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RetroSoldier avatar 4:08 PM on 06.12.2011  (server time)
Late to the Party: Xbox E3 Conference Opinion

Microsoftís showing at E3 was far from earth shattering, but at least it didnít suck. I lacked all interest in MW3, as the petty ten hour campaign left me wanting more and angry. Yet here I am, looking at a lovely trailer for what appears to be an astounding game that I will no doubt buy. Still, I assume after that experience I will be left with hatred in my pure heart.

Everything after that besides Gears of War 3 held not even I strand of interest for I. A showing of what Kinect will do for Mass Effect 3 seemed less immersive if anything. I really have no interest in speaking that one tiny line that initiates Shepard's speech. The line that Shepard does not say herself and is not included in her sentence. I also have no intention of yelling orders at my mates, as cool as that may sound, it lacks a certain pace and accuracy. The D-Pad is an amazing thing, and I can press every direction in less than a second. I can also use it for exact team placement, when ďmove upĒ isnít good enough.

To say the least, it is very obvious I donít care about Kinect. Constantly crouching in front of my TV to use an imaginary gun with a jazz hand like gesture looks more than uncomfortable. I know Kinect is supposed to give us more control, but I imagine it lacking certain accuracy in FPS games for example. Letís look at the facts; is your thumb faster than both your arms? If yes, this explains my point. If no, then good for you champ. Personally looking directly at my TV while using two control sticks to move is much more accurate then moving my entire body left. Not to mention my TV is stationary and does not move with me!

Kinect has yet to show me it matters, especially without some type of handheld peripheral to give me the true feeling of a gun, sword, or lightsaber at that. Letís not get me started on Kinect Star Wars now. All that is is a fan service that had no effort or love put into it. I was so excited about that, too.

When it comes down to it, so far E3 has showed me Nintendo wants all my money, and theyíll have it too. Microsoft might get a wee bit of me precious gold for Gears, but overall Microsoft, I donít really care.

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