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Rekka avatar 9:15 AM on 12.06.2013  (server time)
Drakengard 3: Famitsu Gameplay Impressions and more!

The new blog of my rough translation of the latest Famitsu article is up! I'm still making some minor adjustments to this one, but I hope it's starting to look more like a decent blog should look. ^^; I'm still learning how to do certain layouts and such.

Anyway, this update includes a bunch of different things. Foremost, though, is my rough translation of the recent Famitsu article on the play through of the specially-made demo for the Famitsu editors. I still want to go through it some more and make it sound better and I still need to translate a few things. 

Here's a brief excerpt:

What We Learned about DOD3 by Playing

There are just two more weeks until the official release of Square Enix’s action RPG “Drag-on Dragoon 3,” otherwise known as “Drakengard 3”.  For this purpose, the editing department received a playable demo of the game to further introduce the battle system and what sort of things we learned in the process of playing.

You are able to switch freely from four types of weapons: the sword, spear, claw, and the chakram.  Along with the ease of switching weapons to speed the pace of battles up, you are also able to ride on the dragon Mikhail’s back, both for ground battles as well as aerial battles.

Point #1:  Conversation during battles are quite horrible

Zero and her companions often engage in a bit of back-and-forth retorts during battles.  As Zero throws insults and runs off her characteristic bad mouth, the other companions make interesting comments—some even intrigued by her bad habits.  Mikhail, on the other hand, is sweetly innocent in her words, which often pushes Zero further into the depths of her mood swing.  These are just some of the things you can enjoy while decimating hordes of baddies out to kill you.

Other updates include recent updates to the official soundtrack page, Cent's chapter, and a couple other goodies! Check it out!

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