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Microsoft Made The Xbox One Better, And Here's How.

by RenegadePanda   //   1:38 PM on 06.08.2013

A lot of random, angry adjectives have been thrown at Microsoft lately regarding the Xbox One and it's unusual desire to regulate everything you do on it.  Look, I get the anger, but what we should really be focusing on is that Microsoft actually toned down their plans considerably.  A recent leak from a 'trusted friend of an ex-Microsoft official' reported on Kotaku (and since taken down) confirms Microsoft's original plans via one (presumably of a series) form, pulled from a page buried in the Xbox One website.

Being a hard hitting member of the Cult of Journalism, I have the only exclusive look at this form.

This form was to be included with every game sold, and mandatory for anyone looking to loan their games to a friend, which of course puts good game developers out of business.  Seemingly in response to all the backlash, Microsoft quickly ditched this plan in favor of a much more convenient internet connection check, because everyone has the internet.  It was stated that the high cost of postage and uncertainty within the Post Office community also fueled the change.

When asked for comment, Microsoft representatives were quoted as saying...

'Deal With It.'

They also uttered a series of buzz words and assured us that everyone, everywhere, was over reacting, and it wasn't really that bad.Photo view gallery
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