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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how I got into gaming.

You could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

Anyway hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave a comment.

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Well I guess there is no denying it, I am old. Not as old as other people, but not young enough to catch up with the hip new trends in life. It kinda is frightening to think that there already has been 4-5 generations of gamers that have fully grown up since I left the "prime" but then again I was still suffering from sleep apnea, so I am even father behind than what I originally though.

Not to say that I was slow to enjoy online gaming, slow to struggle with the masses on League of Legends in that first season, or slow to enjoy the latest titles that are available to offer. Just in that I was slow to really truly enjoy what the last generation could offer me. Being that one of those things was in game achievements.

I try to keep up :)

From a very traditional perspective and to be absurdity as least demeaning to myself I will say that it was beyond hard for me to fathom what exactly achievements or Xbox live gold did to enrich video game experience.

Literally all that happens is that a text box pops up and confirms actions you already did.

Which contextually is the most stupid waste of system processing, let alone interrupting a great video game experience with a small noise and a confirmation of something happening...

Achevements, what is it good for?


How dare developers make these stupid concession!!! How is this suppose to appease my adult mind???

All it did was made me wish I could turn them off. So I did the most logical thing I could do which was ignore them as much as I could. I mean they were only a fad in early 2006, where was no way they were going to stay once people recognized that they were more of a nuisance than anything else. Surely that was right?

Some developers literally made ones for each level of the game.

Others made one for starting their games.

A few developers made one for pausing the game.

One for quitting the game.

My generation both tried to kill and accept achievements before they could do more harm. But in the end all we got was a few flash games that only taught people more of the enjoyment of getting the achievements.

But it was not until today, after my JRPG fast had ended and I restarted Xenoblade Chronicles as my saves were over written from a previous file. I finally understood what achievements are good for.

Which is really stupid that I had forgotten something so small, something that I had forgotten which had made me much more grumpy of a person than what I would care to say. But it was in the miniscule thing that I learned that it was possible to be happy about.

Or to be more plain: It is to take time to celebrate the little things.

Just a small simple notion has not dramatically changed my life, nor made me a better person. But I really am starting to like accomplishing smaller tasks. Which is the weirdest thing is that the motivation is from my recent playings of Contra Hard Corps with a friend.

As instead of planning to beat the game we set smaller goals like: getting to a new level, or defeating a boss.

It was those smaller goals that made us enjoy dying thousands of times because the goal was no longer to beat the whole game. Only a small portion of it. Which with practice and memorization of boss attack animations we already have made it to 3 different endings in the game and are planing to get two more.

But the achievements are their like a note from the developer directly to you to celebrate and push you forward to victory like a good friend :D

Though there is are really good achievements: Like the ones that have really witty titles and a summery sentence that provides more information about the game.

Then there are really bad ones: Where the title and the action are 1:1 and that is it. Just felt like something slapped on for the sake of having it.

I think the problem was that I was constantly getting games with slapped on achievements. Which is okay, but like anything else in a video game should be bent to creating a better experience than just be be there.

On the twelveth day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me:

I am not going to lie, I am pretty much upset that Scot Pilgrim's creator spilled over the entire world about this game. Before the movie it had always been on my "when I have money I am buying X."

After the movie came out, the price more than tripled. So I pretty much actively searching Ebay for a month and bought a copy for $30...

Pretty interesting game, not that I should say it is amazing and balanced but for what it did on the NES was impressive. Taking the systems brought by Friday Night the Thirteenth and bringing it to an action adventure platformer and you pretty much indefinitely had some form of success to be had.

Pretty solid game, and the FINAL game I am going to review for a while.

Hope you had a great holiday and are having a great start of 2015 :D

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On the Eleventh Day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me:

Well I am back to Gauntlet again, not terribly surprised this game did not make it past licensing to make it onto the Wii VC but it is a pretty faithful port at the time. Not that the first game was bad but it did not have the full multi-player experience on the NES.

With an adapter and four controllers you and your friends could get the "full" experience of playing Gauntlet 2. Which is pretty impressive considering the very few amounts of 4 player titles on the NES.

However, ther improvements came at a cost.

First of all there is no music, which is more or less because they used the processing to allow 4 players at once.

Then the really big one is that there is no real ending... which is really quit the bummer when the original was so good. (probably to perfectly emulate the arcade and allow player to continue to rack up points)

Great fun multi-player game in the NES library.

On the tenth day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me:

It was 1997, I just moved to a new town and had no friends. Previously I had been a school bully and was on the track of becoming a homebody with an overly high sense of confidence. That all changed when I was taken to a far out and almost alien city where I was told that I could no longer just print in school but that I had to do half-cursive half-print. (They called it deneral, but I have never seen it anywhere else) They really wanted to hold me back another grade, as I was hyper active and yet dyslexic kid. ( they had no clue I was dyslexic but thought I had some form of learning disorder)

But already being a year older than necessary in my grade they could not force me to follow their rules.

So it was really hard for me to find friends at a young age, just felt like a fish out of water and I mostly stayed home and helped my mother around the house. One day I was helping her clean out our chestier drawers and I found a box not much different from the one above. I of coarse asked my mother about it and she told me that it was a gift for me and that I should re-hide it and not tell my father I saw it.

However, I knew it was there and I spent many months wondering what type of game this was going to be. I cannot stop thinking how my father's love of science fiction really brought me to a lot of different good games and books.

Finally the day of I got to open the package and I ripped the box wide open.

If only I still had that box...

My father and I played the game for a few hours and my brain was exploding as it was trying ever so hard to keep up with the expansive world to explore. Which most of the fun in the game was simply getting lost and trying to find your way out. Sometimes I would get stuck and not understand what the game was expecting of me, but nothing that a swift death could not cure.

I think the first month I had the game I simply brought the manual to school with me to read when I got bored of my classes. It was really neat being able to read the back story and learn all the controls and power-ups. There was a few tips and tricks but for the most part it was really nicely printed artwork.

I had played video games before. Like Super Mario Bros 1 & 3, but the world structure of Metroid was just so different and larger than any other game I have played before. Soon I was filling binders with passwords, where I learned the difference between 0s and Os. I kept the system of putting a line through my zeros and leaving the vowel blank.

Not having access to games that had save states, I could not but feel that Metriod had so much more value to the game as all of the progress could be re-loaded the next time I played. (well if I had enough time to write the password before my mother got angry at me XD)

Exploring Zebes, was probably the most I spent playing my NES as my child mind was not capable of really playing the game properly untill high school and even then I did not spend too much time mastering it as I ould go over to my friends house to play GameCube, N64, or Sega Dreamcast. ( I had a Dreamcast at the time.)

I do not think it was untill I was living alone at my Grandparent's house when I first sat down and just decided to play straight through that I first completed Metroid. ( I did not get the best ending) But it was in that week were I just sat in a forty degree Fahrenheit house that I really appreciated the game-play and the nice difficulty curve that always eluded my younger mind.

8bit games for adults, never really though there would be such a thing as at the time I though video games were for younger kids and socially inept people like me. But this was so much more than just Bubble Bath Babes, the game-play really challenged a person's sense of direction and asked for a higher level of problem solving than I had as a kid.

Any way Metroid is a really great game. I have really enjoyed I a lot of the sequels and the Prime Trilogy. But I always find myself coming back to the original Metroid to get my kicks. Not that the other game are not superior in many ways. But all the restraint due to system restriction forced them to a level of simplicity that made the game much more technical and complicated.

Another great title for the NES library, and hopefully a series that we will be talking about for a long time to come :D

On the ninth day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me

Atari publishing under the Tengen title to get past Nintendo's lockout chip licensing. Rather interesting port as it includes music and somewhat more fluid. Though graphically and control wise inferior port. Which is interesting that it would ever be consided a port as most games had to be rebuilt from the ground on every system they wanted them to be on.

No wonder most of the ports back in the day were a lot better than what we get now :(

This game repeats a lot: color pallets, objects, music, enimies. But for all that it repeats it makes up for in many differnet levels to play through and voice sound effects.

Sad thing is ai never had a friend to play it with me, so I never really go too far by myself.

Another really fun NES game :)

Okay so this will be a quike I gotta go to some new years party and forgot to pre-write this so please forgive me.

On the eight day of Christ-NES my true love gave to me:

Arguably one of the best first movie licenced video games, it is hard to beat what this game created.

Figurativly and litterally this game is one hard hard hard hard core game, not only does it vividly follow the movie scene for scene but it had some really good music with it to.

It is really easy to poke fun at how badly tranzlated this game can be as many people cannot remeber the terrible cave slimes and other liberties that are taken in this game. But the nice thing is that it actually loosly follows the movie faithfully. For NES game that is quit a huge feat.

Not to mention the vastly superior sequels on the SNES: Super StarWars.

Overall this is a fun game and a great addition to NES library.