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8:56 AM on 02.03.2010

Here I present to you my newest map for Counter-Strike: Source!

Well finally I completed this map, I have currently changed the state to Beta, so if you guys find any bugs or glitches in the map, I will update them as soon as possible...

About the map:

It has
- 32 Spawn points (16 for each team)
- Custom In-game music (tetris)
- Moving tetris blocks/pieces
- 3D Skybox
- Water
- Ladders
- Glass
- Custom texture/decal
- NAV file (Though I don't think the bots are clever enough to maneuver around everywhere xD)

I also made a video for it :D

Check it out, it's in 1080p!

If your interested in trying this map out, here is the one and only site where you can download it from:

If you add it to a server, tell me I would be glad to test it :D

Now all I have to say is: Enjoy the map and have fun!

Peace out!
- ExtraOrdinary aka Remi749

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