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RenegadePanda avatar 11:22 PM on 02.15.2010  (server time)
Introducing The QSi. [shortblog]

Hot of the heels of the rumored DS2 announcement, I have found something even better. Introducing Nintendo's newest handheld announcement, the QSi. The QSi is the true successor to the DS, and represents a new era of technology.

As you can see, the QSi has 4 screens. It also includes 4 styli and comes with 4 speakers built into the system. Additionally, the QSi comes equipped with 4 external cameras as well as 2 internal cameras. The system itself is approximately 12 inches in length, designed to fit easily into your pocket. All QSi's will have access to QSiWare, which will feature several clock applications for the gamer on the go. The QSi is also launching with the most highly anticipated game, ever.

That's right. Statistic Tracker, the newest game from Activision, is set to be the biggest launch title for the QSi. Stat Tracker allows players to manage and edit up to 4 spreadsheet databases at any given time using a variety of in game tools. The game features avatar support and has online support for up to 4 players. Competitive and Cooperative modes are included.

So if you were about to give in to the hype behind the DS2, you should probably think twice. The QSi is right around the corner, and it will kick your ass. Preorder yours today and receive a special QSi only download of Mario Calculator.

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