This was brought on to my curiosity on how many great games were really influenced or simply took advantage of over forms of media hype to buy into a larger crowd that normally would not play video games.

After all art inspires art, and it is amazing how concepts get changed and advanced through different hands and cultures.

So onto game and movie #1 After Burner and Top Gun.

So what could be said as the best thing that became of the cold war or in 1986 was a movie about fighter pilots... I mean jet fighters. This movie is basically the ultimate dream for people that want to fly jets and blow stuff up.

Cause a lot of people want to argue that this movie is about relationships and feelings... Which I know is baloney because EVERYONE WANTS TO FLY AND BLOW STUFF UP. They simply threw in the relationship stuff to get people to the theaters.

This guy is an idiot and has no clue what this movie is really about... In fact I bet he does not even know how to make a good movie ;) *JK*

There was a few "official" video game releases, but lets be honest... They tried too hard on trying to be realistic on 8-bit computers...

Just like the movie right?

Which is very counter productive and failed to capture the fun and energetic spirit of flying and shooting had to offer you.


Come 1987 Sega drops a bomb.

(skip to 7:00 to see it running :D )

Which unlike any other game previously, captured the speed and energy of the movie perfectly in an arcade unit. (could be an over statement, but I think it fits)

Talk about immersion, Sega puts you into a moving cockpit that has warning lights when you get locked on and throttle control... This was before the simulator explosion in the 1990s.

While there was very few deluxe models, I cannot see an average person in 1987 passing this by without trying it once :)

Sega was in the phase of trying to recreate actual experiences with a different form of virtual reality by expanding the peripherals and simplifying the actual experiences to what an average person could do at the time.

Flipping the screen 360 degrees: Check
Arcade Shmup action: Check
Simple but yet complex controls: Check
Afterburner controls: Check
Evading incoming missiles: check
Machine Guns: Check

This is just about as close as a person like me would get to flying a F-14 or at least what an arcade could do at the time

Now all that is good and all...


It is impossible to talk about Top Gun without talking about Danger Zones, those areas that are clearly marked off with take saying that they are dangerous. #Lockouttagout4life

To best describe Top Gun Sound track, it is full of hard power metal. (or old school hard rock) Featuring a lot of FM synthesis as it was sort of a big deal to use electronic instruments. Strangely enough on the hardware Sega was using for arcades the FM synth chips they used were just about the same as the opening notes to the danger zone.

Which was the same sort of stuff that was common to be herd on the Genesis and their arcade boards.

So at the time not only could Sega's hardware better emulate Jet fighters, but sound wise it was pretty close as you could get to the song that topped the charts for a year... and still haunts some of us today :)

But  for as simplistic as some of audio tracks are, they hit in the vein of Top Gun and really show off the talented composers at Sega.

Top Gun was a great look into the lives and a small experience of jet fighting. Sega took was out there and made it their own by translating all the of raw energy and speed seen in the movie into a game that made the F-14 Tomcat look and feel amazing in a neat yet challenging addition of Un-offical Tie-ins.

Realistic... no

Fun? Heck yes

5:16 PM on 08.27.2014

I would love to be an adopted avatar for PAX, I guess I do not have too much to really exchange for the help. 

If there was such thing as a food printer I would totally make you Tacos.

Though I guess I could upload my first facebook pic in 2007.

I was at my friends house, and I cannot remember why but she had a disposable camera so I took a picture of myself for fun...

That got uploaded to the internet and well the rest is history.

less to say I still have not lived it down :), and I would like you to share that face at PAX.

This is emotional... but I needed to vent. Feel free to listen to this music as it pretty much sums up my feelings.

So I guess I never really cared too bad about moving in general. Or at least I was never positive or negative. Some how moving from Cleveland Ohio to Arizona I did not manage to loose anything until the end of the trip.

It is just frustrating as the two things I cared about the most ended up missing.

My Trombone and a brief case containing my top loading NES and my Mega Man Collection were taken from my storage unit.

There was no signs of forced entry, but these two small items were last seen in the unit and we had not moved them since securely locking them in the unit...

My father felt it was odd that we were forced into getting "insurance" in order to rent from the storage unit place. But the "insurance" only covers burglary and not theft, the difference is that in their wording is that their is evidence of a forced entry.

So with no evidence and over $2K worth of valuables stolen, I am SOL or at least until we see what the district attorney thinks. (but I am not not the best in legalese)

Really could care less about the value of the items stolen, just that irreplaceable feelings I have.

I had been studying and playing that Trombone for 11 years, I had gone to Jazz Festivals,  high school pep band games,  Junior college pep band, Jazz combo, senior trips, and just jamming with some of my friends that are much more musically inclined than myself.

It was an instrument I could pick up and play with great in-notation.

Granted I am no music major and my chances of doing anything professionally is slim, but it is a part of me, that I have to live with the fact that I will never see/feel it again... For that the value is so much more than the $1K it took to manufacture and ship.

We filed a police report, but it has been about 4-5 weeks later and I am not going to keep my hopes up on ever getting it back. Or at least in this economic condition we are in right now. Pretty much has shown me how cut throat it is our there as everyone is squirming to make every penny count.

Heck I have been job searching for two years and have yet to get farther than an interview :(

I could care less about the top loading NES and the plethora of other games in the case. What hurt was that it had my 5/6 Mega Man NES game collection. 1,2,3,4, and  6 (5 is just out of my price range right now )

I am sure that many of you older and some of the newer people know Tony Ponce and how much he loves Mega Man. Pretty much I would say I am just about on the same par of how much fantasized over the series, cartoons, and books.

Their simply just cartridges, but it was all the memories that I feel like were taken. Mega Man 6 was my first video game that I owned and I played it for the majority of my childhood and it was until I was 21 when I finally beat it. (mainly because I did not want it to end)

That game really brought me together with some of my best friends I have ever had and still talk to regularly today. Though they are married and starting to have children,  so our time and relationship is going to be somewhat limited from here on.

I had just bought Mega Man 1... which was a game I always wanted to own and play on my NES. I still had some money left before completely depleting my reserves after college and my friend convinced me to do what I never would allow myself to treat myself to.

I have played many Mega Man games, but playing it on my NES just seemed like walking into a house I use to live in and finding it just as welcoming as I had left it.

I was just happy feeling loading it up and pushing the power button. Less I digress.

Phew! That was a rant.

I really needed to get that out.

But as much as I wished I still had these things, maybe I can focus more on the more important things. Like my film career, and getting a few shorts off the ground. I have been getting a bit of free lance work recently, and hopefully I can get more networking going on to the point I can start working the independent scene.

Just so much of my childhood, and early manhood has been lost... But it will never be forgotten, I will see to that. At very least I can try to take this experience into the novel I have been working on.

Sorry if this seems whiny and downright soppy, I really do appreciate you reading all of this.

Before anything watch this trailer from GOG and listen to the monologue.

I do not know if it original or not, but it for such a short time grabbed my attention like nothing else.

Instantly I was transported to a horror story where everyone is a victim awaiting to recoil their mortal coil by shedding the blood of their fellow players. I felt the malice of the foolishness of the man trying to reclaim his glory though the misfortune of others.

I too wanted to see the hero to die to be reborn into this game, just to appease the the nature of the game and gain glory.

Plunged into this trailer I cannot help but wanting to explore the nature of the game and understand the story behind it, as my mind would love to see the horror nature of this game explored even more.

I cannot help but wonder what if this concept was applied to other games in other genres. If that Director AL in L4D was another human insuring their victory over me.

But alas this game is tailored specifically to the game-play provided and seems to be a worth wild adventure for someone that enjoys games like Dokapon Kingdom, or at least games that provide a deeper RPG aspect to multi-player.

What can I say about this game that has not? Nothing

Except it is quite clear that the developers knew exactly what they were making, and put a great voice over their trailer.

I am hooked.

Now I just need some poor souls to torment ;D

Okay, so I have to admit I am a hopelessly addicted to Science Fiction.

You see me walk into a Barnes and Noble, I will walk into the board games section, the plastic models section, and then into the Science Fiction. There is something appealing about escaping into a universe that goes against all reason and logic.

That is another thing that got me into gaming in general as video games were able to create those kind of worlds I have always wanted to see. Metroid was a game that my dad bought me for my birthday. I told him that I wanted it cause it had a robot on the front, and a couple weeks before my birthday I found it in my dad's drawers when I was helping my mom do laundry.

My copy was a second round print, but it had the cooler art in my opinion.

My mother quickly told me to say nothing and to forget about it as it was suppose to be a surprise. Well in those two weeks as a child I did forget about it and opening it and playing it for the first time was quite the trill. I think I read the instruction manual several times. In fact I took it to school to look at when I was bored :).

I simply loved Science fiction.

My Dad is probably the first person to introduce me to Science Fiction through Star Trek: The Original Series. It was either "The Cage" or "Where No Man Has Gone Before." As time passes Star Trek:TOS continues to get a lot of hate from the fans of new Science Fiction shows or even the new movies. But honestly it is probably one of the best (not the top) socially progressive show that has been on TV.

I am not talking about interracial kissing...

I was that kid in middle school and high school that freely was fully entertained by what Science Fiction had to offer. So much so that it made it much harder to transition back to educational material :). As foreign as the books my be it always seemed to me that the highlights was the psychology and humanity to the plot, and not completely the technological marvels.  

I remember this book called "A maze of stars" and basically played out what kind of fraction of humans would form after earth. Though that book is dreadfully long, so unless you are going in for a long read I would not consider reading it.

I think that there is a lot of hate out there for books that are more or less teen age romances with a science fiction body, but I would not want to be so divergent with your attention to point out that some of those criticisms are pretty valid.

As to some it seems that these sort of stories are on the same kind of level of that of a fan-fiction. (there is simply some really good fan fiction writers out there )

But it is that sort of thinking that gets me really excited, as I am now working on my own science fiction novel. Which is a very liberating feeling becoming a creator, in my effort to create a novel that will influence people around me the same way the various others did.

Might simply be the weight of the world on my back.  It is quite daunting, realizing that you have to live up to the highest of expectations when you know you are dyslexic and that your brain does not operate on the same level as everyone else.

But that is simply excuses talking, and that is why I think there has not been a huge surge of Science Fiction novels is simply due to people thinking that it is not possible for them to write a novel.

Strangely enough, anime has been a huge push in hope in writing. Just because unlike us "westerners" Japan is not afraid to explore the absurd or crazy. It seems like every time I start to think about a concept I cannot write about, simply because it is too outlandish I start pursuing them more as I find that it is my own limitations in thought that is truly holding those concepts back. (comes down to one killer "What if" Plot)

A good friend of mine let me watch the whole series of Noein, which really opened my mind to the the possibilities of what a plot of a show could be. (looks like a cheesy 2005 anime but is such a great show.)

That lead me to watching Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, which is the slowest building up anime I have watched, but the twist is so amazing I cannot think of a better series.[/size]

Has anyone been watching Knights of Sidonia?

Because I am really really really really really enjoying the first two episodes. The art, the concepts of space life, the interpersonal confrontation. This series is the start of a trend I saw with Gargantia is that it not afraid to slow down and just take in the environment and world and really embellish it.

Of course I am not going to be as pretentious to even compare my writing level to the many people that already have novels out there. But it would be wonderful to write something that gets as well accepted into the great vast Science fiction community.

I have to figure at one point in time they were a  person like myself, just struggling to get a page one at a time :)

The mighty fall of the retail outlet, has slowly been happening in the last ten years. Fundamentally we live in a world where people are making vast amount of shopping sprees online. Rivaling the Parthenon of ancient Greece, the might shopping mall and retail centers of the USA are very much so falling into the same state of ruin.

As much as the internet is a majority factor in the decline of in store sales, there are much more deeper truths to be found. Rather than the obvious ones.

The Kiosk:

Once a word used to describe a small separated garden pavilion, the word Kiosk is the bane of my video game shopping experience.

Yes, this jerk, oh how I have wanted so bad to trash you. I am sure the employees would love to do it too...

Electronic display Kiosks that have slowly made their way into every video game store.

I am talking about these infernal devices that play the same advertisement on a constant loop, speaker and monitor that are distorting due to the constant load, with music that can be heard up to 50ft away. (most video game stores have smaller square feet than 50...)

Who though these were good ideas?

To have a display constantly replaying the same commercial over and over is insult to the intelligence of the consumers and your employees.

I get that it is suppose to be a last chance marketing ploy to get the consumer off edge and make that impulse buy. In the famous words of Joseph N. Welch in the McCarthy hearing once said: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?" By going for this last chance sales tactic they are eliminating possible sales, simply by overly cluttering the environment with noise pollution.

It is pretty much the same tactics as 
bad car advertisements use:

(This video is a parody and is blatantly offensive, if you do not enjoy dark humor I would not suggest watching it NSFW)

If I am loud and annoying enough, eventually they are going to remember me and buy from em. Except I am going out of my way to write these people down and never give them my money due to there really poor treatment of my shopping experience.

Oh you want to test drive this car? Just watch me drive it around the block, it is basically the same thing...

There is really no point on bombarding the costumer. If it is the first time your target consumer has seen your game, then you already have failed as an advertiser.

For example in my local Target, I like to look at video games. However there is a kiosk around it for a highly popular kid's video game that is owned by the largest media group in the United States. The problem is that I cannot stand being in the department for more than two minutes. Because it is simply just too noisy.

It use to be better:

It use to be that there were Kiosks where you could actually play the actual game. 

not just a demo.

Generally the volume was low, or you could adjust it to fit the mood of the store. Sure people got caught up in playing the game, and it created more traffic through the store... but are those bad things?

It is a shame that there has been so much focus on getting results, rather in figuring out the means in order to get results. Because it is that shift that has made a major loss in quality shopping experience.

Of coarse there are smaller indie video game stores that are simply killing it when it comes to displays. Sure they are not as flashy as electronic Kiosks, but I would have to argue that they are much more effective. Like this example from Lawernce, KS.

But alas the advertiser have permanently put their product names in my mind, it is just that I would never buy anything from a person that is so overly forceful and annoying.