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Early 20s
I love RPGs, Adventure games, Platformers, RTS- ah screw it, I enjoy pretty much most genres out there, so long as the games themselves are good.

Besides games, I love Tarentino movies, and I try to keep up with the fantasy genre when I read books (Though lately A song of Ice and Fire has pretty much taken over my life).

I play games on every major platform , except the 360 since mine died a couple years back.
PSN and Steam: RenaudB90
Wii, WiiU, 3DS: PM me for info, I can't recall ever playing online with a nintendo console, so I would have to check out what my profile says.
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So, as the title indicates (and some of you may have read from comments I posted a couple of weeks back, I recently lost my job. I'll admit, it was a shock at first. At 23, this was the first time I'd ever been laid off. Good news: I found something else. I've been through the interviews and background checks and I have a new job. I found out last Friday, and it's been quite a relief. (I'd also like to take a minute to thank everyone in the Dtoid Community for your words of support, they really helped, not to mention that over the last year or so, this place has really come to be my home away from home. I love you guys (and girls, I'm not sexist ;) ), your passion for games, silly GIFs and easy dick jokes.)

But here's the thing: I only start on the 24th. That's like, almost 2 weeks away. And I'm going to go stir crazy with all of that free time I have now that the job hunt is over. And before someone tells me to step outside and enjoy some fresh air, I'm in Canada, it's winter and I'd prefer not to freeze my nuts off, thank you very much. So here's the plan for the next few weeks: I'm going to play a shitload of games.

#1: Backlog

I have way too many games I've picked up over the years from PS+,  Steam sales and just plain old bargain bins.

And this is just A through  part of D. Of Steam. Not GOG or Origin. And I've finished three of these games. FML.

2 Weeks?!? I need 2 years!

#2: Loadout.

I love you, Harry!

Now, barely a week ago, I had no clue this game even existed. Then one MrAndyDixon mentioned it in the comments for last week's FNF. I have rediscovered gaming bliss. And it's fully free to play! I've already put in about 6 hours since last Friday, and I expect to put in quite few more in the coming weeks. So if you're also playing, give me a shout at renaudb90. We'll have a jolly good old time. Also, I may or may not get the giant floppy dick option once the cash flows in. But your eyes are safe for a while. Being pantless apparently costs $40 now. Thanks Obama!

#3: Bravely Default.

It's like I'm 14 all over again and I'm playing Final Fantasy. The good ones. Like IV, V, VI, VII and IX. But mostly V. Except they now have shitty voice acting, discreet but nonetheless worrying pay-to-win mobile tier bullshit and I haven't actually shut off my 3DS since last Friday because GODDAMMIT SQUARE WOULD IT HAVE KILLED YOU TO LET NORENDE BE REBUILT WHEN THE GAME IS SHUT OFF WHY YOU GOTTA BE SUCH A DICK EVEN WHEN YOU MAKE AN OTHERWISEGOODGAMEIHATEYOUIHATEYOUHATEHATEHATE!!!...

... Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah. Bravely Default. It's alright. Gonna play me some more of that, I guess.

#4: Whatever else I feel like doing, I guess.

Seriously, I have no clue. I'm not used to having so much free time, and once my new job starts, I'll have next to none for a while. I'll be on Destructoid a bit more often. Maybe blog some more. I hear Payday 2 is coming to PS+, so that could be fun. If any can bear the thought of playing with a noob on DOTA2, my Steam ID is Renaudb90, as is my PSN (Not sure what it is on WiiU, not that I have any online games there until Kart comes out). Been playing a lot against bots, but I have yet to dare play a real match with a random group. If any of you have ideas, I'm open to suggestions, so sound off in the comments if you feel like throwing an impromptu  game of whatever or know of a cheap or free game to play.

In the meantime, I'll be shutting up and just playing games.
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(Disclaimer: I do not work for Destructoid. My actions in the following interview are mine and mine alone, and are in no way condoned by the staff, community, website and general policies of the site as described here :http://www.destructoid.com/the-completely-insane-guide-to-everything-at-destructoid-194086.phtml )

Greetings and welcome to all! After dropping some bombshell revelations about their financial performance last week, many fans, analysts and gaming enthusiasts in general have been wondering what Iwata-san meant when he mentionned ‘We are thinking about a new business structure’.

Thankfully, I recently managed to sit down and have an interview with someone in the know. What follows is a written version of an Interview I had with a key Nintendo executive over the course.

Saturday January 18th 2014, 7:40 PM PST
Nintendo Of America HQ, Redmond WA

Renaud: Thank you for having me over on such short notice, Mr Fils-Aime

Reggie : Please, just Reggie.

Renaud: Thank you, Reggie. Rough couple of weeks, eh?

Reggie : Weeks? Try years! Feels like ever since we announced the 3DS a couple years ago, nothing quite goes our way anymore.

Renaud: I recall that had quite a rough launch. But you guys turned that around. I'm sure you'll find a way out of this mess too, right?

Reggie : Absolutely! As a matter of fact, that's why I flew you down here. I want you to be the first to lay eyes on our newest business strategy. We feel highly confident in this new market we've been researching-

Renaud: Oh my god! You guys are going mobile!

Reggie : No we're not.

Renaud: Okay... then what new market are we talking about here?

Reggie : Stoners.

Renaud: Stoners!?!

Reggie : *Laughs*  You heard me right.

Renaud: I admit, most stoners I know enjoy video games. What kind of games are you thinking of targeting at this audience?

Reggie : Games? I'm afraid you misunderstand me. When Mr Iwata said new business structure, he meant to diversify from making straight up games. Maybe sell something outside our previous line of products to help finance our struggling console division.

Renaud: I still don't quite-

Reggie : Weed, man. We're selling weed.

Renaud: I- i don't- Is that even legal?

Reggie : Don't be a Narc, man. No one likes a Narc. It's 2014! Live a little! And to commemorate the ongoing year of Luigi, I'd like to give you a hands on preview of Mr Miyamoto's new err... IP. *Pulls out something from his vest pocket*

Renaud: That's... quite clearly a blunt.

Reggie : You journalists sure have quite a knack for stating the obvious, don't you! Here, light up! We call this batch "Green Plumbers Delight". It's my personal favorite.

Renaud: Won't we get in trouble?

Reggie : Relax, man! We're in the great state of Washington! It's all good.

Renaud: Alright then, here goes... *Coughs* Holy shit that's nice! Miyamoto came up with this?

Reggie : What? You thought Pikmin was the only thing his gardening hobby brought into this world? There's more than one reason Nintendo put a gag order on his hobbies all those years ago.

As he says this, Reggie pulls out another blunt and joins in on the fun.

Reggie : I gotta say, the man knows his herbs.

Renaud: Makes me wonder about the Super Shrooms...

Everyone *Laughs*

Reggie : Well this stuff is pretty good, but stay the fuck away from his "Red-Eyed Pikmin mix", if you know what's good for you.

Renaud: Wha? Why?

Reggie : Well, the first to test that stuff was Sakurai last week...

Renaud: ...and?

Reggie : Let's just say Smash might be getting delayed again. Sakurai smashed all the project computers and the backups, yelling something about them being sentient, I think?Anyway, he's gonna be in rehab a bit longer. But enough of that, I'm starving! Wanna go grab some Pizza Hut? Then we can play some Mario Kart 8!

Renaud: Wait, that's ready? Also yes, pizza sounds awesome right about now...

Reggie : Yeah, MK8's been ready since E3 last year, Iwata just likes to dick the investors and the fans around a lot. That little guy is hilarious!

And so we wound up eating pizza, and playing Mario Kart. Also, at around 2 AM, we prank called John Riccitiello in the middle of the night and asked him if he wanted to touch our wieners as proof of an "unparalleled partnership ".

And at that point, I knew all was right in the world. Nintendo still has the magic touch.

Welcome, fellow Dtoiders!

It has recently come to my attention that many rumors are flying around about the WiiU. "It's got too many development issues" said one anonymous source to Eurogamer and Digital Foundry, hiding in the shadows like the cowards they indubitably are. "That's a load of gopher testicles" replied others. But no one even knows who they are , (Renagade Kid? Never heard of them!) let alone if they're trustworthy.

And, as it is known to do, the internet caught fire as people the world over started arguing over who was right, and who was wrong. Friendships were ruined, long-standing alliances were shattered and families were torn asunder.

So who is right? The answer: NO ONE.
They're all wrong. It astounds me that, even a year after launch, no devs have truly figured out the secret of the Wii U, nay, all current Nintendo systems! Thankfully, after fighting off Nintendo's private army of corporate Ninjas, I can take a few minutes to reveal their dirty little secrets.

It's simple, really. Most devs make the mistake of assuming the WiiU's (Indeed, any recent nintendo system's) power stems from terraflops and CPUs and GPUs and RAM like any other system.

Lies. A smokescreen. If you believe that, you may as well believe EA when they say SimCity runs off  the internet and could never work offline.

But enough about EA, let us end this silly masquerade! Let us sample the secret sauce!
Here is Nintendo's dirty little secret, and here is where the lies end!


These little bastards are what makes the WiiU tick. I know it sounds crazy, but I have proof! Nintendo kept their  secret well, but a blind spot exists where you can see the Pikmin at work:

It all makes sense now why 3rd party devs can't get the most out of the system! Pikmin run the whole show! And ask anyone who's ever played a Pikmin game befeore, and they will tell you: Pikmin are retarded as all hell. The daft bastards can't even follow me across a bridge in Pikmin 3 without falling into water and drowning, imagine trying to function as an organic, hive-mind computer! No wonder those clueless devs manage to fuck up their ports so often!

And yes, this means you  have Pikmin 3 running on your Pikmin

As for why Nintendo can get such good results from the system, there is an even darker secret behind that.

The Pikmin? Slaves. Every single one of them.

"How is this possible?" you might ask. Easy. Their leader sold them out. Went corporate. Betrayed his own people. They know him as the Alpha Pikmin.

We know  him as...


And there you have it. The truth. The entire, filthy, sickening truth. And the next time you hear a dev bitch and moan about how the WiiU isn't up to snuff, just remember.
Those Pikmin died for your gaming pleasure. You monster.

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So here we finally are.
What game gets top honors in my long and overwrought list?

Well here we go.

There you have it. The masterpiece that defined the better part of a decade of gaming.
Now go the fuck home and sleep, you've got an early train to catch tomorrow.

--->Wait, is this it?

Of course it is. You won! Nothing more to see here, move along. Go get angry at Chris Carter's A Link Between Worlds review again or something.

---Oh all right.
--->Hold on, it feels like we're missing something here.

Like what, your dignity? Sorry to say, you lost that way before I ever met you.
You [s]caught the real killer[/s] figured out my best game of the last 8 years, did you not?

---Fine, Jackass!
--->No, something's off. I'm not leaving until I find the truth!

Well, if you insist. Enough of this lame ass joke, here's my real Best game of the last 8 years.

Did I just put a PS2 game as the top of my list? Holy shit, I did! But what a game it is...

Welcome to Persona 4. A JRPG where you play as a second year high school student that just transferred to a boring town in the countryside after his parents go to work overseas and dump him at his uncle's place for a year.

Then murders start happening, and you quickly get dragged into it. Then things get weird. Turns out you can enter a strange and dangerous world inside the TV and fight the monsters within with a power- you know what? Play the damn game, because I can't do justice to how absurd yet amazing the concept of this game is.

This is a legit thing you can do.

The fighting and dungeon crawling are fun, to be sure. But this game's strongest point is probably that it makes you care. As you get to know the world around you and the people that live in it, you can easily become very attached to it all. Maybe it's the hijinks you and your investigation team friends get up to over the course of the year (King's Game, anyone?), or the time you spent working the graveyard shift at the hospital and getting hit on by one of the Nurses. Or helping a little boy and his step-mom to realize that they both care for each other. Or even just coming home to spend some time with your little cousin and your workaholic detective uncle.

When the game ends and your year in Inaba is over, (assuming of course you got one of the good endings) you'll be left wondering where the year ( and 70 odd hours of real life time) went by. Not many stories can end in such a way and yet feel both satisfying and bittersweet but P4 manages it because ,again, it strives (and succeeds) from the very beginning to make you care about what happens.

And if you have a Vita, play The Golden edition of it. I don't usually recommend remakes over originals, but the things added to the Vita version really make it the definitive version to own here. Also, Atlus deserves your money. They really hit it out of the park with this one.


Oh, and P4 arena's getting a sequel?
Persona Q :shadow of the labyrinth is a thing that actually exists?

Oh shit, let's keep this party rolling!
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(Previous entry)

Alright, now things are getting serious.

Here's #3

Title: Brothers a Tale of Two Sons
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date August 7th 2013 (XBLA), Sept 3rd 2013 (PC, PSN)

I'm not going to say much about this one. I don't want to spoil the experience for any of you who have yet to play it. Just go and play this.

As for why I have this title rated higher than my GOTY, it's quite simple. Fire Emblem is a better game, but this is an experience unlike any other. It's not even asking for a lot of your time or money (And as of this writing, it's 50% off on Steam at $7. 49 until Jan 2, just make sure to have a gamepad with dual analog), so go and see for yourself.

And speaking of experiences...


Title: Dark Souls
Developer:From Software
Platform PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Release date: October 4th 2011 (PS3 & 360), Aug 24th 2012 (PC)

Back in 2009, Atlus USA brought the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls to North American shores because no one else really seemed to want to. The game was a dark fantasy themed hardcore Action RPG and no one, including Sony at the time, thought it would catch on. Even Atlus only printed a very small number of copies.

Then something happened. That limited run completly sold out. Atlus got more copies out. They sold too. Word of mouth got this game to become one of the biggest sleeper hits of this generation. It currently sits (according to VGCHARTZ, so YMMV) at 1.63 million copies sold, with about half of that being in US and Canada alone.

Then From Software stops dropping hints about "Project Dark" and later, this time partnered with Namco, drops this little bombshell at E3 2011

Bricks were shat.

And , a few months later, Dark Souls is unleashed upon the world.
What can I say about this game that you all have probably not heard? This game is challenging, the world haunting and beautiful, the controls damn near perfect.

This game will teach you fear. Fear of the unknown.
Fear of death, and losing possibly hours of work

Fear of what may be hiding behind the next corner.

What an asshole!

And yet, eventually, you master that fear. You learn from your mistakes. You overcome that challenge that's been holding you back for what feels like forever.

You triumph.

And then some asshole invades your game and murders you. C'est la vie.

Never has a game felt so intimidating, yet so fair. The game may start off looking daunting and unfair, but start figuring out how things work, never let your guard down and take things at a cautious pace and you'll be just fine.
Except for the Tomb of Giants. Screw that place

Here's to Dark Souls 2 being just as good, if not better.
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9:16 AM on 12.18.2013



I didn't even know I wanted this before I knew it was a thing.

And yet at VGX Reggie's like:


And here we are, two weeks later and Reggie's all:

The fucker knew this was coming.

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