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RetroSoldier avatar 1:44 PM on 12.26.2011  (server time)
Review: Saints Row the Third

I can honestly say I have seen very little game intros with such epic awesomeness. I can honestly say that one of those games is Saints Row the Third. Some game intros are short and sweet right to the point while others, like Saints Row, are long, awesome, and can add a whole lot of pleasure to your life (thatís what she said.). The insanity of Saints Row the Third never stops, maybe for a split second, but never long enough to cause boredom.

If you donít already know what Saints Row is about I suggest you drop everything in your life right now so you can go buy it or just Google it. Be warned though, this game is definitely not for the gamer who takes his life and games too seriously. The game makes a total joke out of the likes of GTA and itself. All the while being a complete success and whole lot of fun. Saints Row is always a nice break from the sometimes too serious gaming world, especially if youíve been wasting your life on Skyrim like I have.

Saints Row the Third has stepped it up in a few areas, like in its cinematic beauty. I wonít give away too much, but despite not overall liking the gameís music selection, there is one scene with a particular Kanye West song that blasted my mind and gave me goose bumps. I have repeatedly experienced this jaw dropping, eye opening, goose bumpy, feeling throughout the game. Saints Row does have its frustrations, most being just the difficulty of certain activities but, the pride you feel when actually finishing those missions is immense. Well, at least it was for this prideful gamer.

Unlucky for me, I had the pleasure of coming across two majorly annoying glitches on the same night. Ugh. One of them being a complete failure to allow me to complete a story mission and the other being fail of GPS. Oh yes, I was very angry about the story mission glitch since I knew I was at the very end of the mission and thus to my chagrin making me do the entire mission again. Despite all this and how massive the game is, the game has yet to even lag on me which is very impressive.

Underneath it all is Saints Rowís robust customizations that you could savour all day. With the ability to create Drizzt DoíUrden, a character with a zombie voice that you cannot comprehend (which I am totally choosing to do next time round), and have the skin tone of the Silver Surfer, itís hard to get bored of such a broad character customization system. On top of that, gang customization and car customization, which I love dearly and the ability to upgrade your weapons to uber badassness.

There is a lot to do on Saints Row with activities that have you escorting hos to tigers or taking part on a murderous reality television show. However, there also doesnít seem like as much to do in Saints 3 then as Saints 2. So much less that Iím at 71 percent completion and not even 18 hours in. Let me add though that I never did finish Saints 2 since boredom had eventually hit me. It has yet to hit me with Saints 3 and I do think I will be able to finish it before such a thing happens. Less content is never necessarily a bad thing.

Full on entertaining blast, crazy knock your socks off laughs and a whole lot of thuginí is what youíll get in Saints Row the Third. It is one hell of a ride and Iím surprised it took so long for there to be a third Saints but, Iím sure it would have been less of a game if they popped it out sooner. Volition does an incredible job again with the latest Saints Row instalment and I wouldnít have missed it for the world and neither should you.

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