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So this morning I did my civic duty and voted in the democratic primary. In my town like most towns I assume, the elections are held in elementary school. Every time I go there waves of nostalgia wash over me as I walk through halls, and today was no different. I walk past the principalís office where I remember once seeing a friend of mine take a swing at the dictator, I walk past the gym and see the same gym teacher still teaching miniature humans to climb a rope and roll around on the floor. I walk past the lunch room where I got my first kiss, you get the idea.

As I follow the signs for voting I notice they say "secondary" gymnasium. Apparently there has been a whole new wing added onto the school in the last 17 years. I also notice there are two security guards standing watch not for the elections but for everyday security, in an elementary school. Maybe things aren't so similar anymore. As I am leaving I stopped for a second to look back into the gym for once last dose of delicious nostalgia, kids climbing ropes, swinging on bars, playing dance dance revolution, walking across balance beams, tumbling across the floor.

If you were reading closely, or just read the title you might have noticed I said children were playing DDR in school as a supervised activity. I don't really know what to think of this, or if I should think anything. On the one hand DDR is mildly entertaining and can make you sweat if you try hard. On the other hand shouldn't the children just be climbing the rope? Am I just jealous that these young whipper snappers get to have more fun than I did?

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