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Retrofraction avatar 11:29 PM on 01.11.2013  (server time)
Idea to make the PS Vita more sellable without selling at a loss

The PS Vita is the scourge of negative gaming news lately, and rightfully so with some of the recent business moves from Sony. They are probably busy making sure the PS4 launch does better. Most people claim that a price change is the only answer to the marginal sales.

But what can Sony do right now, without selling the PS Vita at a loss?

As most people know, Nintendo rebuilt the gaming industry from the 80's with their Nintendo Entertainment System or commonly known as the "NES." Nintendo joined a trend where they would bundle a game with the system. Back in 1985 the new system was very pricy for the market, but they bundled it with one of the most popular Arcade games of that time. That strategy proved to be successful, as their bundle with the game out sold the bundle without a game.

Sony Launched the PS Vita in 2012 and sold their wi-fi system for $250 flat. Later after realizing their mistake they made bundles (Uncharted, Madden, Assasian Creed and Call of Duty) +4GB memory card at $250.

Of recent, most of those bundles have disappeared...

Remember this?

So I think Sony values the hardware of the system to be around $200-190, as the game is about $40-30 and the 4GB card is $20. They should still be making a profit on it.

So my suggestion is to make a "Digital Bundle" and include the PS Vita with a 16GB memory card (supposedly $59-54) and a $10-20 PSN card.

My 16 GB Scan Disk Extreme SD card that reads at 45MB/s costs $20, so I figure that Sony is getting 2-3 times profit off of their prioritized memory. I think that Sony could get profit off of this bundle as their memory cards are ridiculously overpriced.

The great thing about this bundle over the only available one right now ( Call of Duty ) at maximum you could buy a cheep PSP/Vita game or 2 PS one games or movies.

Do you guys think? Are there better values you could get with the Vita bundles, without increasing the price?

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