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Rekka avatar 11:43 AM on 12.01.2013  (server time)
Drakengard 3: Soundtrack, Manga, Speculation, and More!

Well, the first day of December has been officially over for roughly 2 hours now…and we’re that much closer to the inevitable release of DOD3 in 18 days!  Now that we’re heading into the final stretch, recent news has not been all that astounding, although we have had a couple awesome tid-bits!

More Soundtrack News!
Emi Evans has finally been given the official go-ahead to announce that she is indeed back performing vocals for the DOD3 soundtrack.  You may recall her from the exquisite work she did for the Nier soundtrack.  A sample of her newest work for DOD3 can be streamed directly from Square Enix’s page with other info about the soundtrack.  As I’ve mentioned before, you can see that there is still room to hear 3 extra tracks on the page….but they are currently unavailable. Maybe they will upload a new track weekly until the release? Hmmm!  Definitely bookmark this page:

And hurray for me, I'm being lazy.  So if you'd like to read the rest of the updates, they're all on the main DOD3 blog here:  ^^;;

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