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I recently downloaded Mech Warrior Online Beta, as I use to play countless hours playing Mech Warrior. Instantly I regretted not getting the founders package that was offered for $35. I have a lot of respect for developers that risk their quality games to the ideals of TF2 freemium, as it is a lot to gamble especially when micro transactions don'y immediately come trickling in.

I log in to find that the game does not give you "any" of your own personal mechs. Instead, new members are "treated" to "trial mechs" that are not customizable and have all the weapons and systems pre-made for good or bad.

That would only be a minor set back, as customization has ALWAYS been the staple of main games the series. However, trial mechs have reduced armor than their bought counterparts, and have significantly reduced damage than their counter parts. Since there is no ranking system, every match will include your fiery death with no kills to match it. That would have not been so bad... but you do not get many in-game credits for loosing matches.

So unless you spend $20-30 right off the bat, you might as well be playing a mech death simulator.

Many people argue that "new" people need to grind, because they do not understand "tactics." But as a genera veteran I have played 5-10 matches where no amount of strategy or tactics have even helped me.

So what is the point of going free to play, if you are going to force people to pay to get a "real" gaming experience. Not to say that MWO is a fake game, but when you compare the difference between TF2 and MWO, new players a much better off from the start.

Maybe I am to use to other online games like GW2 where you pay once and you get pretty much everything everyone else gets. Unlike many MMOs I really doubt that the free to play model is appropriate for the style of game that Mech Warrior Online is, or at least the way that they have implemented it.

I have played Blacklight Retribution, and Hawken. While they are very different games, I never really ran into the same level of anti-new player payment mechanics that exist in MWO in-game credits or cash.

While I understand the game is still in beta, it is going to take more than a minor patch to fix the scales. The developers need to rework the economic system, as it is completely self-serving. which, is why the developers have no motivation to fix these problems.

So, anyone else seen these issues?

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