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Retrofraction avatar 11:48 AM on 09.12.2013  (server time)
2DS,Vita Slim and Vita TV: impression on tech changes

I guess I am not a main stream consumer.

In that I do not make neough money to perpetually buy the latest video game systems and buy all of the games. I can blame and have proof that many that there are many disgruntle human resources managers that cannot believe that a college graduate is capable of being the stock boy at Target, Walmart and many more local grocery stores.

But I digress...

I was very excited for the next hand held systems, except for the huge price tag and the lack of battery life.

The 2DS, Vita slim and the Vita TV pretty much fixed any problem I had with 3DS and Vita.

Not that the 3DS was a good system already, but I felt that they spent way to much time focusing on 3D technology. Basically priced the system out of my price range right away. But not only the 2DS cost less, but it also removes the 3D out of the price of the system.

I only use hand-held systems at home and on the road. While cars and busses are great transportation they can be... bumpy. While the 3D would be great at home, with its shallow depth of feild it would be impossible to use it in bumpy situations.

The Wheeles on the buss go...

Considering, it would be off most of the time to save the precious ammount of battery life it has.. I would probably never use the 3D.

So earlyer I was thinking really hard about getting Sony products... then I saw the prices.

Sony has always been about giving their consumers a "premium experince" for good or bad. Ushally means that their products are a bit over priced. While I would say that for the system, the Vita was sort of fairly price... Except that the systems lacked games, and if you wanted a game you were looking at a $300 price. Which would not be so bad, but you are almost paying for a stationary system.

Which is sort of funny when you think about it because the orginal playstation was the economical system of the 5th generation. (at least when you look at game prices)

But the addition of the Vita TV, was really smart as it literally make the Vita a home system that is very affordible.

The Vita Slim fixes one issue I had with the OLED screen. Burn-in-colors, the fact is that OLED is more prone to color burn in than LCD. Not to mention the organic tissue that makes of the screen will decompose in 10 years... So by the time I could afford the games I would want to buy the system itself would be needing a new screen.

However, this new system might be a death blow to the 3DS line. Not only does it cost about as much as the XL system, but it also is pushing about 12 hours of gamming.(depending on the game)

Now if only they had more games on the platform to make it worth it.

I really am excited about these changes, it shows both companies abilties to diversify their products away from the fans with all of the $$$ and really hope to get their new systems into my hands.

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