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3:45 AM on 03.09.2014

Drakengard 3: Info on the New Story DLCs and the Manga

I've made a bunch more blog posts about the recent news regarding Drakengard 3, so for anyone interested in reading my full coverage, please head over to my site on!


Here痴 a my recap from the Nico Nico Live Broadcast #7!!
As with anything on these pages, please read at your own risk! Spoilers may be within!!

** EDIT: Be sure to check out the full broadcast, now available on YouTube by Flying Wonkey! Thank you!! **

The broadcast started out rather awkward with the three hosts Hirohashi Ryo, Aoi Eir, and Matsushita Tadatsugu from Dengeki talking like normal without really giving much regard to the start of the broadcastwith no sign of producer Shiba Takamasa in sight Until the camera panned over to the cracked-open door! He was just standing there, listening He later talked about why he was a few minutes late and why they started the broadcast out that way but I missed the details. Sorry! It was pretty funny how they kept panning over to him inching closer and closer to everyone at the table. He was shown sitting on the floor in traditional seiza form at one point, too. haha

The first main topic of discussion was player responses mainly complaints. The most common complaints about the game were the following:

* It was too difficult.
* Loading time took too long.
* DOD3 was too different from previous DOD titles.

Although I completely agree with the people saying that the game was overall too difficult but I agree that it likewise wouldn稚 have been good for it to be too easy either. There have been many people saying that the game was TOO EASYand to those people, I am completely envious. I don稚 believe it is within my skill range to even clear the Platinum Trophy. :(

This is a photo of Producer Shiba Takamasa looking serious at some point during the broadcast... probably when he was discussing the somewhat negative feedback from gamers who have played DOD3.

Before getting into the details of the DLCs, we were able to see an exclusive uncensored version of a cut-scene that takes place at the end of Chapter 1. This is not in any way related to the DLCs, so unfortunately there is no way to actually see this version of the cut-scene within the game.

Next was a long segment detailing on the new DLCs that will be coming out weekly starting this Thursday with One & Two痴 DLCs. They also announced that Two痴 chapter will be FREE as a trial DLC until March 13th!

To better show what the DLCs will be like, they showed several video clips of both specially made trailers and realtime footage of the gameplay (check my videos until Wonky Monkey posts his HQ videos!).

First we were shown a really nice trailer that gave is a quick and simple view of what to expect from the various DLCs. It looks like we will certainly be able to get a deeper understanding into the sister痴 personality and backstory.

During the short clip of One痴 chapter, we can see that her younger brother One will fight alongside her, not against like I had previously stated.

The third video clip shows more of One痴 gameplay as well as a first look at Gabriellaand his/her voice!! It is *VERY* different than what I had expected Gabriella to sound like!! xD

Next they talked a little bit about Zero and Mikhail making an appearance in the card arcade game "Lord of Vermilion 3: Ark-cell" which will be out on March 27th!

The illustration of Zero was done by DOD character designer Fujisaka Kimihiko and Mikhail was done by Takagi Masafumi.

Moving on to news about the comic series, the 2nd volumes of both Utahime Five and Shi ni Itaru Aka will be released on April 25th and can be pre-ordered via online shops like Amazon. They expect the next volume to be sold out like before as well, so pre-order your copy today!! To commemorate the release of the 2nd volume of the comic, they will be having a lottery for more cute cell phone straps like before, but this time it will be of Two and Three!! If they will be doing this for every new release of a book I really, really hope they will sell this as a whole in the end!!! They would be absolutely awesome to collect!!

Next, they touched briefly on the Complete Guide Book that will be released on April 10th (my birthday!! YAY!). I believe they said that it will be 256 pages long, but it seems kind of short compared to the other DOD Complete Guide Books Hmm. I guess that痴 why we have the 10th Anniversary goodies!! <3 We were shown several sample pages from the book as well as a couple pieces of art that were made by fans, which will also appear in the complete guide! :D There are many, many talented artists out there making awesome DOD fan art!! :D

Then the talked a little bit about the mysterious 泥OD 1.3 game idea that was dropped a month or so ago and it seems like it will be yet another novel written by Eishima Jun and others!?

There was also a segment of the broadcast where Aoi Eir gave the audience another keyword to type in the comments to be eligible to win a copy of the soundtrack, signed by the four of them. It was one of Octa's classic lines toward the very end of the game.

Lastly, Aoi Eir introduced her latest album AUBE once again reminding us that the complete music video for 適uroi Uta appears on the DVD that comes with the album! :D She will also be having more concerts around Japan in March and April!

So, that痴 the majority of the broadcast tonight! The main event was obviously about the new DLCs that will be coming out this week! I will be watching the video again and taking more notes and adding photos from it, too. <3

And here are some updated video clips from the broadcast:

Censored Scene

Official Trailer for the new Story DLCs:

One痴 DLC Preview

The Full Broadcast on YouTube by Flying Wonkey!


I've already completed much of the new DLCs (just need to level up One & Two to their max level: 10). Here are the chapter, verse, and stanza titles from the first two chapters of the new story DLCs that were just released for One and Two. I've also included some crap videos that I took while playing through the story chapters.

Please note that these are my translations and therefore are not official. :)

Also, please be aware that these DLCs are not accessible until you complete Branch A of the game, so there may be spoilers below. This is your warning!!

NOTE: Each chapter number refers to each corresponding character of that name. Chapter One is One痴 chapter and Chapter Two is Two痴 chapter, etc.

Chapter One, Verse 1 - November 4, 998
1st Stanza: The Utahime of Reason
2nd Stanza: Childish Blind Faith

Chapter One, Verse 2 - August 1, 998
1st Stanza: The Journey of Liberation
2nd Stanza: Peace and Violence

Chapter One, Verse 3 - August 14, 998
1st Stanza: Reunion
2nd Stanza: Understanding
3rd Stanza: Protection

Chapter One, Verse 4 - August 18, 998
1st Stanza: The Anticipated Trial
2nd Stanza: Zero
3rd Stanza: The Silence of the Night

Chapter One - Graphics Glitch Gremlin - Water Wings

Chapter Two, Verse 1 April 14, 999
1st Stanza: The Affectionate Utahime
2nd Stanza: The Love Birds

Chapter Two, Verse 2 - April 18, 999
1st Stanza: A Tender Moment
2nd Stanza: A Beloved Moment
3rd Stanza: A Peaceful Moment
4th Stanza: The Touch of Affection

Chapter Two, Verse 3 - April 25, 999
1st Stanza: A Predestined Love
2nd Stanza: The Omen
3rd Stanza: Trembling

Chapter Two, Verse 4 - April 25, 999 (Same Day)
1st Stanza: Growing Unease
2nd Stanza: A Shattered Sound
3rd Stanza: Together Forever


Drakengard English Manga Update

There have been several chapters of both mangas available for some time now, but there has been little coverage on the Utahime Five manga. I recently worked on the first chapter of that one until I found someone had already done chapter 2. Since it took me such a long time to complete, I don稚 want to work on something that has previously been done. This is mostly why you won稚 find all chapters on my site. There had previously been only chapters 1-5 available for Shi ni Itaru Aka, which I why I only worked on the later chapters but another manga group completed chapters 6 and 7, so it may be better to check those versions out since I知 an amateur, one-person translation and production team. lol

Anyway, since it痴 difficult for my site to load in Google searches for some reason, here are the chapters that I致e worked on thus far. I just completed the newest chapter of Shi ni Itaru Aka, Chapter 16 last night.


You should be pretty safe reading through Utahime Five since those events were said to have occurred before the events in DOD3, but since Shi ni Itaru Aka takes place after the events from the first ending of the game, it may be wise to *at least* not read past Chapter 12. But if you池e a spoiler whore like me, have at it! The end of Chapter 16 is seriously awesome!!

Utahime Five: Chapters 1 and 9

Shi ni Itaru Aka: Chapters 6-9, 13-16


All of this information and more can also be found on my main blog on!   read

9:39 AM on 02.28.2014

Drakengard 3: New Story DLCs for all 6 Utautai Sisters

Starting March 6th, separate story DLCs will be released weekly for all six of the sisters. Firstly, One and Two痴 DLC content will be available at the same time with the others following thereafter weekly. Each story will focus more deeply on each of the sisters and their relationship with their respective Apostle.

Here痴 the line up:

One & Two痴 DLCs: March 6th
Three痴 DLC: March 13
Four痴 DLC: March 20
Five痴 DLC: March 27
Zero痴 DLC: April 3rd

Each DLC is 600 yen. From April, however, all sales taxes will be razed, so the price will then be 617 yen. These extra story DLCs are only accessible after you have completed Branch A and have downloaded and installed the newest patch of the game.

One Vs. One (Brother)

Looks like there will be a scene in which the two twins fight within the Capital Tower. Hmm

Gabriella Fights along side the Twins

There痴 a scene in which Gabriella will aid the twins in battle.

Memories of the Past

As you play and level up the sisters, it will unlock further 杜emories of their past by which to further develop their character.

Utautai Mode

Each sister will of course have the ability to use their Utautai Mode in battle.

One and Gabriella

There will be a scene or two in One痴 story in which you can ride on the back of her dragon companion, Gabriella. At least in this point in time, she resembles a normal dragon rather than her chaotic form which Zero had to battle. She also seems to have one heck of an attitude! 鉄hut up, porky. I知 tired of you.

Zero and Michael

Zero痴 story will involve her past along with Michael as her dragon companion.

Gimme da Gold!!

It will be much easier to obtain a ton more gold in the new stages compared to the regular run through the game. Be on the look out for those Gold soldiers that drop money when you attack them!!

Weapons of the Utautai

Each of the sisters will come with their own unique weapons that can be levelled up to unlock its Weapon Story.


Zero & Mikhail will appear in the new version of the arcade card battle game 鏑ord of Vermilion III Ark-cell from March 27th (tentative). Zero痴 card illustration is by DOD3 character designer Fujisaka Kimihiko and Mikhail is illustrated by Takagi Masafumi.

Sources: Famitsu Issue No. 1317 and at Dengeki Online.
Scans made and edited by: Rekka Alexiel at   read

7:23 AM on 02.13.2014

Drakengard 3: New DLCs to Play as All Intoner Sisters

According to Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 560, which was just published today (February 13th), we have learned that story DLCs involving all of the Utahime Sisters will soon be released.

Although he couldn稚 reveal much at this time, in a brief interview with Producer Shiba Takamasa, we have learned that we will be able to play as each of the Utahime Sisters in a new story chapter for each of them.

He was asked if they would have another NicoNico Live Broadcast featuring this news, and he responded lively saying that he would like to do it again if the fans would be interested in watching, but only after the new DLC contents have been released.

So, hopefully these new DLCs will further develop the Utahime Sisters and give them a little more depth that the initial run through the game lacked.

Here痴 the translation of the short interview with Shiba Takamasa:

DLCs are all set! The world of DOD3 is about to get much larger!

Dengeki: Previously in a live broadcast on NicoNico, you talked about future DLCs that would eventually become available. Could you tell us anything more about this?

Shiba: Yes. I came here simply to talk about thisalthough I can稚 talk about the details just yet. I believe I also touched briefly on this in a previous broadcast on NicoNico, but we池e about ready to release some new Story DLCs. We値l make an official announcement about this in a few days, so please hang in there until then. In any case, we壇 like to add onto the game with these contents without making you wait too long to play with them. As far as what these contents will entail, you will be able to play as each of the Utautai sisters as they play the main role in a new story. These stories will fit into the beginning portion of the game, like a prequel. Please look forward to it!

Dengeki: Wow, that does sound pretty awesome!! Then, will you put on another NicoNico live broadcast before this release?

Shiba: I knew you would bring this up. There are a lot of factors紡nd courage吠nvolved with doing a broadcast after a game痴 release But if it痴 for the gamers, I値l try my best! In the end, I hope to announce more information about these extra contents soon! To all the fans, I really appreciate your support!

Dengeki: Thank you very much!

Translation by Rekka Alexiel.
View the full article here.   read

11:32 AM on 01.31.2014

Drakengard 3: Yoko Taro's "Bad Thought Process" (3 of 4)

What it means to have game developers speak before the media

Hello, I am Yoko Taro. How is everyone doing during these cold days? Since I just finished a bunch of work, I hopped over to Singapore for a short vacation and am thoroughly enjoying the high-end, elaborate resort life and some nice, ethnic food.

I知 totally lying. What the heck is 蘇igh-end, elaborate resort life, anyway?

Over the New Year, I was stricken with a pretty bad cold. I had a horrible cough that actually made my back hurt. but I guess this really isn稚 the story you want to hear from me, right?

This is today痴 story.

My job is creating games. If I預t age 43揺ad written nonsensical poetry like:

I went to a restaurant

For the best French toast

In Shinjuku San Chou-me :)

People lined up a long way.

But the maple syrup was so good

It was hard not to make a mess. :D

I seriously doubt anyone would want to hear this from an old man like me.

But actually, for anyone who makes games, the real job is selling the product that you create. It痴 best to use the game to tell your message. That痴 what I think, anyway!

Nevertheless, before a game is released, I received word about interviews from Famitsu and Dengeki, and Famitsu and Dengeki (they were joint projects, so I tried to write it side-by-side).

But then, even if I give an interview before a release, there is absolutely nothing I can talk about. I can稚 talk about spoilers and totally ruin the gaming experience for the customer. So, unfortunately, the interview turns into something like this:

邑hat is the most important aspect the of the game?
Yoko: There痴 a really interesting character that will make an appearance.
由eally!? Who is it? Tell us!!
Yoko: Please look forward to buying the game. Heeheehee

What the heck is this? What are you giggling 塗eeheehee for!? That痴 no different than saying nothing at all! It痴 a waste of paper and resources!! Don稚 say about 3 lines worth of information in an excess of 4,000 Japanese characters!! The amount of entropy increases drastically!! heeeeeeeeeee!

I知 sure is the feeling that spread throughout much of Japan. Simply put, game creators are not entertainers or commentators, so it痴 not feasible to think that what we end up talking about will be interesting. It will only be the most depressing feeling of boredom you have ever experienced.

That痴 why I absolutely hate interviews, even to the point of DYING! Preferably, I don稚 want to be in the spotlight at all. But there have been times that I have had to be an adult and do it. I can稚 say yes to one interview and then no to another, so I often tend to fall into this sort of negative spiral. I shall die. Instant death. *Splat*

Our job is to create something that customers will enjoy (?), so it would be bad for a nobody like me to be in the spotlight. If there痴 absolutely no way out, even if it becomes a horrible mess, a ton of effort is needed to make it the slightest bit interesting.

With that said, I did some research.

First of all, if you read this and thought it was interesting, then you are more than likely quite eccentric. People who say things you have no clue what they池e saying are naturally interesting to watch. It痴 the same with famous animation directors, isn稚 it!? Self-esteem and pessimism are like screws that really mess with one痴 head. It痴 like the insensitivity of saying in an interview that someone else痴 work was uninteresting. Such extreme people would watch it and be highly amused. But it痴 impossible! That is talent! But for me an impossibility. Ahahaha~!

The next interesting thing were the editorial-like comments. It痴 fun to read because you cannot see the transparency of writer痴 arrogance and opinion. More than making a comeback on the spot, I think it痴 simpler to say 努hat you want to say rather than 澱e asked in the first place. It痴 okay to have those questions that are like 妬f you have something you壇 like to say, please feel free, right? Huh? What if you don稚 have anything to say? You can稚 ask those people to speak! The whole thing will be silence!

Um? 鄭s a result of saying whatever you feel like, you can稚 have someone like Yoko come on and talk so incoherently, you say? You can稚 worry about the details. I知 also writing this column as a thank you to Famitsu (said in a monotone voice).

Ahh, what was I talking about? Ah, right! The most overwhelmingly boring thing I thought about was (the following text has been omitted by the editorial department).

But you know what! It痴 not logical to think that developers who only make games will make a good match. Since the Interview Corner section of a magazine is more independent than the rest, it would be best to carefully think of who to interview! That way the girls are bound to be happy! Crap! There痴 that 菟retty boy topic again! What the heck did I do to be confronted by this obvious reality! To hell with 菟retty boys! To hell with French toast! To hell with those high-end, elaborate resorts! Even if this world is de

The original article was published in the 2/6 No. 1312 issue of Famitsu magazine. Illustrations by Yukiko Yokoo. Translation by Rekka Alexiel.   read

8:49 AM on 01.27.2014

Drakengard 3: Shi ni Itaru Aka Manga, Ch.14 - English

I've recently scanned and made English translations of the newest chapter of the Drakengard manga "Shi ni Itaru Aka" or "Red Obtained by Death", Chapter 14, which you can find here:

Since the translations are in image form, I cannot post them all here, but here's the title page:


10:41 PM on 01.25.2014

Drakengard 3: Kuroi Hana - An Interpreted Translation

I was asked to translate the lyrics from 適uroi Uta, but since lyricist Kikuchi Hana also wrote this in complete katakana, it痴 very difficult to make an exact translation. There are a few reasons why I am okay with this:

1) Like poetry, song lyrics need not be completely coherent and they can break from traditional norms of grammar.

2) Simply by using all katakana like this it conveys the sense of an old language, or perhaps even the language of angels or gods.

3) Somethings are not meant to be fully understood, but rather felt or experienced. It is what it is and holds no room for explanation. There is a sense of beauty in ambiguity.

So with that said, please note that this is my personal interpretation from the bits that can be understood from the lyrics on the page. There is no official English translation, so it is illogical to claim one interpretation is THE correct meaning; that痴 the whole point of interpretation吠t cannot be wrong but simply viewed differently from another perspective. In that case, all interpretations are viable.

Therefore, here is my interpretation of the song:

Everything exposed
The song shall meet its doom
Becoming and killing the monster

All stolen away
The music as needles
As I知 reborn again, alone

Spreading my wings I soar with death
Love shall spring from the darkest of white
When or how distantly may it be heard
How sweetly they whisper, the wings of the past

The black flower
Is the voice
With just its shattered eye

The black flower
Is the song
With just its made-up dance
There be purpose

Everything exposed
The song shall freeze over
I shall dance in nightmares that day

With nothing I break away from death
Emerging from a crimson forest
Pregnant with the tainted children of dread
This pitiful memory is ripped away

The black flower
Is the voice
With just its prayer of blood

The black flower
Is the song
With just a day of repentance
All shall disappear

This disaster
Shall wait and fall
For the time it shatters, to dream

As this repeats
We go our separate ways
You shan稚 be forgiven, flower of song,
In the final moment

Originally posted by Rekka Alexiel here:   read

11:22 AM on 01.21.2014

Drakengard 3: Yoko Taro's "Bad Thought Process" (2 of 4)

Here's the 2nd editorial column by creative director Yoko Taro. Sorry for the delay in translating this article. I had a bunch of events this weekend that kept me busy. This was originally posted on


Hello, I知 Yoko Taro. Can you hear me? Alright.

So, this time I知 going to talk about 溺aking a Character. Well, I suppose since we池e going to think about a character who has neither hopes nor dreams, so it may be better if you don稚 read this column. Okay? Is that alright? Well, even if it痴 not, I知 going to continue.

The absolutely first thing that must be dealt with when creating a character in an Action RPG is the cost. Cost. Money. Ahh! That was the sound of your hopes and dreams being blown away! Even so, the story must go on!

If we were to only create characters we liked, we壇 seriously run into some grave problems. For example, if we were to make a new Suikoden game, even if we created all 108 of the characters, it would be impossible to make the models for all of them. Events would be cluttered with too many characters on the screen, plus we壇 have to create unique faces for each of them; therefore, it would be best if we just killed off at least 90 of those characters Simply put, the more characters you have, the more expensive it痴 going to get.

That being said, generally in action based games, there are all sorts of enemy characters in which you don稚 necessarily see their faces, like those wearing masks. It痴 okay to create a sense of mystery from masked enemies. It would be even better for these character to cover their mouths, like a ninja. Since lining up a character痴 mouth with verbal speech is such a task, it would be better if we couldn稚 see their mouths moving at all.

Then what about those characters that aren稚 human but have a monster-like form? We wouldn稚 have to give them specific facial expressions, right? It may be better, but that in-and-of-itself becomes a problem. For example, if we have an insect that has reversed-joint appendages, it would be a difficult job for the motion designers. Likewise, if we have insects with wiggling antennas and a bunch of unnecessary appendages, all of those things need to move. Trying to animate a boss enemy like a giant centipede would mean certain death. That's why the huminoid figure is much more cost efficient. No, actually the most cost efficient form would probably be a floating sphere.

Then we have to worry about clothing and other troublesome things. Anything that might impede movement like a long skirt or a men's hakama are absolutely out. Additionally, short hair styles are preferred. If it were at all possible, full-body tights or a sort of clothing that would stick tightly to the character's skin and no hair would be preferable. As far as character designs go, this is the worst but let's take a break for a moment.

Well, although the mood is rather gloomy, we still need to save on cost. As a battle action game, we need large bosses, but there is also a device for this. There's no avoiding the rising costs from designing different bosses with unique movements all the time. That's why we need to change some body parts, the color, or even change the movement to something that could be shared between multiple bosses. Also, since any game needs bosses, we have to come up with a clever solution with the programming. Money, money, money Simply put, bosses mean money. Have you ever thought, "What? You just changed the color." From the perspective of the developers who know the sorrow that comes with making short to medium length games, they may say, "Yes, you're right" This is why there is no way to see the result of our labors without tears.

So because of this, I often develop my characters by designing the monsters first. We need to decide on how many bosses we need for however many stages. I'd really like to have a boss for every stage, but there just isn't enough money to do that.

Then, the next thing we need to plan are the events. How long do we work on multiple events Well, since I mess up this estimate every time, I can't say too much about it, but in the end we may or may not be able to fit in the entire scope of the event. Plus, the only character who can wrap up these events has to be the main character.
I'm only saying this here, but actually, when we were working on DOD1, we failed on making many of the events.

We originally planned to have 6 partner characters referred to as "Contracts", but it would have been impossible to tell the story with that number of characters. Since we couldn't fit descriptive FMVs into the camp segments like we wanted to, we had to forcefully change the wording, thusly cutting a large chunk out of the original script which made it necessary to add in supplementary explanations in text between missions

But looking back now, text-based supplementary explanations also felt new Simply, at the time many people had pointed it out, we thought, "Ah! So that was it! This would have been junk if we had done that!" I remember how earnestly we made modifications while scratching at our heads and refusing to give in. No, actually, there are many things that we humans may understand if we try. (<---said in a monotone voice)

Umm, yeah, hmm. Any remaining money is usually used on the main character and other supporting characters, I guess. Yeah, this is usually how I come up with characters and stuff like that stuff, yeah.   read

7:22 AM on 01.15.2014

Drakengard: The Meaning Behind the Name

rologeass on Tumblr has been a great source of DOD information, news, and insight for a long time, and tonight he posted something quite interesting that piqued my interest: the meaning behind the name "Drakengard", the name given to the international version of the JRPG, Drag-on Dragoon.

First of all, I think it is important to point out the significance of the original title as it is displayed graphically:

As you can see in this image, the way the text is displayed with a line through the empty space between the words "drag" and "on" seems like a clever way to both match and differentiate between the words "dragon" and "dragoon". The katakana "doragguon" (ドラッグオン) could also be a variant of the more typical word in Japanese for dragon ("doragon" ドラゴン), and could more closely relate to the actual English pronunciation of the word.

Now, why the original title "Drag-on Dragoon" was not adopted for the international release is simply because of the "uncool" sound of it. Although the Japanese title as it is may sound fine to the native Japanese ear nor does it carry this odd stigma; however, it is simply common sense that a title international audiences may not react positively toward would need to be changed. Thusly, the title "Drakengard" was decided upon.

For the longest time, I really disliked this name, mostly because of my purist mindset when it comes to translations. I, more often than not, would rather keep the original title no matter how silly it may sound in my own language. I would rather leave the name as it is than try to translate it and lose some of its aesthetic meaning.

But over the years, the name has grown on me, considerably. So much now that I feel more comfortable using this title than awkwardly pronouncing it in Japanese. So much for the steadfast ways of the purist!

So let's take a closer look at the meaning behind this name--DRAKENGARD--and some of its variants:

"Draken" is a male name meaning "dragon" in Greek or "male duck" in English. People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. It is also a delta-winged fighter jet.

According to Wikipedia, the English word "dragon" comes from the Latin "draconem" meaning "huge serpent, dragon," and the Greek word "drakon" meaning "serpent, giant selfish".

Draconis, or "Draco", is a Latin variant which means "dragon". It is a constellation in the far northern sky.

Interesting account of "draconis" associated with the number of the beast, 666. The angel Michael also makes an appearance in this story.

According to his blog, rologeass suggested that this is a reversed reading of "drag" from the original title. This is a clever realization; however, I believe it goes far beyond the backward rearrangement of letters.

"Gard" is a MALE name, variant of Gardner (Middle English, which means "keeper of the garden". Gard is also a FEMALE name of Norse origin, which means "enclosure, stronghold".

(The somewhat related female name, Hildagard, which means "battle stronghold" and Ermengard, which means "complete, universal", both in Old German.)

Here is some more information about "gard" as stated by Ultem:
It sounds like 'garden', doesn't it? And the translation given by you supports this. So, let's have a look at Bosworth and Toller. They don't have it. But that's only Anglo-Saxon.

Perhaps you think of a different Saxon dialect. So let us search 'ad fontes': We find it in a dictionary for the Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) as a Old Saxon word linked to PIE 'garda' garden.

Now that we proved it is closely linked to 'garden', we can look up this word etymologically:

'Old Northern French gardin, diminutive (cf. Vulgar Latin hortus gardinus) or oblique form of *gard (cf. Old French jart), from Old Low Franconian *gardo 'fenced in yard, garden' (compare Dutch gaarde, gaard), from Proto-Germanic *ǥarđōn (compare West Frisian gard, Low German Gaarn, German Garten), from *ǥarđaz 'yeard'. More at yard.'

Although we can't prove that those words have a direct etymological connection following this article, I doubt anyone will question its close common features.

As stated by an article on Wikipedia, a dragoon is the name given to those who were trained in horse riding and fighting skills. The name could have been derived by the firearm, called a dragoon, carried by the dragoons of the French Army. There is also no distinction between the words "dragon" and "dragoon" in French, as they are both referred to as "dragon".

In Conclusion...
So what do you think? Were you originally happy with the international title "Drakengard" or were you a little upset? Or do you really not care either way? xD Voice your thoughts and ideas here! :D

I like to think the Greek male name "draken" and the Norse female name of "gard" come together to form the title of DRAKENGARD. This is *perfect* given the fact that the dragons within this series have been said to be neither male nor female. Plus, this meaning would put the dragons in the center stage spotlight as opposed to the other main characters like Caim, Nowe, or even Zero.

Also, the French word for both "dragon" and "dragoon" as being one and the same is extremely interesting when you think about the contract between both parties. In DOD1, the contract somehow joins the souls of the dragon rider or "dragoon" with the dragon, in a way forging a new soul with two separate bodies. The Dragon and the Dragoon are one and the same. Ooooh!

In review, I'd like to think the complete meaning behind the title Drakengard means "Stronghold of Dragons". Other variants could mean "Garden of the Serpent", which alludes to the story of the Garden of Eden and the temptation of Adam & Even (humans) by the Serpent (dragon or devil). Hmmm!

Originally posted by Rekka Alexiel on:

Sources:   read

2:13 AM on 01.10.2014

Drakengard 3: Yoko Taro's "Bad Thought Process" (1 of 4)

The 1/23 issue of Famitsu features the first of four editorial columns by creative director Yoko Taro detailing his thought process to creating his unique, best-selling games. It was just one page in the magazine, but it still took me and my pathetic translation skills nearly all night to translate. Talk about depressing. But I hope it痴 somewhat accurate enough to enjoy reading. ;)


Drag-on Dragoon 3 Creative Director
Yoko Taro痴 釘ad Thought Process (1 of 4)

Creative mind behind the Drag-on Dragoon and Nier Gestalt/Replicant series breaks down how he came to create the characteristic hit series in this 4-part semi-regular column.

展hy do I enjoy games in which you kill other people?

Hello, everyone. My name is Yoko Taro. Although I知 usually making games, drinking, or sleeping, I had the opportunity to write this 4-part column for Famitsu thanks to our fated connection.

Even though it often seems like I only make games in the Action RPG genre, this new title, 泥rag-on Dragon 3″ depicts the story of a girl brutally slaughtering countless soldiers, blood flying everywhere, as she dashes about. It痴 a pretty common idea for a game, but just imagine if this actually occurred in the world we live in. For example, if a young high school girl with a knife was at the main crosswalk in Shibuya and she suddenly started killing people. That would instantly become breaking news, wouldn稚 it? An event of such severity would certainly be covered in the news for days.

Usually, killing another person becomes a huge problem. But, if it痴 in a game, it doesn稚 matter who you kill. It痴 quite common to avoid actually saying your killing somebody by changing the wording to things like 都eal or 菟urify, 努in against or even 塗unt. There are also those out there who say, 鄭ren稚 there also peaceful type games?, but if you take a closer look, even within those games the structure type of 澱eing better than someone else, becoming rich, or to survive is quite prevalent. It痴 the same thing in our society. Whether it be in school, at work, or within a given country, people will generally stand up against adversity.

We humans have conquered the world by 努inning against others. That痴 why we may think it痴 a good thing on a visceral level to win against or defeat somebody. Often times people prefer violent aspects over more peaceful ones. Weapons are also a part of this. Have you ever thought, 践ow did people come to think that 徒atanas were the cooler tool to kill people over a peaceful kitchen knife? or 糎hy are military aircraft more fascinating than ordinary jumbo jets? Maybe you致e never thought of this before But whatever, let me go on. The reason why we are attracted to weapons is because of their 都trength. We apply this strength to ourselves and thusly feel the need to protect ourselves or even defeat someone else. The design of the weapon is to awaken this desire.

Because for the living beings, 都trength is a form of justice.

So, what if gaining strength wasn稚 the main goal In other words, if there are no violent elements, what would happen then? Things such as sports are said to be 塗ealthy practices. In the end it is only a discriminatory system that produces winners and losers. If you want to achieve true equality, you have to compete against others from the very beginning. You become strong, defeat many others, and eventually come out on top. Those guys have it all. When I see athletes, F1 drivers, or pro golfers get married to beautiful broadcast journalists or other beautiful celebrities, I sometimes think, 鄭hh! If I could have just been good at sports, maybe I could have been popular, too! How mortifying! but, that痴 just the way it is. Biologically, it痴 great. It can稚 be helped! (I say this as I cry tears of blood)

I got a little off topic. I get carried away when I start talking about popular guys. Um, what were we talking about? Oh, right. Something about 塗umans are creatures who want to subdue others once they gain power. However, there arises a problem. What if everyone gained power and proceeded to kill and pillage as they liked? Right. As you can imagine, the legend of the Masters at the turn of the century would have been spun by the hand of our new Mohicans. In order to avoid that the entire human race became a complete Mohican, people began providing certain rules in regard to overwhelm the others.

For example, if we池e talking about studying in school, you can brag about your higher grades over other classmates. It doesn稚 even matter if dropouts are created as a result or if people feel some sort of duty to help.

For example, if we池e talking about business, if profits are regarded as top priority, everything else will be neglected. No one can blame those companies that seek to gain something when others go out of business.

For example, it is also possible for those to love one痴 family and, in comparison, have no love for others. It痴 a bit discriminatory but no one thought it to be shameful. People are able to discriminate against others very easily.

Even among those subjugated to discrimination, the worst act of crushing someone else has to be 杜urder. Things continue to happen among nations that somehow takes precedence over human life. As well as war, there are many countries which execute the death penalty if one violates the lawJapan is one of them. Even if these rules were not allowed, what would happen if, for example, a heinous robber was about to kill your family? What if only way to save your family was to kill the robber first?

We are living beings which make it okay to kill others if given a valid reason. However, we are rarely given a reason to kill others in today痴 society.

This is where games come in.

Experiencing the freedom in games have may be the perfect tool to peruse the pleasure of 澱esting others. Additionally, you are perfectly free to kill others within the game. There are those who enjoy killing people within a game because 妬t痴 only a game. I don稚 know if it痴 right or wrong to make a game that involves killing people. Still, at the very least, I want to you to 電oubt your own sense of justice through the making of a killing game. If we do not have doubt, we may find some 途eason and actually kill someone in realitysometimein the futuremaybe.

Originally Posted on January 10, 2014 - 4:29 am (Japan Time) by Rekka Alexiel   read

11:09 PM on 01.04.2014

Drakengard 3: Michael's Novel Chapter, The Vanished Ones

One of the items included in the Drag-on Dragoon 10th Anniversary Box was a nice compilation of character themed chapters, one chapter for each significant character (however, theApostles do not have their own chapters, unfortunately).

Most of the chapters have thusly been translated by other uber-fans of the series, but it came to my attention that no one has had a hand in translating Michael's chapter yet.

I just published this chapter on my blog last night and will up a copy of it here as well. Here's a link to the chapter on my site:

**Also, please note that this chapter also comes with a warning! There are bits in here that may be rather spoilerish in nature, so please read at your own risk!**

The Vanishing Ones

** Spoiler Warning!! **
It is recommended that you read this after playing the game!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Translation Notes:
I don't have much confidence in translation work, but I do love storytelling...since that's what I'm supposed to be good at even though I haven't even touched my story in about 2 years now... But anyway, yeah. This is my translation of the chapter that--as far as I know--has only been published in the novel that came with the 10th Anniversary Box. I apologize in advance if I've made any translation errors and for any extraneous extrapolations. :p

Throughout the chapter, Michael switches between several different words from himself, from 登re at the beginning and then mostly 努are later on. There痴 not much of a big difference other than the nuance. 徹re is generally used by younger men whereas 努are is used by older, more experienced men. It has a much greater 疎ncient feeling to it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that I realize it, there were always so many battles there.

Always, every time, I (ore) No, I (ware) was always fighting. Whether sleeping or awake. Or even in my dreams.

It痴 been so long now that I can稚 seem to remember those far distant memories, how long I had been fighting, how many enemies I crushed under my feet and in my jaws. Not even why I was fighting. For so long.

* * * * * * * * * *

添ou worthless insects! Die!

It just took a single breath. With just the slightest breath of fire, the ugly color of the 妬nsects was set aflame in glowing light only to be returned to ash. There were so many weak enemies spread out in front of me, so pathetically weak for one of my noble lineage of dragons. None of them could possibly make a decent match for me, although nothing could quench that feeling it gave me, to utterly destroy those foolish beings擁t was just what I needed to change my mood.

鼎知on, c知on, c知on, c知on!!

Once my flames had licked the surface of the ground clean, not even the slightest speck of dust was left behind. It was quite refreshing.

溺y (ore) name is No, my (ware) name is Michael, of the noble lineage of dragons蓉gh!

A wave of pain spread downward through my outstretched wings.

鉄hit, there were marionettes, too?

While a swarm of those disgusting insects crowded in upon me, I saw a brief glimpse of what appeared to be some sore of projectile weapon. These were not any ordinary insects for they commanded the intelligence necessary to use such a weapon. Actually, I hated it. What was the name of such a weapon?

鄭hh, I don稚 care what it痴 called!! You annoying pests! Do you think you maggots of the earth could be a match for me!? Uhhhgah!

Again a great wave of scorching pain spread down the full length of my wings, but this time there were many more of them.

鼎知on, just let me say it 奏il the endugh!

In mere moments I found myself buried under the marionettes. No, it痴 just that I had accidently found myself deep within the heart of their nest. And it seemed like they had all brandished weapons of considerable size. The marionettes came worked together to move a gigantic beast of a thing.

What was worse, it seemed only interested in me!

典-This is bad?

Can I escape? No, no! There is no honor for a dragon to run from such vermin! But, this situation certainly is bad

展hat are you just sitting there for! yelled an angry voice from my side. Glistening flames danced upon the giant痴 blade and even engulfed some of the smaller marionettes as well.

鄭lways getting into trouble said the voice with a disgusted tone and red wings.

I think No, he certainly helped me out of a sticky situation. The story of one helping a friend in need might be a little too lavish, but I suppose there is honor to be had in the mere act lending a hand, at least for us dragons.

展hat are you doing with your mouth hanging wide open? Do you seriously want to die a pointless death?

鉄-shut up!

Although he seemed to be my equal, that pompous attitude was more than I could bear. It was more than annoying.

滴urry up and withdraw!


This was the first time I met the Red Dragon.

* * * * * * * * * *

敵et up, Michael.

I awoke to that voice. I must have somehow fallen asleep in the middle of battle. And to have dreamed about meeting the 杜eddling Red One for the first time, no less!

添ou致e got some real guts, dozing off In the midst of battle.

鉄h-shut up! I can finish these pests in one blow, even in my sleep!

After that, I ended up fighting countless battles alongside that guy. I owed him so much, but now it痴 difficult to remember that feeling of gratitude. That Red One

And although he went and chose a name for me, he refused to be called by any such name. Most of the Old Ones were snobbish like that, not just the Red One.

If I asked the Red One about it, he would just say, 展e do not have the custom of claiming names. How should I know that?

I have no interest in being anything like them, those who refuse to claim a name for themselves or who can稚 even make decent conversation, not to mention fighting with eyes like dead fish.

But it痴 great fun to grow stronger from the experience of every battle. It seems gloriously honorific to display one痴 own power. It痴 so interesting to think of the most efficient way to decimate a large number of enemies. I壇 hate it if I lost to an enemy, and I壇 be sad if my friends got hurt. Isn稚 it the same for them?

Whether they win or lose, no matter what happens right in front of them, they are always silent. I don稚 want to be like that.

Exactly what do they find interesting about living like that?

泥on稚 say such things, Michael. You will one day understand, when you have lived as long as we have.

The Red One always concluded his stories like that. I hated how he always sounded like he knew everything, like he understood. And what痴 the point in telling me that 選 will understand when I get to be his age, anyway? He couldn稚 have been born more than a couple thousand years before me.

There was something about that ferocious and brutal Black One that I just couldn稚 get past; I didn稚 like him. He seemed to be about the same age as the Red One, though. His random recklessness was hard to miss.

Like the other Old Ones, he also remained silent much of the time, with battles as the only exception. He especially liked strong individuals, which is probably why he completely ignored me when I tried to speak to him. What an annoying prick he is!

添ou thinking again? It痴 not bad to use your head, but there痴 a time and place for everything.

鉄hut up!

It痴 not like I enjoy getting distracted in the middle of a fight. No, I know it痴 probably the most dangerous thing to have happen. But, having somebody point that out was anything but interesting. So then I tried to change the subject.

滴ey, Red Guy. Do you have any idea when this war will end?

All I intended to do was change the subject, but in its mere utterance , I realized just how long I had been wanting to ask it.

We had killed too many to count, so many countless deaths to form mountains of corpses and rubble rising into the sky. And it kept going on and on, without an end. One more enemy would always arise in the wake of the last.

What are we fighting against? No, we know what it is we池e fighting, I don稚 mean that. Ah, it痴 annoying, I can稚 put it in words right.

溺ichael, not even I know when this war began much less when it will end

His words were suddenly cut off and everything turned white.

* * * * * * * * * * *

展hat the, it was a dream

What a strange dream, to have dreamed within a dream like that. Those days were so long ago.

展hat痴 wrong? came a voice from my back.

的t痴 nothing, I replied to the solder riding on my back. He was of the species called 蘇uman that appeared after the war.

The war that I thought would never end for all eternity was suddenly over. Even though the survival of many species hung in the balance, I was thoroughly disappointed it ended so abruptly. The only thing that was destroyed was the very war itself.

And it was this scene that made it into my dreams.

My vision was clouded with white light before because it was some sort of catastrophic explosion. Exactly what kind of explosion it was or what caused it, I didn稚 know the details. But its power was tremendous because it utterly wiped out every single enemy until nothing was left behind. Its reign of terror was so absolute that even the terrain below bore its scars in defiance.

Perhaps it was thanks to our strong, physical bodies and protective scales that helped our dragon species to survive, however, there were many others who did not. We lost more than half of our kind that day.

I days long past, the skies were filled with all colors of dragons, but now it is so uncommon for us to encounter another who matches our superior strength. The sky which should have felt like a small, narrow place became an expansive void that constantly reminded us of our fallen comrades. Although I knew both the Red One and Black One survived, I hadn稚 seen either of them in a long time.

Conversely, the ground below seemed to become much narrower than it had been before. The world was filled to the brim with 蘇umans and 租emi-human 僕ike monsters and beasts. With their surprising fertility, they easily put the propagation of the 妬nsects and 杜arionettes to shame. Simply though, with great fertility, comes a rather short lifespan. And weakness. They tire easily and die quickly.

And even the man I carry upon my back will sooner or later perish like all those before him.

That痴 right. Even though these people are so weak, they continue fighting and will continuously reach for their blade until their lives are further shortened. I cannot understand it. Maybe that痴 why I felt the urge to fight alongside them.


There was a slight shudder to the voice that came from my back. Was he scared? What a man is this, sounding like a frightened, little girl?

的知 sorry for involving you in this.

泥on稚 misunderstand. I cannot be defeated by getting caught up in the affairs of a mere human. I was the one who decided to fight with you. Your trivial skirmishes are like a game to us dragons. Who do you think I am? We致e battled together for this long, created mountains of corpses and garbage

I felt like he repeated the same words again, 的知 sorry. This is what makes him human.

鏑et痴 go!

We headed toward a fortress of rubble and lunged down upon it. All the soldiers packed along the castle walls were inevitably greeted with my flames

* * * * * * * * * *

鄭nother dream.

That last battle left the worst taste in my mouth. Maybe that痴 why it痴 popped up in my dreams. No, there always seems to be a bad aftertaste when I support humans in battle. Maybe it痴 because they always seem to die before I do.

He was the same. In the end, he died apologizing and leaving those stupid words 選知 sorry for me to remember. What did he need to apologize for? I told him over and over not to repeat himself.

As the scattered corpses cooled, and silence fell upon the rocky mountain, I was stunned. It was so obvious that humans only live so long. Of course, I knew that. But it痴 amazing that I still feel the sense of loss that day.

That was when he resurfaced, the Black One. After so many years, why did he have to show his face now, at such a bad time? He looked at me for an instant and then, without saying a word as usual, took to the sky and flew away. But it was his eyes that spoke to me, both mockingly and with mercy. It was as though they said to me, 添ou are very forgiving of the human heart.

I knew that without it being said. Even if they win or lose a fight, humans die. They die so quickly. Even if victory is theirs, it is only a fleeting moment. In that case, how pointless is it for them to fight at all?

No, could that be it? Or is this just what it means to be human? Could it be that the fight of us dragons was not meaningless after all?

For such a long, long time I continued to fight and lost many friends. Thus looking back now, even those old guys seems so nostalgic.

If this war hadn稚 happened, it would have been so boring hanging out with those guys, all silent and moody with nothing interesting ever happening.

Suddenly the words of the Red One came back to me.

Don稚 say such things, Michael. You will one day understand, when you have lived as long as we have.

We weren稚 that far apart in age, and yet he knew, he understood. By living a long life, it means losing... Loss, abandonment, solitude. Never obtaining a single thing...

It was probably my hope somewhere deep inside to gain something from aiding the humans in their fight. For those with such a short life to pick up their weapons and fight, they must know something far greater than any of us long-living dragons have ever known before.

But, it was the same thing. No matter how many times it repeated, nothing remained. Nothing.

滴ello? Where is this place? Is anybody there?

Before I knew it, everything had submerged into a deep darkness. There was no inclination of anything living or dead. There was just nothing.

的s thereno one there?

Pft. This is just a continuation of those stupid dreams, isn稚 it? It doesn稚 matter. I値l just wake up soon anyway. Right in the middle of battle. Ahh, not another battle. Seriously, knock it off with all the battles and stuff. It repeats and it痴 the same thing, over and over. Everything disappears in the end.

I guess that痴 the same with everything, battles and dreams. Eventually everything fades away to nothing.

Everything is gone. Gone. Zero

* * * * * * * * * *


Something from below wacked me in the jaw. This time for sure I was really awake.

添ou are the worst to sleep with, all your tossing and turning

The one who kicked me was a human I had just met recently named Zero. She is an insensitive, violent, lazy, woman with an insatiable appetite and foul mouth. She also lacks any sort of fear of us dragons and often calls me 都tupid. Oh, boy

And saying her sleeping posture is bad is an preposterous understatement. She kicks all the time and sleeps with her belly button hanging all out for everyone to see... I thought I heard that humans detested sleeping like that.

But that痴 what I find interesting. No matter how many people I meet, every one is different. I guess that is part of it, too. I can稚 imagine there would be anyone else in this world who shares the same desire as she does: to kill her younger sisters.

Unfortunately though, I知 sure our time together will be short-lived. Soon this woman, like all the other humans before her, will abandon me. That is the one thing that will never change from the others who disappeared and blinked out of my life.

Just, I didn稚 even mind. I wanted to see it with my own eyes. When she completes her mission and kills all of her sisters, I

的 will keep that promise, I swear it. No matter what happens, I won稚 back out. By my noble lineage of dragons, I涌ww! You kicked me again! Just for once, let me say the whole thing, through to the end

纏zzzzz, was the only sound that answered me. She痴 certainly very good at falling asleep!

-sigh- Oh, well. This is also my pleasure.   read

1:04 PM on 12.17.2013

Drakengard 3: 'This Silence is Mine' by Onitsuka Chihiro - Lyrics & Translation

I picked up the CD tonight, the night before its official release--most stores will stock the shelves with items that are due to be released the following day. Anyway, the song is WONDERFUL!! If you originally got goosebumps from watching the 2nd PV from TGS, then this will do it all over again!

Here is my transcription & translation of the lyrics, which can also be found with better formatting on my blog at the URL:


遠い 遠い 過去の渕
ひどく ひどく 凍えた眼

雑音の狭間 揺りかご
雑音の狭間 揺りかご 緋の跡



それは それは 声を奪う
それは 乱れ舞い 放つの如く



先に行ければ ああ それでいい
身体が囁く 囁く 囁く 囁く 囁く
(your symphony is never-ending)





atashi ni mieru no wa
tooi tooi kako no fuchi
atashi ni mieru no wa
hidoku hidoku kogoeta hitomi
atashi ni mieru no wa
sotto mezameta hitsuji no yume
atashi ni, atashi ni mieru no wa

zatsuon no hazama yurikago
dare ni mo kono hada ni wa todokanai
zatsuon no hazama yurikago hi no ato

chinmoku no sanaka yo


atashi ga inoru toki
sore wa netsu wo obiru
atashi ga sakebu toki
sore wa, sore wa koe wo ubau
atashi ga ikiru toki
sore wa midare mai hanatsu no gotoku

akari to seigi yo


kanashimi wo sutete
kokoro wo ushinatte
omoi wo okashite
saki ni ikereba aa sore de ii
karada ga sasayaku, sasayaku, sasayaku, sasayaku, sasayaku
(your symphony is never-ending)

chinmoku no sanaka yo




The one who can look upon me:
The abyss of the far distant past
The one who can look upon me:
Those horrible, horribly frozen eyes
The one who can look upon me:
The dream of a gently woken sheep
The one who can look upon me, upon me

Between the cradle of noise
No one can reach this skin
Between the cradle of noise, blood-red scars

Oh, Midst the silence


When I pray:
It is when I carry a fever
When I scream:
It is, it is when my voice is stolen

When I live:
It is much like a distorted dance

Oh, the light and justice


I will throw away my sadness
And lose my heart
Even violate my thoughts
If I can move forward, Ahh, then fine
My body whispers, whispers, whispers, whispers, whispers
(your symphony is never-ending)

Oh, Midst the silence



9:15 AM on 12.06.2013

Drakengard 3: Famitsu Gameplay Impressions and more!

The new blog of my rough translation of the latest Famitsu article is up! I'm still making some minor adjustments to this one, but I hope it's starting to look more like a decent blog should look. ^^; I'm still learning how to do certain layouts and such.

Anyway, this update includes a bunch of different things. Foremost, though, is my rough translation of the recent Famitsu article on the play through of the specially-made demo for the Famitsu editors. I still want to go through it some more and make it sound better and I still need to translate a few things.

Here's a brief excerpt:

What We Learned about DOD3 by Playing

There are just two more weeks until the official release of Square Enix痴 action RPG 泥rag-on Dragoon 3, otherwise known as 泥rakengard 3. For this purpose, the editing department received a playable demo of the game to further introduce the battle system and what sort of things we learned in the process of playing.

You are able to switch freely from four types of weapons: the sword, spear, claw, and the chakram. Along with the ease of switching weapons to speed the pace of battles up, you are also able to ride on the dragon Mikhail痴 back, both for ground battles as well as aerial battles.

Point #1: Conversation during battles are quite horrible

Zero and her companions often engage in a bit of back-and-forth retorts during battles. As Zero throws insults and runs off her characteristic bad mouth, the other companions make interesting comments耀ome even intrigued by her bad habits. Mikhail, on the other hand, is sweetly innocent in her words, which often pushes Zero further into the depths of her mood swing. These are just some of the things you can enjoy while decimating hordes of baddies out to kill you.

Other updates include recent updates to the official soundtrack page, Cent's chapter, and a couple other goodies! Check it out!

Read more on...   read

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