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I play really old video games and enjoy them.

My parents bought an NES and MM6 and Metroid and that is how i got into gaming.

you could say I am a Nintendo fan boy, but I am starting to get off of that train as of recent.

anyway hope you enjoy my blogs, feel free to comment.
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Hello there!

It is I, the self-proclaimed king of blogging, here to provide you with the exquisite knowledge how to find a topic to write a bout and how to yell louder... I mean how to find one's voice.

Finding that needle in my spare 

I believe that everyone is capable of having amazing ideas for blogs. Sometimes the most difficult thing is to find a topic to discuss. Most of the time I tend to focus on things that get me really excited, or really upset:

Turrican (excited)

The popular opinions of Metroid: The Other M (upset)

Sometimes it is really hard to get inspired about a topic to write, but I would let your everyday life try to inspire yourself about the topic. Once I was watching a movie and it gave me a wonderful idea for writing about gaming PR politics. That is a really hard topic to cover because if they do their job right no one even notices. I personally take a Sherlockian approach in developing my topic of my blog.

Looking before you leap:

This is important not only can you look up new and interesting information, but you can search throughout the blogs to see if anyone has already covered the topic that you are considering writing about.
Have you ever been in the room where all the people talk about is the weather?

So if the topic you want to cover has been covered more than once that week or day. It might be a good idea to find a different topic, or read throughout them to see what new ideas you can bring into the active conversations.

I have found it that the more original blogs have more chances of being noticed by readers. It is not that content or the thoughts might be better, but the fact that the topic is different is a fresh breath of air in itself. It is usually best to try to avoid topics that have been covered by other bloggers or journalists.

If you are late to the party and everyone has ate all the cake and is gone, leave and make a better party.

Writing is a lot like
playing an instrument:

It takes a lot of practice to be able to express yourself in the way that you want to. Even then the way you express yourself could be less than satisfactory to the people around you. 

For some people it is really easy for them to express their thoughts and feelings. If you are a robot like me, it is going to take a long time for you to be able to figure out who you want to be. Curse you meat bags!

Are you a bounty hunter with the heart of gold? The villain that is not afraid to say anything? An assassin killer droid that simply wants to kill everything?

Yes, Role playing does not end with video games, books and movies. Role-playing in your writing you can take on a personality that will be irresistible. Take some prompts from D&D and take some time to level up your class. You might end up being a Night-elf Mohawk.

The key is to be a fun and or interesting personality, after all most of people that bother reading the blogs want to have a good time reading them.

Some of my favorite personalities:
Angry Video game nerd - personality that loves to hates on bad game desgin
Happy video game nerd - personality that loves under appreciated game design
Classic game room - a guy who loves SHMUPS, beer and classic arcade video games
Alphaomegasin - A guy who loves metal music and video games

Granted those were all videos, but I rather show something visual than write a lot. Hopefully this helps people get new ideas and a voice in their writing.

Now go, you King you!

Hello, it is me, your King of Blogging.

So far I have covered using the blogging system, and titles. ( If you have not read those, I demand that you look at them soon!)

I have come to provide you with even more interesting tid bits of information that will allow you to conquer the internet like the leviathan that you are. So lets get to the steak of what your blogs are and get right to one of the most important elements in your blog.


Is the state of being important, well0known, or noticeable. If no one knows what/who you are talking about, the odds of them taking the time to read your entire blog posting is going to drop faster than a meteor hitting Russia.

There are a couple ways to add prominence to your blog posts:

Identify and connect an experience/concept
that everyone is familiar with:

Pretty good example of this is one of the recently promoted blogs: A love letter to Cacodemons, Carmack, and Doom. With Doom's 20th anniversary passing there was a lot of blog postings about people simply sharing their stories about Doom. But stood out due to many factors, but one of the most important ones was that the author connected Doom with their experience of playing something was forbidden

No one has had to played Doom to understand that universal theme of forbidden fruit. This connection is smart too because it also left room for other people to talk about experiences that were also forbidden.

Talk about famous games or people:

Most people think this is pretty straight forward. But it is a bit more complicated than that as you need have an in-depth experience with the game/person you are talking about.

There are too many people out there today that say small fluffy statements: This game is my favorite game. <---- This sentence ends at the most interesting part.

The fact that people are even on a C-blog is that they want to hear your bias opinion on the games/people. So do not be afraid to state what you feel. After all anyone can name-drop, but it takes skill connect it to the core topic of your blog and actually make it mean something.


I have been following Destructoid since 2007, Jonathan Holmes is one of many reasons that Destructoid is still here. He is a a beast among men, as he goes straight to the source and interviews the people he wants to talk about. One of my favorite series he has done besides his Holmes show is "Talking to Women About Video Games". Where he literally goes around places and ask random women about video games.

How do you get these type of interviews? Ask.

You would be surprised how willing people are to answer question and talk about themselves through email or even Skype. Make sure to be respectful, they are going out of their way to answer your questions.

So do not be a jerk. Show them the quotes you are going to use, show them the video before you post it. That way they get proper representation and respect.

You need to get written permission from anyone that you interview, you might want to google for a "Interview permission form" or "talent release form". Cause feeling can change over time and it might save you from getting sued...

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to bring more prominence to you blogs.

Now go claim you land!

You king you!

Hello loyal readers:

It is I, The King of the Blogging, here again to help you get schooled in magnificent art of blog writing. If you have not read part one, I demand that you read it. (But really, the content of a blog is only as good as its skeleton.) I got some really good feedback from the last blog about writing about content. So I figure I would give out some of the stuff I have learned from all the journalism classes. 

One shot, its your title:

I do not have to point out how many more cool and interesting things there are on the internet, but you really only get about one chance to get a reader's attention on Destructoid. There are very few people that manage to click the "community button" and if you ever had any hope of getting to the front page you need to attract the few that do.

The Title of your blog is one sentence to make your blog

 Pop Out 

of the rest of the blogs on Destrutoid.

Write a statement that engages/rules your readers mind:

Analogies, humor, and raw truths are really good ways to engage the minds of your readers. I could have easily named this blog series: How to blog well on Destructoid. But the word "well" or "good" are fluffy statements that are over used. You got to dig deep and search for colorful imagery that engages the reader from passively looking over your blog.

The reason why I used king is because it is a a universal symbol of authority. Plus it also makes me look more macho and fun. It is a bold statement, and it really demands attention as people have to look at the blog to see if I really know what I am talking about. 

Make it short and simple:

Here is a great example:
"Real men play Gradius"
This title is short, but the statement starts to get you to think about: "Who are real men?", "Why are they real men?", and "What is Gradius?."

There really is no need to have long and elaborate title, considering that most people will skip it if they do not have the will power to spend extra time reading it.

There are plenty of great examples of good titles in:
The Promoted blog list - Every C-blog that has ever been shown on the from page of Destructoid is there. So you might as well learn from them.
The Golden Archives - list of ever Destrutoid articles to ever get a huge numbers of likes or cultural importance.


Hopefully, this will help people in developing amazing titles to grab attention and go head to head with the mightiest of bloggers for attention.

Go claim your land you king you!


I am the king of blogging, the fact that you have never herd of me with that title before is a simple formality that will be quickly fixed once I will show you my pownage of the Destructiod blog system.

How did I become the master of my domain?

I learned how to code in HTML 1. Which, lead to my understanding of the current blogging system used by Destructoid.

Muhahaha that's right that, only a matter of 30 minutes of training separates me from you peasants. Not that you are peasants, but I have seen plenty of blogs that are a huge wall of text that is all the same size.

Instead of being a ruthless dictator jerk... that I am. I am going to give you the tips and tricks I have learned to conquer the Destructoid blog system. So you too can blog like a king!

The toolbar is your friend for Style and Media

Not only can you change the style of your text, but there are buttons for; Hyperlinks, pictures, videos, and all sorts of stuff. All you need to do is put your mouse over the buttons and let the pop-up message tell you what each button does. (if you are advanced with coding skills there are options for you to do fancy formatting/content for your blog)

View source Button, is the key to everything!!!

When I first started blogging at Destructoid, I wrote amazing blogs that would make William Shakespeare and pretty much every literary master of the modern age weep at the amazing, deep, unique thoughts I had about video games. ( This is meant to be taken satirically )

However, even with all of my powers, I was unable to make my heading: My heading

Destructoid use to have blogging systems biased off of HTML, but there was simply to many people that would rather not spend the time learning it we now have the current system...

Not that it is functional, but it seems unfinished. It tries to do a more user friendly version of HTML, but it is really buggy and there is not an easy list of commands and how to use them. (If you are the person in charge of the editor please list out all of the commands and how to use them, or switch it back to HTML form of editing)

What first brought this up to my attention is that when I used the "Font Size tool" and selected "7" which looks huge in the editor, when I previewed my blog my text was suddenly 7px or pixels tall.

In order to fix this you need to click the "View Source"

I have yet to get the underline, lists, and horizontal line tool to work, literally spent hours in "View Source" trying to get it to work. It has came down to the fact that the blogging system will not accept its own underline commands...

If it was HTML it would have been <u>Text</u>

Sometimes the blog editor gets angry

Sometimes commands do not stick to the text or objects you are applying to them, so you have to wrestle the bear. Sometimes the bear wins, and once in a while the bear is asleep and you have flawless victory. But usually the system kicks your butt in round two.. when you actually post your topic. But I have learned a few things.

If your commands are wrong the system will make it painfully obvious

If you go back to fix your problems usually the system has taken the liberty to add more or combine things that were not connected.

Some commands do not work because they were programed in this pseudo HTML and the actual commands are broken in the system...


Hopefully, this helps some new people learn to trouble shoot the system, and hopefully gets attention to the overhaul the blogging system needs.

Now go claim your land you king you!

Photo Photo

I guess everyone would like to believe that they cannot be easily manipulated. As one of those "active" Operation Rainfall members, I am one of those people.

Ushally when I think of being out-played; I think of fighting games, Top-lane, and SHMUPS. But I guess I have always been underestimating the intelligence and skills of Nintendo USA and JP when it comes to doing business. Considering how the practically re-built the home video game consoles market in the 1980s, I have been doing so for quite a long time.

I guess I have always assumed that they were less smart than Sony and Mircosoft, because of a few blunders that have happened over a few generations. Perhaps, that is the kind of nieve image they want to give of to their competitors. Cause it was only now after watching Matt Damon in "The Promised Land" did I realize how deep of mind games companies will go into, to turn angery raging fan boys into $$$ and loyal consumers.

But I guess I have only skimmed the edge of the outer layers of Nintnedo markting strategies. It is quite amazing all they accomplished through this "blunder."

So for a quick recap, the Wii library in 2011 was lacking JRPGs and other quality titles. While there were plenty of great titles out Nintendo was clearly cutting back the amount for the release of the 3DS. Some fans were upset that there were games hitting Japan's shelves that were not making it to the USA or Europe. So a bunch of people were not very happy about it. Especially since Nintendo failed to localize Fatal Frame 4, which was written and directed by Suda 51.

So in quite possibly the best marketing move in the last generation, Nintendo all out said they would not be localizing any of the games the fans wanted.

At the time I was freaking out, I could not understand why Nintendo would shut down their fans. Which brought me, to rage and the best kind of rage anyone selling an item could possibly want.

So I will admit, I got played. I got played really hard. 

I really do not know who the person responsible to make that call was. But they obviously are PR/Marketing genius. Not only did they make Nintnedo pop-up on the front page of every gaming website, but they managed to get every JRPG Nintendo fan come out from the woodworks and post raging comments about how they "really" wanted this game to come out.

But then they had to add another layer into the rage:

They started having Reggie from Nintendo of North America tweet what he felt about the games, and how he too wanted them to come to the USA but there was "no demand." What that did is focus the rage even harder. It funneled the rage into more comments about how their is demand and less comments about how people hate the company.

I really have no clue how many teams of people in their marketing division to come up with those two moves, but they were really effective. 

In two swift moves Nintnedo has full control of the situation...

But that was not enough, after all people can only rage for about 3-4 weeks on a single comment. So Nintnedo would periodically post on twitter that there was "no plan" to localize the games. They kept that up for a long time, so that if there were any fans out there that had not herd about the "controversy" did... Eventually just literally riled their fans enough to start a mailing campaign.

Literally Nintendo strategically increased the rage their fans so that they would want to do a mailing campaign, that stuff had been literally un-herd of since NBC threatened to cancel Star Trek in the 1960s. Soon this seemingly small problem had become national attention. It was really well organized. I am sure it will be quite some time before an event like this will ever happen again. Once again I am amazed that Nintendo mannaged to pull it off without too much backlash. Because, I know that while the fans were raging Nintendo was already recording vocies for the Europe version of Xenoblade.

Then Nintendo used the Europe version release to bring more rage and relevancy to the movement to write Nintnedo letters, comment on their pages, and constantly bring their name to the top of every video game story in the nation.

Since my father is an Industrial engineer, I know that collecting data is very important thing for companies to estimate sales and growth. But what I find so smart about Nintendo, is that they used this situation to control irrational people to give them data/information that they would have bothered to do so otherwise. I know all the comments/letters were read, analyzed, counted for potential sales.

Not only did they manage create huge demand for the game, they got free marketing, free data on what sales may be, insured that people would buy the game new, and make fans so stir-crazy for this single game that they gave it great reveiws. ( It was a great game, but 10s... come on)

So for as much as people give Reggie Fils-Aime hate, I have nothing but respect for him and Nintendo. They literally out played a large majority of Nintendo community, and still look great as they "managed" to work a deal with Gamestop "to get the game here." As for the other games, I am sure Xseed paid Nintendo handsomely to get publishing rights in such a demanding market.

I still respect and like Nintendo products, but this was a really eye opening moment of clarity that showed how much I got powned in the business world. I pre-ordered the game and picked it up the first day, I though I was showing Nintendo who was boss, but in all reality they had me exsactly where they wanted me...

Well played Nintendo, well played.

So tonight I was plesantly surprised to see that Legend of Dungeon had been updated. 

The devloper Robot Loves Kitty has updated Legend of Dungeon to commemorate their one year anniversary. Most importantly they have included 3 new game modes.

-Daily Dungeon, Impossible mode, Seed mode

I personally have had the blast playing LOD a lot over the last year through an impulse buy from reading about it... here on Destructoid. While the combat is a little hard to master, this game really brings nice and simple arcade action into your computer.

I am really excited about the Daily Dungeon as I had a blast watching "The Daily Spelunk" With Jordan Devore and Conrad Zimmerman. Hopefully someone from Dtoid will jump on this to make another daily show... wink wink

I am starting to fall in love with daily challanges in Rouge-Alike games, as it creates a unique event in time for everyone to compete against each other. More importantly there are leader boards that reset every day, so you can actually have hopes of making a high score on the online boards. Anyway it is a pretty fun game, you can always check out Destructoids reveiw here.  (May the party never stop)