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Rekka avatar 2:23 PM on 10.23.2013  (server time)
Drag-on Dragoon 3: Zero's Weapons & Special Interview!

Famitsu just published a new article online, talking about the four types of weapons Zero can use as well as a special interview with producer Shiba Takamasa, sound director Okabe Keiichi, and theme song vocalist Onitsuka Chihiro!  Here is my initial translation!  Enjoy!

Famitsu Published Date: October 24, 2013 at midnight

*  Onitsuka Chihiro and "Drag-on Dragoon 3" - An Amazing Combination

Square Enix will announce new information about the Playstation 3 game "Drag-on Dragoon 3" in the November 7th and 14th double issue of the Famitsu magazine published on October 24th. This time we will hear more about 4 types of weapons Zero can use as well as a special interview with theme song vocalist Onitsuka Chihiro. Check out the article below!

Zero's Weapons


Forward, close-range and circular spin attacks as well as launching enemies into the air are just some of the types of attacks Zero can perform with her sword. The balance between close-range attacks and attack speed makes the sword simple to use. Combos are easy to connect and depending on the blood splatters, Zero's tension meter can rise quickly. 

The spear has the greatest advantage for its strong forward slashes and lunging attacks. Although it's not as fast as the sword, even one swipe of the spear can be massive. The spear can even break through heavily armored enemies that the sword could not.


Even though the attack range of the claw is quite small, it is the fastest weapon of Zero's arsenal to deal multiple blows to an enemy. Combos are simple to connect, and since there are many multiple strike attacks, when Zero's up against single enemies you can be proud of this weapon. However, when large numbers of enemies are closing in, the claw may not be able to keep up, so it may be vital to switch weapons.


The chakram has the biggest attack range and can also reach surrounding enemies that are unfortunate enough to fall into its range. It doesn't have the greatest attack power, but it is perfect for picking out that single enemy in the distance or engaging with multiple enemies closing in.

*  Special Interview with Onitsuka Chihiro, Producer Shiba Takamasa, and Sound Director Okabe Keiichi

Next we have an interview with DOD3 theme song "This Song is Mine" vocalist, Onitsuka Chihiro. We sat down with sound designer Okabe Keiichi and producer Shiba Takamasa to talk about the song and the recording. Check it out!

Famitsu (F): How did you feel when you first heard the song?

Okabe (O): I especially remember feeling like she really put her soul into the song during the actual recording. She definitely has the ability to add a variety of colorful flavors to the same song. For example, the first chorus is so simple, she wants you to taste that color and and hopefully by the end of the song, it will have formed into something nice. 

Shiba (S): It may go without saying, but I thought it was great. As I've said before, even though Onitsuka-san has such great affinity with this song, I also felt a little nervous how it would turn out in the end--but it was great. The segment we used for the PV was the relatively quite part, but after that the song really kicks in and becomes a sort of song that many people imagine Onitsuka-san to sing. The lyrics are also amazing…… Until recently, we also discussed starting from scratch, but the lyrics fit so well with the contents of the game, we were sold.

Onitsuka (O): That's because I was unaware of anything, right?

S: You're right. That's why I was so impressed.

O: But, I have about the same H-cup.

S: What!? Oh, bust size, right. You were aware of that , though? haha

O: haha……hahaha…

ALL: Ahahaha……

S: But Zero's an E.

O: Huh, she's an E?

S: So if you're an H, you'd beat Zero. haha

O: Do you really think of such minute details for each character?

S: It wasn't decided earlier on, but it was eventually decided. Um, sorry we kind of got sidetracked…

F: It's okay. haha You said that the PV with the song "This Silence is Mine," which was shown for the first time at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, only used the quiet portion of the song?

S: Yes. The full song is about seven minutes, so we could only use a small portion of it. The rest of the song is really great.

O: I also thought you hid that fact well when I first saw it. haha


S: Well, we decided that we could only show PVs that were about two minutes at our booth (Square Enix). Actually, the quiet portion of the song was exactly two minutes. They really came up with a great theme song that allowed us to cover up the portion we wanted to hide in the PV. haha


The original article in Japanese can be found here.

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