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Retrofraction avatar 4:48 PM on 04.03.2013  (server time)
Mass Effect tips hat to Star Wars: Dark Forces Ship design

So I am a huge Star Wars fan and the recent loss of Lucas Arts I was looking at Star Wars: Dark forces the series that became the Jedi Knight series.

As I was watching you-tuber: Mikelat beat the game [spoilers], the end cut scene included their ship ( The Moldy Crow) flying through a bunch of other Star Wars ships. Here is the link if you cannot see the similarities by my murky picture.



While Both forms of the Normandy share the same body type as the Moldy Crow, it is the SR2 that takes it to the next level by adding the tail fins.

While the scale of the Moldy Crow is much smaller than the Normandy SR2 (the obvious missing cabin space and the ability to hold more 30+ people and the Mako ), They share same basic design and function.

The two swept back cranked arrow wings with some sort of space flow tech engines, the iconic tail fins that have engines on them.

To be that little ship that maneuver well and get to places that larger ships couldn't

While this is not world destroying, I found it inspiring that Bio-ware while being acquisition by EA had time to tip their hat to another Science Fiction Shooter before them.

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