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RetroSoldier avatar 7:44 AM on 06.08.2011  (server time)
E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference Opinions

I'll be honest, this E3 for Nintendo left me...confused! I'm not sure if I'm missing something or lack all understanding of what happened, but I am confused nonetheless.

After seeing a line up of awesome 3DS titles for this year and the launch of some cool free crap in the 3DS shop, I was shaking in my panties! 3D Pokedex, fo free? All right baby. That being said and done, I felt good, I felt excited. Then it came, Nintendo's new console. The most confusing thing I think I've ever seen Nintendo push out of their ass.

I'll admit I am a Nintendo fan, but I'm not a bias fan girl. If something looks like shit, it looks like shit. If something isn't good, itís not good. So what went through my powerfully awesome cranium when I saw the Wii U... Well to put it exactly' "Huh?". It seems like the biggest controller since the Sega Dreamcast days, my god is it a monster. Are "hardcore" gamers really going to take a liking to something that mammoth? We saw how horrid a detractor the Wiimote itself was, what cahnce does this thing have? Do we as gamers want a huge screen built directly into our controller? Personally I'm not really sure.

So let me try and break this done for me (and a little for you, not that you're a fool or anything... are you?). So, it's very awesome that you can play Wii games directly on this new Console. It is also nice to see improved graphics, but only on par with the level of the 360 and PS3. Which for a next generation console is likely less the mind blowing for a lot of people. As far as any other Wii U feature goes, I either don't get it, don't see it, or don't care abot it. Most of it is that first one, but maybe I just have a terrible imagination. Which I doubt

I don't know what all these developers see in the Wii U, but they sure do seem to care. I was shocked to see the list of titles coming for this thing. With improved graphics and mainstream titles like the 360 and PS3 I got thinking maybe Nintendo will attract more gamers. At the same time, isn't it a little late for that party? Who knows what Microsoft and Sony will push out in 2012. However, knowing Nintendo they'll sell a million of the thing in the first week. I, in all honesty, hope something awesome comes out of this for the better of gamer kind everywhere.

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