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7:20 AM on 10.15.2007

Guess What Australia!?

Congratulations! 2 Months after the rest of the world we can now download the MP3:C preview channel and stream some totally sweet preview videos!

Nevermind the fact the other two companies are offering content around the globe simultaneously, we weren't ready for it anyway. The fact the game comes out in like a month is awesome too! Oh yeah, don't worry about releasing Trauma Center anytime soon either. I'll be happy! aslong as I can wait 10 minutes for a 1 minute shitty teaser.

You really are the greatest Nintendo!   read

6:13 AM on 10.02.2007

Thoughts on Halo 3

So anyway... These last few days I've been playing these Halos that everyone seems to be talking aboots. Don't really feel like writing much though, but I will say this.

The multiplayer fucking rules. Any game that uploads stats so the Entire internet can see how hard I suck is quite sweet and it's not horribly broken like Halo 2 either, joy!

On the other hand, I can barely bring myself to play trough the first level of singleplayer. So dull, I mean shit. That forest filled with camping jackels just screamed meh. I was expected an ass kicking beginning to the finale but instead i got a stroll through the woods. Couldn't they have started the game up wherever the fuck the chief was before he fell from fucking space. I mean what the fuck? That didn't even make sense. Someone said something about some plot explaining comics and shit but still, I don't want to read a series of comics and novels just so I can figure out what happened between two games. But anyway, I guess solid single player is what Bioshock is for.

Bah.   read

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