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On December 20th, 2007 after just a month of ownership my foot pedal snapped in half. I got the game most excited for the drums and after just messing around with friends on easy and medium I had finally begun to put forth an effort to beat the solo tour on hard.
Let me stop for a second and give you some details I only way 145lbs, I was sitting down, barefoot, and had always kept my equipment at room temperature.
I had some trouble on a couple of songs having to repeat them multiple times but overall I was making good progress going through the tour. Until "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Long Islands own Blue Oyster Cult. On my first try I got 92% percent through the song when there was a loud crack and I could feel my pedal flopping around lifelessly beneath my foot. I tried to go on but without a functioning pedal it was hopeless, I was booed of the stage.

I immediately went to EA to start the process of ordering a replacement pedal. It has not yet shipped. My question to the destructoid collective is will / should EA replace the pedal for free or is it my fault it broke? On the online form there is no option to say "The cheap plastic broke in half", I had to lie and say it just "Stopped Functioning". Do you think I am going to have to pay $125 for a new foot pedal?

After almost a week of waiting for the new foot pedal I got serious about repairing mine myself. With a couple pieces of aluminum on the top and bottom and a shitload of duct tape I am happy to say my pedal has been functioning 100% for over a week now and is now cushioned and slightly contoured to my foot. I am continuing with the replacement from EA because the duct tape is already beginning to peal up a bit and like all early adopters I feel I shouldn't be punished for my mistake.

When I ship this pedal back I am going to try and transfer the aluminum supports onto the new pedal so that it doesn't snap like the old one. Perhaps I should contact EA and let them know that reinforced foot pedals hold up better than plastic only. Has anyone received a replacement pedal? For what reason? Did EA charge you for it? Was the replacment built better than the first one?

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