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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how i got into gaming.

you could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

anyway hope you enjoy my blogs, feel free to comment.
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I am sure if you asked Nic Rowen if I was obsessed  with Mechs he would say yes, but probably not as much as him.

I am not entirely sure what got me into Mechs, was it the fact that they were huge? Pushed 3D graphics in the 90s? They all had lasers and missiles??

I guess I could blame or thank my best friend Lyle, who used to live down the road from me. I use to go over to his house and play all the free Mac game demos on his Power PC laptop. I think they were maclife demos, back when they tried to promote gaming on Macintosh and we played a bunch of differnet games. Like Marathon, Terminal Velocity, and Decent. (90s were the best and the worst years for simulation games)

But we played the Mech Warrior 2 demo at least once or twice, and he asked for the K'nex version of them for christmas.

But from then on I could not help my imagination from trying to figure out these devices. It also did not help that I grew up on network television, and so anytime there was anything different on TV that included sci-fi and other stuff I could not help but watch everything I could.

I am going to skip over Gundams cause I could talk about them all day. As when I was a kid very rarely on vacation my family would have access to cable TV and I would want to watch all of the anime with mechs in it. (So much Gundam Wing than I could shake a stick at)

Mech Warrior 4 was the first game I went out of my way to buy. Simply because the people I hanged out with at my lunch table could not stop talking about it. So I bought a used copy from another friend that was trying to make some extra cash. (So I paid him $20 and got the eddition with all of the expansions, about 2-3 years old then) My parrents owned a pentium 4, which could have playing better games but it was the perfect match as I only had dial up internet. (it was 2006)


I could talk endlessly about how MW4 did the simulation genre justice. As it was like playing a shooter combined with a moba but you never had to pay for different build but only pay a penalty for switching classes and gear later. Just the variety of weapons, weights, utilities, and controls allowed was great. 

I personally customized all of the weapon controls on the number pad, and then put pivot an maximum and minimum speed on the arrow keys. Zero was my fire everything button and then 4 (top left) 5 (center) 6 (top right) 1 (bottom left) 2 (bottom center) 3 (bottom right). This allowed me to take into the actual 3D arrangement of the guns so if I was peaking around corners or not trying to shoot rocks in front of me I could get around waisting ammo or cooldowns. I have to think I had my controls optimized better than any other person I played with, as I was able to maneuver my mech better than most of the people on my team. 

What I did not know at the time, was that Microsoft Studios and FASA studios were pretty much dead at the time and all offical support and updates were going to a smaller company: Mektek.

So I was very excited to find out that they were making a new game: Heavy Gear Assault.

So roughly 4 years ago I pledged 40 dollars to the hope that the game would be made. And I have been invited to the new alpha. I am very excited :) should be getting my key tonight and I hope to be shooting some stomping robots this weekend.

If and just if my PC can handle the UT4 engine...

Well I guess I cannot keep away from this game as much as I should. In a way I have found my addiction to be on the same levels as drug addiction... literally some other day I was reading semptoms of long term drug use and about 90% of all the psycological issues listed I had felt at one point in time.

All hail Korea the winners of video games

After Korea's utter denomination of the fourth season of League of Legends Riot was doing an update. It all started as a simple visual update. But in the pre-game of season 5 all hell has broken through and I really do not know what to think of the current state of the game.

They said they were trying a lot of new ideas... But I had no clue that their new ideas was to return the game to the same style of meta in season 1 and 2. I had though in the wake of season 3 they knew why they had changed the game, but appernetly that was simply an experiment.

The current state of the game is quite chaotic, as now all kill gold goes directly to the killer. (which was a much needed change as it allowed certain all-around characters to Lee Sin...)

So yeah, now characters are allowed to snowball out of control in the worse of way than they use to... its great if you play mobile assasians. (which that is their bread and butter)

That said I was pretty happy with the jungle changes as it now able to have a greater variety of junglers do well, though that said it made the already good junglers even better picks as now they have even more untility in the different smights upgrades they get to choose.

Though I suppose it has been a long time coming that Nautalist should be good again :D

The Dragon change is the most intersting change they have made all season... and I still do not think it is going to help provide more of a variety of team compisitions. Basically the dragon is one of the most tough minions in the game, if your team kills it you get one stack of a buff. (it stacks 5 times)

Which at the 5th stack is more usefull than barron. (the previously most useful minon to change the game)

However this does not help the current state of the game that much because early game composition teams were already heavily favored over late game compositions. Which if anyone paid close attention to worlds this year, a certain team play exclusivly early game champions and completly caught the world off guard.

Welp... I just relized that since people are exclusively playing burst champions I can finnally play and win as Mordekaiser. (He was my main in Season 1)

The anti-burst champion that is pretty fun. The thing is that all of his abilities turn into a temporary sheild for him. So as long as you spam your abilities on creeps there is almost no way for people to get through it. His Ult or R move is pretty fun to as it deals % ability power damage to a tageted champion and dains their health and heals you for a while. If you kill them in the given time limit you get to control their ghost that has the same stats as them and get minir ap and ad buff.

A good ult with basically turn any 5v5 into 4v6.

So I guess I really am starting to enjoy this season after all :D

sorry I use to be a hypster... now I'm crazy :D

Hello again, I just remebered it has been quite some time since I have blogged. I really need to keep up, as it seems there is a lot of new people on this site, WHICH IS WONDERFUL.


Not that old Destructoid was a wonderful place, but it is really neat hearing a bunch new voices too. But either way I am really thankful for all the people that go out of their way to communicate with me. (During and after I was stuck alone in Ohio...) Don't get me wrong there are bunches of cool people to be met there and I sort of think their economy is slightly recovering from the steel industry leaving Cleveland. (Lol) But I was stuck in a hub town called Streetsboro... that basically houses all the people that drive to Cleveland every day.

Literally 5am-10am 3pm-5pm I could not get farther than 2 blocks in 15 minutes. Which would have not been terrible but pretty much all the people my age wanted nothing to do with that town and so I was stuck without a job... waiting for change.

Those cold nights I would sit next to my computer in the small two-room apartment my parents and I shared. I would write Dtoid blogs in hope of communicating with other people than my parents. I love them a lot but when they are your only social group and they basically tell you what to do 50% of the time it is very hard to have fun with them. Especial since we all were pretty depressed after moving there my father lost his job, and was desperately looking for the job he currently holds.

So Dtoid was my only line of communication, and practically the only thing I truly enjoyed. I was still recovering from a life threatening case of sleep apnea. Some how I made it through college though as I think about college now most of it is still a blur. That was the year when I took it upon myself to do a little bit of SJW or Social Justice Warrior work, and defend Chris Carter's review upon the seas of raging fan boys who had yet play the game.

That was fun though I do think I got more than bit carried away. I realized that Destructoid was the community I wanted to invest in. Since I had been using it since 2006 in high school. It was so low key back then the school's firewall did not recognize it as a possible threat like IGN or Gamespot.

But I have always had a big appreciation of the entire community, even the people I do not get along with all the time. It took me till 2008 to make an account and actually post comments and I did more than a few fail blogs... Luckily I deleted those monstrosities, as it was quite un-intelligible thoughts as I was still living with a life threaten case of sleep apnea and did not notice. (If you have a very mellow friend that snores loudly and is tired a lot, demand they get a sleep test ASAP. It can save their life.)

But for a long time I never took pride into the access I had to such a unique community Dtoid had to offer till Hamza Aziz challenged me to write something worthy to be front-paged.

Well, that has not quite happened yet. Though I have gotten really close several times. If I keep hacking at the tree, something is going to fall. Though it does not seem like it is that much work as there is a lot of cool people I get to network with on this site. Like ALPHADEUS that I have been able to connect with some of the film work I have been doing.

Though its just been a lot of fun being a positive force for Dtoid, as I really do enjoy this site and I hope that it will still be a thing when I am older.


Gaming wise I have been climbing up the tiers of League of Legends again.  Which is not much fun, it is possibly the most stressful game I have played. But it is my drug right now, and I really should quit and get back to Darksouls. Darksouls is still very stressful, but for some reason I can enjoy it more than other video games in the last 3 years.

But there is only so long I can take the grinding fear of what is around the corner, its bad when guides say good luck :/

My mom was really kind and bought me a 17" TV so I can use my Wii again :) I cannot wait to actually finish Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s a good game and there are tons of missions and areas to explore. But I cannot get over how much level grinding is required to move on... its almost slower than DQ1 on the NES.  (Which is infamous for being slow and grindy)

But heck I am un-employed and living at home.

When will I ever have more time to do it?

After hearing that there was a new update in NS2 I decided it was worth my time to reinstal the game and play it online.

I was greeted with an interesting server of people with very different backgrounds than my own on the voice chat. Some how the converstation about what kind of cheese to put in a taco that was going to be eaten in the cleavage of one of the female players.

Quality Internet culture right there... But I have heard worse

So joined in and I said that Montry Jack was the best kind of cheese to put in a taco and suddenly I recived two friend invites in my Steam account. One was the lady who will remain nameless and the other was A Gay Raccoon. Soon after that I lost the third wheel and the adventures of Retrofraction and A Gay Raccoon begin.

Less to say if you play NS2 you better hope that you have A Gay Raccoon on your team because I never have met a person that plays quite as good as he does.

Imideatly I knew this was going to be a great relationship as he stared showing up on all of my servers and constantly voice chated with many jokes and brought up the team spirt.

Before I met him I mainly played alone, never really knowing anyone else ont he servers. Which after most of the community was lost in the difficult transition from NS1 to NS2 it was nice to make a new friend. Exspecially a high calliber one that was going to push my play style from that of a noob and into a power house.

I do not know what it is about it but it is always great to have people on your team that know more about the game than you do, let alone willing to educate/walk through commanding to first time commanders... and winning.

To be truthful I did at first decline friendship because I was afriad what other people might think about it if they looked at my firend list and saw that I was friends with A Gay Raccoon. But I figure that anyone that is friendly enough to invite me as a friend I should give them more than one chance and I am soooooooooooooo glad I did as I have been able to enjoy NS2 so much better :D

Suddenly there was a person that would magically show up on the servers I am playing and talk with me in the voice chat. (and was quite hallarious :D)

Like about any game having a few players work together and getting other people to jump out of the woodworks of quiet microphones and join in our banter as we worked together to accomplish goals. Soon I cared less about my K/D ration and about winning the game as a team

Anyway to end this off I wanted to tie in the monthly theme of thankfulness. For A Gay Racoon that befriended me and goes way out of his way to be a nice friend online.

Thanks! :D

Ever since my introduction of the FPS genre I had always been very intrested in how to make such games.

I literally played TimeSplitters 2 and 3 for days upon days using the level editor to remake all the maps from 007 or Perfect Dark I liked

So when I heard that there was a new Arena based FPS game that had an easy to use map editor, I went all in.

For me it is a no brainer that would would want easy level editing in any video game. But the UT3 map editor pretty much killed and hope that PC editors could be more than a devloper's kit. Complicated controls, GUI that makes no senses, bugs that instantly crash the system, and bugs that currupt your files pretty much kept me the hell away from any PC level editor.

Portal 2 was a very interesting thing, because before then most editors forced users to launch a completly different engine in another program and did not allow in-depth level editing within the game. Suddenly I am making tons and tons of puzzels. (a vending machince game in a video game)

But reflexs editor is like a hybred mix between the two

the editor is in game and responds fast as the game would normaly... probably better cause they still have not worked out all the partical effects for optimaization.

I did have to watch a 30-50 minute video on how to use the editor, but unlike the UT3 dev kit... There was no coding envolved or at least it did not feel like coding.

But you really can tell the game is completly devloped around the level editor, for good and bad.

Good: Is that a lot more people are going to be connected with the community, and the community is going to push new better and greater content quickly instead of smallbursts.

Bad: Everything is really basic, how can I make sexy curves without a cruve tool?

I know I am writting this late, but I was looking up triangles and I found this XD

Triangles can get really close to curves... but I find myself resorting to tricks that were used in the 1990s...

So I played 5 hours today and I mainly played the level editor, cause my PC is old and by all means there is no way a net code could be optimized in alpha. Which most of the few online matches were unplayable due to lag, so I went back to the level editor and never looked back.

Building a simple map could take abotu 10-30 minutes. (Something like Warlock from Halo 2)

But I thought it would be a good time to reamake my favorite map from Nexiuz 2012: Strength. Which is a rip from a community map and I still have no clue who orginally made it, but it is an incredible use of 3D space as it is like a giant cube with multiple intertwining paths with windows to jump though.

I probbably could have just made an original map and would have been done, but I kept going between the games to make sure I had the scale accurate and the same feel.

But the level editor makes Track Mania Forever editor look lame (I have yet to pay for that series but I probably should)

So it really filled all the neat little tweaking that I wanted that TimeSplitters 2&3 could not give but without the overly complicated controls of the UT3 map editor.

As for the current state of the game... not too good.

It has all the stuff that makes an Arena shooter. All the guns you would thing there should be, modfiers, transporters, and jumping pads.

But where most games have been trying to inovate from the Quake 3 Unreal Tournoment health styles, squads, guns and controls. This one plays pretty safe, and that is good n many ways.

- Movement is more momentum baised so jumping tricks make you move at insane speeds.
- All of the guns act like you would expect them to.

But since it is in such early alpha it does lack the polish to be expected from a full release title...

But then again it seems only one company is even bothering to do a traditional release in this Quarter. (and its not Epic or ID)

So I am not very afraid of this game being an early access title, because the new UT is going to basically be in alpha for quite some time after it is released. Quake 3 is great and all but Zenimax is never going to pay to make a new multi-player based Quake in fear of it never meeting their standards ( like Prey 2... what am I saying they will try Quake... lets just hope they do not screw it up)

So as of now Reflex and Toxikk are the only two arena shooters I will be playing and enjoing.

Though I do think Reflex will go for more of a minmalistic style of game more geared to competitive play... eventually.

But yeah I would highly recomend this to people that always wanted to build maps and share them. The software is not very demanding and I still can run it higher than 720P on my i3... so almost any computer tower could run it as long as they do not have celleron prossesors.

Go! baby Go! Untill I buy a new one!

Photo Photo

11:59 PM on 10.20.2014

Three weeks ago a truck with tubs of my stuff that I have not seen in four years came, and I have been sorting through it and finding a whole lot of wonderful, nostalgic, and amazing things.

Like more than 50 issues of Sonic the Hedgehog I have been saving for the last 7 years.

Well I had always sort of thought when I told my mother that when I was collecting rare video games it meant that I would be collecting them and never selling them. I just let her think I was going to sell them so she would feel better about all the stuff I had in our storage unit.

Then the economy crashed right before I was able to graduate, and it still is in the worst recession that has ever happened in the USA.

Things are slowly picking up I guess, but between forced health care and mandates for full-time employees make it much harder for employers to justify hearing people on whims.

Less to say my collection has to go if I want to fund myself into a future carrer so I am selling and sold some of the best NES games.

Yep, this was mine

Yep I actually bought a copy of Metal Storm from a Dillon's Grocery Store when their video department. It was in a nice plastic box they made when they proceeded it and was in decent shape. As the sticker says I bought it for $5.95 in 1998.

Fast forward to 2008 and HVGN or Happy Video Game Nerd does a special about this game, frankly I was really excited that someone else knew about this gem of a game. All of the sudden Ebay prices start rising to $30.

And last week I sold my copy for $63.00 on Ebay, which even though it is much lower than full price it is a heck of a lot more than $5.95 and the $30 some local video game stores were trying to buy it for.

Its just really hard at time because I see wonderful articles like Jordan's and it really reminds me that in many ways these games that I have stored away for more than five years are some of the best memories I have had. And dang, it is super hard not getting emotional over certain titles... Like I still find myself trying to justify keeping certain games I have not played in 5-6 years.

but they got to go... if I am going to keep going.

But then there is guilt, guilt that there still are great times to be had with these games.

Like NES Play Action Football.

I am not a sports guy, but my father bought this game for me and we played it almost every Sunday when I grew up. Literally this game even for its age is awesome, you got the play book, injury, and tournament mode. But I guess my favorite part about it was spending time with my father, and it would be all too easy to take this game and my system and plug it in and see if he would like to play another game.

Then there are the game I never beat... Right now I am sitting on copies of some of the best NES games: Double Dragon 2, Metal Gear, Snakes Revenge, and the TMNT trilogy. But I have never beaten them, which bother me and I have no clue why.

But then I get into the selling mind frame, and soon my boxed and complete GBA games start looking like large bills that can help fund my future... but I have to think a boxed copy of Zero Mission is going to go for a lot more later on so I should keep on to it for a while.

Guess the largest problem is even if I amass all the funds I need for the item I want to buy there still is not sure shot that I will be getting a job.

Only a very slight chance...

But I guess that is better than nothing :)

So I guess I will leave you with two questions:

1) What games have you sold and got a ton of money from? (figurative tonnage here pls :))

2) What were the hardest games to let go?