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RetroSoldier's blog

12:34 PM on 09.22.2010

Its been such a long time, I think I should start ranting... again.

Having finally decided to get a life, I fell out of the Dtoid blogs for a while. Well and also I ran out of things to say. It doesn't take long for I am not very interesting. Anywho, I return for now to write a blog about something new I have to say, yipee.

Here be it:

While browsing the usual video game sites to look for interesting news, I came across an article about Mass Effect 2's new downloadable content. The article was rather upsetting, since I believed it was a jackass move on Bioware's part. The content was the new Lair of the Shadow Broken mission, where you help Liara(a hot alien chick for those of you who don't know) find and take out the Shadow Broker.

I was happy and angry, excited and mother flippin upset. The Shadow Broker had been mentioned in both games, and he was mentioned as being a big deal. The man creature thingy has a lot to do with the crap going on in the Mass Effect Universe. So this is likely going to be awesome DLC. Let me get to the point though, it is a very big deal. So the fact that I have to pay extra money to get something that is a part of the games main plot, is rather ridiculous.

Buying DLC for any game has never crossed my mind until now. It is just extra stuff that doesn't really matter but offers you more. I have never spent Microsoft points on extra content, well not including songs for Rockband. Nor have a ever felt the need or like it mattered. Not until now, and I ain't happy about it.

So I did buy the new Mass Effect DLC and played through it, and it made me even more unhappy because of how great it is! Its epic hugeness is something no Mass Effect player should have to miss, so they shouldn't have to pay extra for it!

I would call it a clever yet evil business decision on Bioware's part. They make more money off of something Mass Effect fans feel compelled to buy because of its importance. Fuck, they got my money and I never planed on buying DLC for Mass Effect.

In conclusion... Fuck.   read

4:39 PM on 07.15.2010

Red Dead Redemption Review


Red Dead Redemption has to be one of the most badass games I have ever played. It wowed me with it's "oh my god" moments time and time again. From when I got my newly beautifull horse stolen, to when I got mauled by a cougar, and to when I got a buffalo rifle and was confused as to why racoons would dissapear after I shoot them. It is a buffalo rifle, what the fuck was I expecting?

I have to say, I really enjoyed this games story, it really felt meaningfull. It wasn't slapped on just to give you a reason to shoot something. It felt right, and it felt good. Grand Theft Auto in the Old West, except, it was way better then any GTA game I've played. I've always wanted to play a game set in the Old West, and this game executes the setting perfectly.

This game may be for a mature audience, but I think it is more then just being at the right age to play. It ain't one of those games where you should keep the kiddies away from solely because of it's violence. Its a game to keep away from the kiddies, cause it is highly unlikely they would take enjoyment or understanding from the story itself. Marston, the main character, deals with some pretty heavy shit afterall. You spend most of the game being tugged around by assholes who want your help, but don't like returning favors. You can't blame Marston for being a very jaded man, for the shit he says is the pathetic truth that is still the reality of today. With guns and money, there will be no freedom. The most sad, but true thing any man will ever say.

Moving on to the gameplay itself, the part of the game that will make you smile. You may have no choice on what to say during charater interactions through cutscenes, you can still choose to be what you want otherwise. You can be an outlaw, or a lawman through your actions. You can rob people, even rob banks apparently, but the outlaw side of the spectrum was one I did not tread on. I tried, but for some odd reason, unlike in Mass Effect and Fallout 3, I just didn't feel good being bad. I gave the ladies rides to town, I helped the guys get their carts back, and I didn't kill no man if I didn't have to. I was the lasso type of man, a real good guy. I enjoyed it, but I wonder what the other side is like? I guess I will find out when I decide to give the game an other trip through.

As you help or hurt people, you gain a reputation based off that. And you gain fame aswell, no mater your choices. The more you do, the more people will reconize you, and ask for help. If you are a good guy, people will even give you gifts. Or if it is a lady of the church, you'll be asked for donations, and so forth. I did find it pretty cool when everyone on the street would start saying "Hey, its that Marston, how ya doin!", or other things of the sort. Being good, felt rather good.

Red Dead gives you a large amount of things to do, non story related. There are mini games to be played for money, like poker, blackjack, some five finger fillet, and a few others. My personal favorite being Liars Dice, I rock at the game, boy is that shit a whole lotta fun! You can also partake in a few jobs, like nightwatch and horse breaking.

My favorite side missions are what are called Challenges. It is an assortment of little things to do that test you on just how good you are at this game. It involves doing something in particular with your gun, killing a certain amount of animals and skinning them, and even picking flowers, isn't Marston just such a lovely sweethear? The one I found coolest of all though, was the treasure hunter challenges. You get a map, and by using the power of your brain, you must locate the treasure. That was alot of fun, and it was kinda sad once I found them all. I wanted it to go forever.

Like in many games, you can outfit Marston with different styles, but you have to earn it. In total, there is 15 outfits, which you acquire by completing certain tasks in game. I really enjoyed this too, although I never ending up changing his clothes, I just really liked his normal outfit. However, you can't ignore the awesomeness that is dress up the ugly bounty hunter.

In all this greatness, there is still faults, and it mostly came with the horsey controls for me. It was frustrating at first, and it made me angry. But, eventually I came across that "hallelujah" moment and got it down. I over all did well with the controls for Marston himself, but the cover system felt a little clumsy. I would try to break away from a rock, but would just end up running a circle around it and getting shoot to death... Yeah, burn. The game's duel system is what really got me(Yes, duel system, old western style exactly how you picture it, very awesome). The explaination on how the controls work went by a little to fast. I only caught half of it, and it ended up making no sense. I obviously understood it enough though, cause I never lost. However, after each duel, I would stare at the TV with amazement, thinking, how the fuck did I do that?

The game is overall a masterpiece when it comes to looks. Standing on the egde of a cliff, overlooking a lake, and seeing the far off horizon, is remarkable. I would stand on cliffs looking onward for minutes at a time, just enjoying the incredible look of this game. It really captures the look of the West, far better then I could ever imagine. But the feel, was also captured amazingly. Charaters at times are somewhat cliched, but within reason based off the setting. Voice acting is great, but that was no suprise from Rockstar. That goes along with the charater animations, which looked very natural, especially the running in cowboy boots. There is not a doubt in my mind it would look that ridiculous, and that is no joke.

Something that really caught my attention was the animals in this game. There is a large vareity of different varmin, and there existence can be more threatening to you then any man. Nothing says "Old West" like being jumped by two cougars.... or three bears.... or seven wolves. The animal population is high, as it would be, and offers hysterical results. Don't shoot one bear expecting you're out of the ball park. They'll come at you, at come at you, and come at you, and then you'll be out of bullets. And don't be suprised to be ravaged by a wild boar while you are trying to protect yourself from those growling grizzlies.

A few last notes on this game before I wrap it up. I did have some technical issues with the game. More then once it chugged so badly, I had to turn of my 360. I know there is a lot loaded at once in this game, but it is still unexceptable. If you so choose to go for 100% in this game, it will take you some time. It is a long lived game, with a lot going on in the world. This is a must play for any gamer. It sets the bar for anyone looking to make a western game, and it sets it really high. I enjoyed this game to the fullest, and I can tell you, it won't be very long before I get the uncontrolable urge to play it again.

fuck you   read

3:35 PM on 07.09.2010

Violence in Video Games

Yes, I have a thing or two to say about violence in video games. But it might not be what you think. I'm not against pointless violence, for it can be fun. Nor am I against an unrealistic (or realistic at that) amount of violence. It is all in good fun, and as my brother would always say, "Its better I beat the shit of Donkey Kong with Link then go to the zoo and do it in person.". Well, thats not even close to what he said, but it would be funny if he had.

Violence in video games never influenced my life negatively. My brothers and I were horrific violent holligans without them. None of our real life violece was fueled by cartoon violence. Anyways, I'm not gonna get into that whole debate about liking D&D makes you a devil worshiper or playing video games makes you uncontrollably violent. I'm here to put to rest that Nintendo games, mostly Mario, are childish.

So, if you were asked who are some of the most violent video game characters, you might respond with Kratos or Marcus. Now, these are some terribly violent men, especially Kratos. There is no levity in that mans situation, and there sure as hell is a lot of blood. Now I've never played a God of War game, but I know enough about it to understand how brutal it is. However, I can name a Nintendo character waaay more brutal. He burns, freezes, crushes, slices, tosses, and cooks his enemeis. Yes I said cook, as in throws them in a pot of boiling water and adds a dash of salt and pepper. He'll shoot lazers at your face, and scream so loud your entire body explodes. And last, but most horrific of all, he'll swallow your entire body in one gulp.

oh my fucking god

He is the cutest Nintendo character of all. Kirby. The thing that makes Kirby extremely horrible is the fact he does it all with a smile. He doesn't even stop to think about the shit he is doing. It is that cute, happy, smiley, and cheerful way he goes about his life that makes him far more desturbing then Kratos ever will be. He has to be one of the most awful of awful. When he comes to town, you are fucked.

Mario frankly is no better. He also has the shock and awe factor that a man like Marcus couldn't top. Oh yeah Marcus, so you chainsaw guys in half? Big fucking deal, watch me crush this guy to death with my own weight. It has to be one of the worst ways to die. It makes me cringe thinking about that awfullness.

Marcus is the kind of stand up guy who never leaves a man behind. It is a admirable quality, and a great one at that. However, Mario is better then that. He will do anything to save that princes, even if it means killing his own trusty sidekick over, and over, and over again. If he needs that extra boost on his jump, he'll leave you in midair, falling to your death. Who the fuck knows how far down that is, but it'll fucking hurt when you get there.

he is not a team player, he just wants to go get laid, and you'll be the one to die for it

So you can throw the idea that Nintendo games are childish, out the window. Because the charaters in these games were doing some of the most awful, violent things before the rest of the badasses.   read

11:40 AM on 07.01.2010

E3 continued: 3DS

I remember first hearing about this squeaky bastard not to long ago. I was on that gaming new site N4G, sifting through all the comments of people opinions. Simply put, everyone sounded either angry, or annoyed. There was a lot of "wtf is this shit Nintendo, you gave us the Wii, now this?". But hey, haters gonna hate right, even though there is no reason to judge something you know nothing about.

So the 3DS, I wish I had a lot to say about, but I have not personally experienced the machine hands on. The idea of this briliant 3D without glasses handheld, sounds wonderfull, but until I see it, it isn't yet wonderfull. However, I have seen videos of people seeing the 3DS for the first time, and suffice to say, jaws were on the floor. It was a video of speechless people, and the people who were talking were stuttering as they did so. It is easy enough to say, it is prolly amazing. But, it still saddens me that I won't know its greatness till I buy the damn thing.

The thing about showing the 3DS off at E3, is that it is not really showing us much. Well, those of us who saw live streaming footage at least. We sit looking at our computers as Nintendo's CEO shows off something we can't see. What we get instead is a cute trailer featuring some Nintendo big wigs, and a list of third party companies making games on this thing. Oh yeah, and a trailer for Kid Icarus. But I guess you can't complain, theres just no proper way to convey what the system can do without holding it in your hands. Which I find really interesting. Usually video game developers can at least show you what they're product can do. But in this case, all they could do was tell us. All this does for me, is well, make me twice as excited to buy a 3DS.

It moves from 3D to 2D seemlessly, it can take 3D pictures, and already has a list of games longer then your shlong. Interestingly enough, most of these games are ports from other systems. But I guess there is nothing wrong with reliving great games in a new format. I was just hoping to see a new Metal Gear game, and not a port of an old one, or more then just a ported Zelda game. However, playing those games in 3D still sounds amazing.

I am looking forward to getting my hand on the 3DS, the depth it can give us with games will be amazing. 3D is the future of gaming, but I think Nintendo is the only one who has it right... Which makes you think, if Nintendo has the technoligy to give a 3D with no glasses, what else could they have waiting in the wings for the next few years? I bet they are already beyond 3D with glasses, they are just gonna hold out on us till we ask for something more.

It was obvious all along, this was just the begining   read

12:37 PM on 06.30.2010

Random drawings(includes cute dead bunnies)and video game related!

Here it is, although it is the aftermath of a bunny killing, and not a current bunny killing spree.

I have yet to decide the fate of this cute couple. They could be evil, or maybe theyre just cute, too.

Not even sure what the fuck this is suppose to be. But I like it!

Just a different take on Pikachu. Sorry about the somewhat bluriness it seems to have.

So this is what a water type version of Ponyta would look like... I can't think of a clever name for the girl, maybe some help?

Thanks for taking a very short amount of time in your life to look at me random non-sense. But I just thought of something, I like drawing, I would like to do it more often. But sometimes I just get well, drawers block, can we say? So if anyone around here has a suggestion of something I can draw for them, go for it. Tell me what, and I'll put my cute take on it.   read

3:23 PM on 06.29.2010

E3 continued:Intendo

There has been a larger delay then I thought, between writing this blog, and the last one about Microsoft, then I would have liked. But you know, those weekend destractions. Roleplaying with the guys(finally, we rarely play, excuse giving, mother fuckers), reading a Stephen King book I am really fucking into, trying to complete RDR 100%, and drawing cute guys killing cuter bunnies. But now finally, the moment you may not even care about, my thoughts on Nintendo's E3 press conference.

Lets just start with the awesome new Zelda title. The gameplay would have looked great, if technical issues weren't so frigin' huge. It was sad to see, however, apparently, it was way better on the show floor. The games demo presented no technical difficulties, which is great to hear.

Now, in all honesty, I can't say much about the new Zelda game. I have yet to decide if it is actually good or not. Simple fact is, it is way to early to decide anything about that game. So far, the game seems really cool, but it hasn't showed me much of anything special. Yes it is a motion control Zelda game that imitates your movements exactly, but that is not my main concern. We were told this Zelda would break the typical Zelda formula. You know, the overworlding a little, then dungeoning a lot, and repeat. But, as obvious, the E3 showing revealed nothing about this. Or anything of the story at that. I will admit, Zelda blew my mind, but I want it to be blasted, and I hope in the near future, it'll do so.

Okay, so here after that came an assembly of great, well mostly. I don't believe that Wii Party is a "brigde" game, I've never played the mother fucker so I don't know. The idea of having games which take non-gamers, deeper into a more typical gaming experience, is a very nice one though. I'm just not sure Wii Party is one of those games.

Onward, there was Just Dance 2. Which I don't care about really. Dancing video games have never had much appeal to me. Also we got a trailer for the new Goldeneye game, or rather remake of Goldeneye. I can't say I care, replacing Brosnan with the new guy I'm not a fan of. At that, I don't see the point in remaking a game like Goldeneye, it was good the way it was you bastards. Anywho next, Mario Sports Mix, it failed to give me goosebumps, so I know my mind is neutral on the subject. However, if the game uses Wii Motion plus, which I'm not sure of, it is very likely I'll buy the bastard. There is a chance that Mario Sports Mix can be fun. Heres hoping its nothing like Mario and Sonic and the Olympic games... I blame Sonic for those failures.

We got to see more gameplay footage of Metroid Other M, which is still looking beyond fantastic. The fact that it is hiting the stores August 31st, made me squeal like a school girl. Donkey Kong Country Returns, looks fun, and brings back that nostalga, however, will it still be fresh and innovative enough for me to actually buy it? I like new spins on old franchises, Nintendo is great at that. But so far, I haven't seen enough, new spin, on ol' DK, to care that much. But lets not doubt the fact, I still buy the game... Curse you Nintendo.

So the game that made me wet myself was undoubtly Kibry's Epic Yarn. Now that is what I call a new spin on something old. Its not just the way the game looks, which its charmingly fantastic by the way, it is the way it plays. I haven't gotten my hands on the bitch, but I can assure anyone, this isn't your Nightmare in Dreamland or Amazing Mirror. This is a beast never seen before. This is a beast, that'll rock your socks.

We did get to see a few DS titles aswell. Now I can't say I cared that much, because sadly, I never played the first Golden Sun game. I had only heard about its greatness at the time, and was unable to afford it along with other games I cared about. Don't hate me world, for I already hate myself.

The last game I care to mention, or can remember at that, is Mickey's something or other(Epic Mickey actually). I've only read a few things about people's opinion of this thing, and all I saw were dazziling insults. For me, however, I am somewhat intrigued by this game. Interested at that. You effect the world and characters around you by either creating, or destroying. To me, I believe, there is possible potential in this title. But since it is Disney, who knows what the fuck it really all means. I do believe they only exist to take our money and hand us crap.

So for today, I'm actaully done, this blog is gonna be to long, and I fear of boring people. I'll write about that 3DS, which I'm in love with, sometime some.... Hopefully.   read

2:46 PM on 06.25.2010

A pointless rant.

Now, I wasn't going to do this, that is why I have held it off. However, I realized I've been having the same thoughts circle in my head for the last week or so. It hit me, I have a blog mother fucker! There is a chance someone will see this, and actually care. Altough I believe chances are rather low, but whatever. Anyways, the point, I don't need to keep video game related thoughts to myself.

So here it is, my thoughts on E3, or at least the big wigs(Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony), press conferences.

I'm gonna start with the lovely Xbox360, a console which I gladly own. I found their conference rather lackluster, not because I hate Kinect, but because the only thing I find slightly interesting on it is a game involving dangerous baby animals that would eat you if given the chance. I personally, believe the Kinect is full of awesome potential, but really no more then Nintendo's potential that started back oh so many years ago. All it is is controlerless motion control, which seemed awesome at first, but then I thought about it.

I believe no controler takes away the possible appeal it could have to the rest of us gamers. The ones who don't find silly mini-game collections appealing 24-7. I mean, they can be fun, but not all the time. It brings up the odd idea of, weilding a sword, driving a car, using a gun, with nothing. Simply pretending I'm holding it, nothing is actually there. And what about driving a car, how the hell do I use the gas and break?! Now I believe this makes it easier for people who aren't into video games, to get into them. You know, those people who buy an Xbox as a media center and plays no games on it(yeah fucking right -.-).
They can now easily get into video games, cause they will buy Kinect so they can yell at it to play their music and movies. Which, don't get me wrong, sounds fucking cool. Anyways, Kinect removes the intimadating things know as a controller. I do believe this is true, that some people simply won't play games becuase of the controller. Having to press certain buttons to make a character on screen do certain things can seem challenging and scary. I'm not being sarcastic.

I'm honestly not sure how Microsoft plans on selling these. Because I don't believe people just own an Xbox360 as a media center, I believe Xbox owners use it mostly for video games. I believe those owners won't find much appeal in Kinect. Since it has no huge, non-minigame, title on it. Gamers who are all for motion control and only play Wii Sports and those other related titles, own a Wii. They are not gonna pay out for a 360 and the rather high price point Kinect. I'm sure there are 360 owners who are already on the boat and ready to pre-order there Kinect. I would too, if it wasn't 150 bucks. But how they plan on selling beyond that, I'm not really sure. I'm asuming it won't sell much, cause I don't understand how it would sell a lot.

So I found little to nothing impressive with the games they showed. No doubt I'm looking forward to the new Call of Duty, and Gears of War 3, but they didn't blow my mind away, and I've already played them. Give me something new, or at least, a twist on something old. You know, like Nintendo is good at.

What I did find impressive, was the new slimmer and sexier 360. Oh, I want one, I want it bad. It has a bad ass hard drive, nice and quite, and as pretty as a PS3. It is a mans machine, so how they plan on selling it to any family is beyond me. Microsoft is trying hard to be family friendly, and thier trying to get their system out there. And I believe it'll fail, cause we already have the godamn Wii!

And I'll talk about Intendo's conference tomorrow so I can keep these blogs short and don't bore your fucking pants off.   read

11:55 AM on 05.31.2010

Reinforce your stereotype today!

I bet you are wondering, "well how, how can I reinforce my stereotype today?". Well my friend, its very easy to do so. Simply post a blog about how the world discriminates against you because you're different. Yes, be it about the fact you are a woman who likes sports, or a man who likes fashion designing, I guarantee that you can find some reason for people to treat you differently. However, in doing so, you must ignore the real world and how it works. Or if you do want to feel discrimintaed in the real world, just be an asshole to everyone.

However, its easier on the internet. Why you may ask? Well its because of the internet hate machine. People who will insult about anything, because they know how weak you are. They know it'll hurt you, and they know you'll make a big deal about it. Poeple who are on their computers all day and don't actually get out. These people just don't come up as often in real life situations, cause they never leave thier house. Or maybe they do get out and are just nice in public. The majority of people in the real world are actually good and don't believe in pointless discrimination. If you don't agree with this, you are likely the asshole friend no one likes.

So reinforce your stereotype by constantly pointing out there is a steroetype against you. We know why you do it, you self conscious attention whore. Be different and think you are better then the rest of us. Hate males for being stupid, hate females for being stupid, even though thats far from the truth. Its easy to do, and you'll love it too!   read

11:45 AM on 05.18.2010

A game to remember.

We all have them. Prolly a bunch of them. You know, that game you played ten years ago and either still play it today, or wish you could play it right now. Thats one of the things I find is great about the VC. But this isn't about that. Because some games I love, are not on the VC yet. One day, I hope they are.

I'll start with my NES. It has four games on it that I often think about to this day. SMB3, Lolo, Duck Hunt, and Kirby's Adventure. Kirby had to be my favorite game for the NES, I played the crap out of it. If I recall correctly, I beat that game at least fifteen times. Then my mom sold it in a yard sale, and I cried. I have since still been an avid Kirby fan and can't wait for the new Kirby game on a console and not a handheld... Fina-fucking-ly.
Most memorable boss ever.

On my SNES, well Super Mario World was where it was at... Until Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island came out. This has to be, hands down, one of the greatest games ever created in the history of time. Yes, I am serious, and yes it was that good. And yes, A Link to the Past was very good too. And no, I never got the chance to play Super Metroid... Yes, I pity myself for this.


Oh, and my great N64. As great as Goldeneye is, Jet Force Gemini, and the almighty Ocarina of Time are, games I love dearly and will never forget... They don't top Harvest Moon 64. The first Harvest Moon game I played, and simply the greatest. I beg Nintendo to bring this to VC, I really miss it, and I would love to play it again. I would still have this game and my N64 if my brother didn't sell it to his friend. Yes, my game, my 64. But my brothers are aholes, thats just reality.

My bombshell of a wife *whistles*

Luckily, I got my Gamcube and games out of my parents house before my brothers could sell it. So I still have my good ol' GC and games. Well, no doubt the two first Metroid Prime games are solid standouts here. Resident Evil 4, a downright amazing game, and glad I finally bought after years of it being out. Chibi Robo and Pikmin 2 were such heart warming and special games, I will remember years to come. Lastly is prolly Time Spliters Future Perfect. The funiest shoot em up I have ever played, next to Gears of War... Which is not trying to be funny.

Take me seriously, I dare ye.

I think I know what I'll remember ten years from now on my 360 and Wii. But thats for an other time.   read

12:36 PM on 05.17.2010

One who is all.

I stood from the highest building,
and killed the highest of the corrupt.
I waited in the darkness atop a gargoyle,
and trapped the evil souls that waited beneath.
I layed on the ground with a gun in my hand,
and a twitch in my heart.
I fought for a land that wasn't mine,
and all for a Burger Time.
I kicked the wicked Nazi's in the teeth,
and killed with a bayonet at the end of my gun.
I raised up against an evil blight,
and made the ultimate sacrifice.
I put fear in the world,
and became the greatest monster.
I threw away my humanity,
and became the greatest sinner.
I held the line for my kind,
and destroyed thiers.
I watched what I fought for fail,
and clenched my teeth with a grin.
I pushed my way through crime,
and did what I thought was right.
I put a pistol in each hand,
and fought off a new plague.
I explored the far reaches of space,
and stopped an unbeatable evil.
I was insulted for trying to save my kind,
and still decided to put my life on the line.
I drove a beautilful Viper,
and left everything else in the dust.
I ran on the walls of magical places,
and cleansed the evil from within them.
I treked under the hot African sun,
and ended the insane in a volcano.
I drew my sword like a samurai,
and colapsed all those ahead.   read

1:32 PM on 05.16.2010

A little heartfelt.

We all have something we expect to be there at the worst of times. Something that we depend on and know it'll never abandon us. Your mother or your father. Your dog Scruffy or your brother Jimmy. Your stuffed bear Teddy, or your little note book. Maybe you don't, if so, good for you champ.

For me, its always been video games. I gained a tendency to never trust anyone, and if someone was angry, chances are I get the shit kicked out of me. So began me relying so heavily on some fictional character to make me feel better. It was something wonderful to have. When the school day is over and the day's first beating, I could have something great. I could be positive and forget about the rest of the place.

All my happy memories of the past are in one way or another linked to video games. When I played with my brothers, it was a happy thing. Well most of the time. It was less then half the time it led to a punch in the stomach. Anyways, we would laugh, we would enjoy something together for a change. We did get along, but not as often as we didn't. But video games, that was one thing we could all agree on.

So I'll come out and say it, most of my life sucked. Around up until I was eighteen... That was just over a year ago. Even after getting the crap kicked out of me slowed down, other shit came up! Other awful shit still happened between my two brothers, and other shit still happening to me. But, most of that is over now, and that is great.

My point was, I have been playing video games for about sixteen years now. They have been they backdrop of mostly all my happy memories, and they have been great. So, I thank people who make and play video games. Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto, you saved my life. If I didn't get to escape to the wonderful lands you created in your games, I prolly would of escaped by other awful means. Thank you video games, for being the one thing never to betray me, to always save me, and to always let me lean on you.

If there is anything in the world I can count on, it'll always be you.

6:03 PM on 05.13.2010

When we were young.

I decided to art somemore today. I thought, what would be more fun then my Pokemon team from SoulSilver? Nothing. So I drew then at thier adorable first form. This pretty much means nothing to any of you, and most of you will prolly think I`m retarded. Thats okay, its my blog after all, and chances are, I prolly am.

Here we got my cute little guys and gals. They may not be fancy, but they get the job done and I love em very much. Eh, sorry, too much information, anywho...

The Cyndaquil is the star of the show and goes by the name Vegeta. Yes, awesome I know. Mister Bellsprout there name is Toul, lazy I know. I just took random letters from his name to spell this... I did this with most of my Pokemon. My feathered freind, Edgy. Little miss Poliwag, Lop. Geodude Dege, who ironically is a female. Last, but equally as cute, Captain Fluff. That name was great until he became an Ampharos, now it just sounds crazy.

I plan on doing this for stage two and three of thier evolutions, just for fun.   read

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