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Retrofraction avatar 9:56 PM on 03.20.2010  (server time)
Capcom where is RE5 wii *super* edition? and some random babel

So after 3-4 years of Capcom's BS about how the wii is not the platform for their main core games I am tired of the smell. Not that I am grateful for Tatsunoko vs Capcom but it is really about a year or two too late. It is like a small bandage on a huge wound that represents my respect for Capcom. They did not always cut corners on their video games. back in the day when you talked about Capcom you thought about an awesome collection of fun and creative video games. I enjoy most survival horr video games and picked up RE4 for the wii when I bought my wii. After enjoying it I saw that there was a new one coming out soon and there were internal talks of the possibility of a port to the wii. After waiting and hearing how the wii edition is not possible, and seeing a SF4 port to the iphone I am tired of the new Capcom.

Back in the day when the NES was the king of video gamming systems Capcom was the best overall third party developer, with only Enix and Konami in close second and third.

Mega man was a man , and not some stupid computer program fighting through "battle net" to kill viruses in turn based combat ( lame )

Capcom not only came up with original titles, but were able to do many "licensed games" including many famous Disney cartoons. Some of these cartoons were ridiculous but Capcom worked hard in making each game true to the corresponding cartoon, even recreating the themes songs with NES sound boards ( not fun )

Once all online functions for my Sega Dream cast failed ( except fan servers ) I saved up for the wii a year early. Once in line I saw that RE4 wii was only $20 new and bought it cause I like Zombies. Instantly I was hooked. Not only did this game scare me often but it was shocking how responsive and ingenious the controls were built. Use the analog stick to move around once you see a zombie press the A button and BANG the game now turned into a light gun shooter just like the arcade.

I felt pure bliss

once I let go of the A button the game turned back into a third person adventure game.
Naturally I looked to see if there was going to be more of these games on the wii, and I tried some of the old GC ports but the controls felt like I was trying to drive my 1978 Thunderbird through a mansion ( my car would not make it through the doors ) So I was really looking forward to the wii version of RE5, but after countless articles of people saying that it was not possible.

Then the President Nintendo of America asked Capcom why they did not port RE5 to the wii, and they replied with BS that they would have to do a lot of work to port it to the wii. ( lack of HD ) that is really incredibly lazy of the developer to say that. It is not that most of Capcom's games were not successful. On the contrary most of Capcom's wii games were in fact successful.

So hopefully we can get a new *super* port of RE5 that includes all the DLC and new exclusive chapter that connects RE4 with RE5. I would say that the price should be $50 as long as they can get it done within the year. It would probably be 2 or 3 DVD disk set.

Obviously this will never happen. Mainly Capcom of Japan's fault.

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