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Retrofraction avatar 12:26 PM on 05.14.2014  (server time)
How to PWN the C-blog editor

Ever felt like the C-blog editor is hard to use and misleading?

Here are some tips to avoid some problematic parts of the C-blogs.

The best way to copy a C-blog:

If you are like me, as in that you are a horrible writer and can never keep a straight line of thought until you rewrite your blog about 4-5 times. You might want to copy your whole blog so that it makes it on to the day that you post it. Instead of last month...

If you had any text formatting, pictures, and videos it is going to be impossible to simply copy and paste them again.

What you do is click on the view page source button:

Copy all the text and make a new blog with the same titles:

Then click on view page source button on the new blog:

Paste all the text in the blank space
Click Save:

Instantly all the text formatting, pictures, and videos are quickly copied without of all the hassle of re-looking up all the web addresses again.

The text size tool is broken:

Literally someone basically messed up on the coding and instead of giving relative heading sizes they literally size your text from 1px-7px. Which is too small for most readers anyway. (probably was meant to be the heading functions in HTML)

What you do is find the text you want to resize, Highlight the text:

Click on the Resize too and select any number:

Click the Veiw Source button: 

Find the text again:

enter the value in PX or pixels that you want your text to be:

Click the view source button and you text will be updated.

The Blog editor will auto detect and add
elements sometimes:

The blog editor was designed to allow people without coding knowledge to edit text, however its so broken it takes coding knowledge to know how to did things.

Every-time you use a button it creates an element: 

Which is great, but every now and then when you are editing you text in the "normal" mode sometimes the editor does not delete an element.

Which then gets put onto another object in the blog, which will sometimes trigger the smart feature to finish that element, which will change something you did not want changed.

So you sometimes have to go into the View page source mode and delete everyone that does not actually do something, or it will do it again and again and again.

So when you are ever in doubt that something will work or not, save then click the button for pop-up preview:

Some features just don't work:
Here is a list of blog editor features that are broken:

1) Underlines
2) Strikethrough
3) Subscript
4) Superscript
5) Typography Selector
6) Unsorted lists
7) Sorted lists
8) Tables
9) code ( I have tried HTML and CSS and none of it has worked)
10) code quote
11) Horizontal line
12) Right to left ( I do not know why you would want to do that but its in there)
13) Image resize tool (I cannot get it to work consistently)

I really do not understand why these things are broken, except that whatever web app reads the blog editors code is simply rejecting the elements given...

I have seen blogs that were destroyed by people seeing all the wonderful content they had in the editor, and to only have a non legible blog due to the formatting not translating in the post process.

Well I hope this helps anyone that wants to join in the recent surge of C-blogs, hopefully the next site update will fix the editor :D

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