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This are factual facts that Polar Bears is peoples.

Someone actually made this thinking that it had some sort of thought-provoking point to it. I think the dramatic impact of this would be a little more uh, I don't know, impacting if it were made in something a little shittier, like say PowerPoint. Oh and it would be great if he had cartoon car and boing sound effects with every piece of eye-fucking text that squeezes onto the screen. Maybe some Linkin Park's "Crawling" could make an appearance. But make the music really really quiet. Then right at the end of the video have a close-up of a terrifying polar bear screaming its fucking bear bladder out (I believe this is a patent for a toy bear that shits human arms.)

It's hard to single out what the worst part of this video is but if I had to choose it would be the end were the author demands that kids be given mandatory global warming education and that everyone much see "An Inconvenient Truth." There is even an address to an online petition.


Also, this video is old.

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