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I am without a doubt that people that have played Mass Effect 2&3 have wanted to try the orginal game in the series and have found it to be a blurry texture mess. 

There are a few reasons that the 360 version is probably the best version of the original, but it comes down to that the original Mass Effect port was a horrible port job.

Get your game from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Done correctly you can achieve night and day results, by doing a harmless text update on the games engine file. (Yes, it fixes Garrus Face from looking horrible)

Thanks to some great fans of the game: KubanitoS and Kloreep on the Steam fourms, the game can be fixed in a few easy steps just modifiying a text file to correct a few faital issues. (Orginal Parge link here)

"Originally Posted by KubanitoS 
1. Go into the My Documents--Bioware--Mass Effect--Config folder and open the BIOEngine notepad file.

2. MAKE A BACK-UP COPY OF THIS FILE. In case the config doesn't work for you, you can easily restore default settings. Good to keep a backup of any Ini changes anyway.

3. Scroll halfway down to the section entitled "[SystemSettings]" (without the quotations). Change "Trilinear=FALSE" to "Trilinear=TRUE" (again, without the quotations).

4. Two sections further down the document you will see the "[TextureLODSettings]" (without the quotations). Replace the top 11 lines (12 including the section title) with the following:

//TEXTUREGROUP_Character=(MinLODSize=1024,MaxLODSize =4096,LODBias=0)

5. Save the file and load the game. You should immediately notice an improvement in the textures."

"Originally Posted by Kloreep

BTW, another good .ini change is if you change these three lines:

TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Diff=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLOD Size=512,LODBias=0)
TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Norm=(MinLODSize=512,MaxLOD Size=512,LODBias=0)
TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Spec=(MinLODSize=256,MaxLOD Size=256,LODBias=0)

To look like that. (Minsize raised to equal maxsize.) You'll get consistently high character detail - albeit some lowered performance, of course, since it's using high-res textures everywhere.  This is the only way I know of to fix Garrus' buggily low-res face without resorting to Texmod."

Those are some really awsome tweeks that made my third and fourth play through enjoyable as I was no longer being constantly reminded of horrible textures. I have more images in the gallery that better show off the dramatic difference.
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