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RetroSoldier's blog

12:34 PM on 09.22.2010

Its been such a long time, I think I should start ranting... again.

Having finally decided to get a life, I fell out of the Dtoid blogs for a while. Well and also I ran out of things to say. It doesn't take long for I am not very interesting. Anywho, I return for now to write a blog about som...   read

4:39 PM on 07.15.2010

Red Dead Redemption Review

Finally. Red Dead Redemption has to be one of the most badass games I have ever played. It wowed me with it's "oh my god" moments time and time again. From when I got my newly beautifull horse stolen, to when I got mauled by...   read

3:35 PM on 07.09.2010

Violence in Video Games

Yes, I have a thing or two to say about violence in video games. But it might not be what you think. I'm not against pointless violence, for it can be fun. Nor am I against an unrealistic (or realistic at that) amount of viol...   read

11:40 AM on 07.01.2010

E3 continued: 3DS

I remember first hearing about this squeaky bastard not to long ago. I was on that gaming new site N4G, sifting through all the comments of people opinions. Simply put, everyone sounded either angry, or annoyed. There was a l...   read

12:37 PM on 06.30.2010

Random drawings(includes cute dead bunnies)and video game related!

Here it is, although it is the aftermath of a bunny killing, and not a current bunny killing spree. I have yet to decide the fate of this cute couple. They could be evil, or maybe theyre just cute, too. Not even sure wha...   read

3:23 PM on 06.29.2010

E3 continued:Intendo

There has been a larger delay then I thought, between writing this blog, and the last one about Microsoft, then I would have liked. But you know, those weekend destractions. Roleplaying with the guys(finally, we rarely play, ...   read

2:46 PM on 06.25.2010

A pointless rant.

Now, I wasn't going to do this, that is why I have held it off. However, I realized I've been having the same thoughts circle in my head for the last week or so. It hit me, I have a blog mother fucker! There is a chance someo...   read

11:55 AM on 05.31.2010

Reinforce your stereotype today!

I bet you are wondering, "well how, how can I reinforce my stereotype today?". Well my friend, its very easy to do so. Simply post a blog about how the world discriminates against you because you're different. Yes, be it abou...   read

11:45 AM on 05.18.2010

A game to remember.

We all have them. Prolly a bunch of them. You know, that game you played ten years ago and either still play it today, or wish you could play it right now. Thats one of the things I find is great about the VC. But this isn't ...   read

12:36 PM on 05.17.2010

One who is all.

I stood from the highest building, and killed the highest of the corrupt. I waited in the darkness atop a gargoyle, and trapped the evil souls that waited beneath. I layed on the ground with a gun in my hand, and a twitch in ...   read

1:32 PM on 05.16.2010

A little heartfelt.

We all have something we expect to be there at the worst of times. Something that we depend on and know it'll never abandon us. Your mother or your father. Your dog Scruffy or your brother Jimmy. Your stuffed bear Teddy, or y...   read

6:03 PM on 05.13.2010

When we were young.

I decided to art somemore today. I thought, what would be more fun then my Pokemon team from SoulSilver? Nothing. So I drew then at thier adorable first form. This pretty much means nothing to any of you, and most of you will...   read

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