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Rekka avatar 8:40 AM on 11.19.2013  (server time)
Drakengard 3 | DOD3: Recent Updates and News

Well, this is going to be brief since all pertinent information is readily accessible on my new blog, but here's some of the highlights regarding recent news and updates on DOD3:

Monday, November 25th will be the 5th NicoNico Live Broadcast, featuring voice actors Uchida Maaya (Zero) and Higashiyama Nao (Mikhail).  This may be the final broadcast before the Dec. 19 release.

Lots of speculation on the symbolism behind the Utautai sisters, what possible connection they may have to both the 7 Deadly Sins and comparatively the 7 Holy Virtues, as well as color symbolism.

The Halloween Contest has concluded...  What's up next?  Another undecided contest to celebrate the Dec. 19 release date!  Be sure to voice any interest and/or ideas regarding this up-coming contest.  This time, the prize will be an official DOD3 poster.

Also a ton more images have been added the Image Gallery, including crazy DOD3-ish photomanipulations that I made like the one above!  Check them all out here:

All of this and more can be found on the main site:
Drakengard 3 | Drag-on Dragoon 3 | DOD3


And lastly, a general Dtoid blogger question...
Many times I try to use code to shrink down the size of an image...and on preview, it seems to work fine, but when the blog is actually saved and loaded, it doesn't work and simply displays the code. ^^;  Any reason for this?  Am I doing something wrong...?  For example, here is the exact same image that I posted above, only I want it to be displayed smaller than the original size (500x181).  Why does this not load right??


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