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RenegadePanda avatar 2:06 PM on 04.25.2010  (server time)
Don't Invite Sam Fisher To Your Party.

As you may or may not know, I threw a party this weekend for some of my closest friends. I invited several people, among them was Sam Fisher, whom I have known for some time. Now Sam has been quite unstable lately, but the doctors and his family assured me he would benefit from being at the party and having fun with other people. So I sent him an invite, and he promptly RSVP'ed.

Let's just say, that was kind of a mistake. What follows is an illustrated documentation of my interactions with Sam this weekend.

Sam arrived exactly at 8 o' clock, to the second, and I showed him around my place. He was pretty quiet and not communicating well with the other guests, so I tried to get him involved in the party. I started out simple by asking Sam to help gather a few things for the party. First on the list was the cheese and crackers I had waiting in the kitchen.

After the incident I was convinced asking Sam to help with the party was a bad move, but I noticed he left the kitchen lights on, a huge pet peeve of mine. "I'm trying to save on electricity, Sam, and you need to turn the lights off when you're done using them." I felt bad scolding him, but it needed to be said. So he went back into the kitchen to rectify his mistake.

When I realized Sam had taken my request far too literally, I quickly realized that I shouldn't ask Sam to do anything helpful. Instead I tried to get him involved in some of the bitchin' party games I had planned. If you didn't know, I'm a regional hide and seek champion, so I had a huge tournament planned for that night. I was also hoping this might get Sam into the party spirit, since hiding is kind of his thing.

Turns out, hiding isn't his only thing. Apparently Sam couldn't shake his Third Echelon ways for more than a few minutes before snapping right back. Instead of hiding, Sam took it upon himself to knock out several of my friends before I realized this and suspended the tournament. Luckily, all but one of my friends survived the encounter, and only one had to be hospitalized. Since Sam obviously couldn't be allowed to harm any more of my friends, we decided to make him permanently 'it.'

Even when Sam wasn't assaulting my friends, he still couldn't understand how to play the game. I neglected to inform Sam that the use of military grade optics was not allowed in tournament style hide and seek. Instead, he used his sonar goggles, which I was told he had confiscated, to mark every single person and find them all in about one minute. It wasn't too long before I realized that I needed to rethink our entertainment options.

So I went with our backup plan, Modern Warfare 2. I took some time to explain the rules to Sam, as he had never played a video game before, and told him we play free for all deathmatch. "The point is to get as many kills as you can, more than everyone else, that's how you win, got it?" He agreed and grabbed the controller, holding it the wrong way until I corrected him. It was then that several of my friends noticed odd arrow shaped objects above their heads.

Soon after, I ended the party and sent my remaining two friends home, along with Sam. All in all, the party was a complete disaster thanks to Sam, who ruined everything. Needless to say I'm not inviting him over anymore, no matter how much anyone begs me to. Even if I did have another party, I'm pretty much out of friends now.

Thanks a lot, Sam. You're an asshole.

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