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How'd I get into gaming. Go figure I was only three years old. It was past the NES era and even the SNES had been out for sometime now. But my family was poor and I knew little about anything games. I was only freakin' three years old afterall.

My dad could finally afford an NES so he bought one from a pawn shop one day. He got SUper MArio Bros. 1 ,2 and 3, Duck Hunt, the first Lolo, and Kirby's Adventure. My dad wanted to play SMB3 first, so he showed my brother how to do it. I was blown away watching my dad teach my brother how to play. All I could say after that was gimme, gimme, gimme, I want a turn. I will never forget how amazing SMB3 seemed to me. So I played and played. After that I went on to our other games and beat those ones up too.

I started out with an NES, but thats not where it stopped. My dad later bought an SNES. By then me and my two brothers were heavy into games and begged our mother to buy us an N64. I will never forget how awesome Super MArio 64 was and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. After that we begged my mother for a gamecube. By now I was playing video games the most and could beat my brothers hands down at anything.

I got a job. I started to buy my own games and systems from there. My brothers had fallen out of the video game scene and I was the kid no one wanted to play video games with. I bought myself a Wii and soon after an XBox360, future plans are with a PS3 as well. On top of th I haved owned every Nintendo portable system... besides a Virtual Boy.

I don't do online multiplayer, nor do I play games for Multiplayer. I play them for the one player experiences. But if you wanted to come to my house and play some Left4Dead, I wouldn't turn you down. I just much prefer the face to face method of playing multiplayer. I ain't a competitive person so your gamer score doesn't mean a dime to me.

But here is my gamer tag widget anyways, cause I think its really cute!

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It is very rare I make any New Year Resolutions of any kind. I said to a friend once two weeks before the New Year that my resultion was to stop eating sweets, in reply she said "Start now, the majority of New Year resolutions people make don't last past the end of January." I thought about this a lot since then and I believe she had the right idea. So in turn I made a so called "Resolution" about a week ago. There is only one. Drum roll please, because this will knock your socks off... it is: Don't buy a new game if I haven't already finished the one I'm playing. Yes, epic right?(Not really.)

In November I made a grave mistake. I bought both Skyrim and Skyward Sword on their release dates which I believe were little over a week apart. A week was not enough time to play Skyrim to its fullness and feel I could move on to Skyward Sword. However, I did it anyways feeling the desperate need to play them both apon thier release dates. Skyward Sword sidetracked me from Skyrim, which I did put in a impressive 60 hours, but it was not enough. After 20 hours of Skyward Sword I got sidetracked again by Saints Row The Third. That however was not my fault as my boyfriend had bought it for himself. This was a big sidetracking though as I finished the entire game putting in more then 30 hours. Then I returned to Skyrim leaving Skyward Sword left neglected.

Maybe this doesn't bother most gamers as they may like keeping it constantly different. Me, I hate leaving any game unfinished while moving on to an other. I am a completionist, but my desire to play games as soon as they are released usual thwarts that plan. As a result poor Skyward Sword is now sitting on my shelf collecting dust after only a few hours of play. On top of that, this kind of habbit can be a strain on ones finances. Its a bad habbit all over, baby.

So having this happen to me time and time again never learning my leason this year I will try. As badly as I want Mario Kart 7 AND Super Mario 3D Land, I will wait. I will finish Skyrim then finish Skyward Sword to finally move on to something new. Maybe with this my conscience can rest easy over video games.

I can honestly say I have seen very little game intros with such epic awesomeness. I can honestly say that one of those games is Saints Row the Third. Some game intros are short and sweet right to the point while others, like Saints Row, are long, awesome, and can add a whole lot of pleasure to your life (thatís what she said.). The insanity of Saints Row the Third never stops, maybe for a split second, but never long enough to cause boredom.

If you donít already know what Saints Row is about I suggest you drop everything in your life right now so you can go buy it or just Google it. Be warned though, this game is definitely not for the gamer who takes his life and games too seriously. The game makes a total joke out of the likes of GTA and itself. All the while being a complete success and whole lot of fun. Saints Row is always a nice break from the sometimes too serious gaming world, especially if youíve been wasting your life on Skyrim like I have.

Saints Row the Third has stepped it up in a few areas, like in its cinematic beauty. I wonít give away too much, but despite not overall liking the gameís music selection, there is one scene with a particular Kanye West song that blasted my mind and gave me goose bumps. I have repeatedly experienced this jaw dropping, eye opening, goose bumpy, feeling throughout the game. Saints Row does have its frustrations, most being just the difficulty of certain activities but, the pride you feel when actually finishing those missions is immense. Well, at least it was for this prideful gamer.

Unlucky for me, I had the pleasure of coming across two majorly annoying glitches on the same night. Ugh. One of them being a complete failure to allow me to complete a story mission and the other being fail of GPS. Oh yes, I was very angry about the story mission glitch since I knew I was at the very end of the mission and thus to my chagrin making me do the entire mission again. Despite all this and how massive the game is, the game has yet to even lag on me which is very impressive.

Underneath it all is Saints Rowís robust customizations that you could savour all day. With the ability to create Drizzt DoíUrden, a character with a zombie voice that you cannot comprehend (which I am totally choosing to do next time round), and have the skin tone of the Silver Surfer, itís hard to get bored of such a broad character customization system. On top of that, gang customization and car customization, which I love dearly and the ability to upgrade your weapons to uber badassness.

There is a lot to do on Saints Row with activities that have you escorting hos to tigers or taking part on a murderous reality television show. However, there also doesnít seem like as much to do in Saints 3 then as Saints 2. So much less that Iím at 71 percent completion and not even 18 hours in. Let me add though that I never did finish Saints 2 since boredom had eventually hit me. It has yet to hit me with Saints 3 and I do think I will be able to finish it before such a thing happens. Less content is never necessarily a bad thing.

Full on entertaining blast, crazy knock your socks off laughs and a whole lot of thuginí is what youíll get in Saints Row the Third. It is one hell of a ride and Iím surprised it took so long for there to be a third Saints but, Iím sure it would have been less of a game if they popped it out sooner. Volition does an incredible job again with the latest Saints Row instalment and I wouldnít have missed it for the world and neither should you.

My whole life Iíve always been excited to pick up the controller and enter a new world, start a new game. The positive feelings that come with the simple action, like joy and excitement, are just a couple of the pay offs. However, finishing a game has always been a completely different story for me, usually a sad one.

Now, donít think Iím going to go off on a tangent about horrible games, or great games with horrible endings, itís not like that. The statement Iím trying to make only truly applies, well at least for me, to great game through and through. Take for instance my current adventure, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Ocarina has been one of my loves, and one of the greatest games ever created, to me. Sadly it is because of that exact statement I find myself still not completing the game despite buying it on release date and finishing the majority of it in the first few days. The more I like a game and the closer I get to the end, the slower I tend to move. As it turns out, the hardcore love which I feel for some games usually stops me from ever completing them. In my head all I can think about is the experiences lasting forever, so I drag things like Ocarina out as much as I can.

Moving into the future, letís take a look at next yearís mighty release that weíre all waiting for, Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect Universe is something I have deeply cared for and cherished the day I decided to pick it up. Knowing there would only be three Mass Effect games carrying the story of Shepard has felt rather displeasing. Playing one and two have been great knowing that there would still be one afterwards. Mass Effect 3 is the end of that chain, and the end of the safety from total completion. It is likely I will drag Mass Effect 3 out longer then I need to. A bad habit indeed.

All good stories must come to an end, so I know it is for the better that there are only three Mass Effects containing Shepard. Or one Zelda containing the Hero of Time. If things did not end we would never be able to move on to greater pastures, which has been my beef with some less innovative and drawn out franchises. Despite knowing this I still have a hard time coming to terms with ends. These games and characters become a part of my life and a part of my meaning. The memories will never fade, Iím just afraid of the amazing feelings that they give will.

All of this in my mind and heart, I am trying to push myself. Push myself to move on and push myself to finally finish Ocarina of Time. The only way to bring in new experiences is to finish the ones you currently have. How as humans would we grow without this? Itís time to take what Iíve learned with me into new realms and new possibilities.

Microsoftís showing at E3 was far from earth shattering, but at least it didnít suck. I lacked all interest in MW3, as the petty ten hour campaign left me wanting more and angry. Yet here I am, looking at a lovely trailer for what appears to be an astounding game that I will no doubt buy. Still, I assume after that experience I will be left with hatred in my pure heart.

Everything after that besides Gears of War 3 held not even I strand of interest for I. A showing of what Kinect will do for Mass Effect 3 seemed less immersive if anything. I really have no interest in speaking that one tiny line that initiates Shepard's speech. The line that Shepard does not say herself and is not included in her sentence. I also have no intention of yelling orders at my mates, as cool as that may sound, it lacks a certain pace and accuracy. The D-Pad is an amazing thing, and I can press every direction in less than a second. I can also use it for exact team placement, when ďmove upĒ isnít good enough.

To say the least, it is very obvious I donít care about Kinect. Constantly crouching in front of my TV to use an imaginary gun with a jazz hand like gesture looks more than uncomfortable. I know Kinect is supposed to give us more control, but I imagine it lacking certain accuracy in FPS games for example. Letís look at the facts; is your thumb faster than both your arms? If yes, this explains my point. If no, then good for you champ. Personally looking directly at my TV while using two control sticks to move is much more accurate then moving my entire body left. Not to mention my TV is stationary and does not move with me!

Kinect has yet to show me it matters, especially without some type of handheld peripheral to give me the true feeling of a gun, sword, or lightsaber at that. Letís not get me started on Kinect Star Wars now. All that is is a fan service that had no effort or love put into it. I was so excited about that, too.

When it comes down to it, so far E3 has showed me Nintendo wants all my money, and theyíll have it too. Microsoft might get a wee bit of me precious gold for Gears, but overall Microsoft, I donít really care.

I'll be honest, this E3 for Nintendo left me...confused! I'm not sure if I'm missing something or lack all understanding of what happened, but I am confused nonetheless.

After seeing a line up of awesome 3DS titles for this year and the launch of some cool free crap in the 3DS shop, I was shaking in my panties! 3D Pokedex, fo free? All right baby. That being said and done, I felt good, I felt excited. Then it came, Nintendo's new console. The most confusing thing I think I've ever seen Nintendo push out of their ass.

I'll admit I am a Nintendo fan, but I'm not a bias fan girl. If something looks like shit, it looks like shit. If something isn't good, itís not good. So what went through my powerfully awesome cranium when I saw the Wii U... Well to put it exactly' "Huh?". It seems like the biggest controller since the Sega Dreamcast days, my god is it a monster. Are "hardcore" gamers really going to take a liking to something that mammoth? We saw how horrid a detractor the Wiimote itself was, what cahnce does this thing have? Do we as gamers want a huge screen built directly into our controller? Personally I'm not really sure.

So let me try and break this done for me (and a little for you, not that you're a fool or anything... are you?). So, it's very awesome that you can play Wii games directly on this new Console. It is also nice to see improved graphics, but only on par with the level of the 360 and PS3. Which for a next generation console is likely less the mind blowing for a lot of people. As far as any other Wii U feature goes, I either don't get it, don't see it, or don't care abot it. Most of it is that first one, but maybe I just have a terrible imagination. Which I doubt

I don't know what all these developers see in the Wii U, but they sure do seem to care. I was shocked to see the list of titles coming for this thing. With improved graphics and mainstream titles like the 360 and PS3 I got thinking maybe Nintendo will attract more gamers. At the same time, isn't it a little late for that party? Who knows what Microsoft and Sony will push out in 2012. However, knowing Nintendo they'll sell a million of the thing in the first week. I, in all honesty, hope something awesome comes out of this for the better of gamer kind everywhere.

I question the reason behind Fable 3's existence. The game lacks any improvments to its predecessor, in fact at times I found it to be worse. The very first thing I though when I began to controld my character was, "Does this look worse the Fable 2?" I'm pretty sure it does.

Fable 3 simplifies the already pretty simple Fable 2 formula, to a point I found it just taking away some from the experience. As simple as it may be, annoying technical errors are very apparent, and can be found more often then myself would like. Yet nothing compares to the fact that my dog has become a usless fart and I can't aim hte ball while playing fecth with the little bugger. At least he is still cute, and yes, it really does mean that much to me.

Despite all of that, I find myself still rather enjoying the game. I would go as far as to say it is pretty good. Its story, morality system, and combat are all good enough to outweigh the technical shortcomings of the game. There are just too many people to kill or save, love or hate, or kill... Too many things to buy or customize or find. It does all turn out to be fun and rewarding. I've also found myself being very fond of the world that is Fable.

My time as a dictator felt shortly lived and my final battle not particularly grand but, it still felt good. In the end it was worth all the fun I had, yet I strongly belive playing Fable 2 again would have been equally as fun.