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Rekka avatar 10:50 AM on 10.14.2013  (server time)
Art Contest! - Drag-on Dragoon / Drakengard 3

Please let me know your thoughts!!

Anyone can participate either through the main Web site or the Facebook sister site, both located at the sites below:

Drag-on Dragoon 3 Sanctuary
Drag-on Dragoon 3 Facebook Fan Site

The aim of this contest is to offer a fun and creative contest to help spread the awareness and interest of the game to other potential fans. 

Art entries may be made by various mediums, whether they be drawn, painted, CG'd works of art, photographs, photo editing and splicing of existing DOD3 artwork, or even sculpted. Photos of DOD3 characters may also be acceptable! Your artistic medium of choice is up to you. The key is to have fun and show your love for the series and show your anticipation for the release of the 3rd installment! 

Evening of November 7th (Japan time); one week from Halloween. This will give you over three weeks to think, design, and complete your entry for the contest. It's also a little after Halloween so you have plenty of time to get into that Halloween mood and create something cool!

Entrants must include their Full Name, User Handle or Nickname, and E-mail address. Names will be added to a list of participants. Once an entry has been completed, it must be attached to an E-mail and sent to me for review then submission to the Art Contest Participants folder / gallery which will be visible to all throughout the contest. Full names and E-mail address will never be disclosed publicly.

Participants may submit a total of three pieces of art. The style is not limited to solely one platform. You may choose to enter a drawing, a photo, and/or a photo manipulation if you like; however, only one item from each participant will be eligible for winning (a single person cannot win more than one prize).

Entries must include a DOD3 character and some sort of Halloween theme or element. You may choose to depict a character holding a Jack O'lantern, or be accompanied by ghosts and witches…whatever you like. Just these two elements must be present in the image. Other DOD characters may be present as well, but they are strictly optional.

Images must be received via E-mail in JPG format, no larger than 1024x786 with a file size no larger than 500KB. Final images may be resized and/or cropped to better display on Facebook or the DOD3 Web site.

Winners and Prizes:
At the close of the contest, one winner will be chosen who best depicted the feeling of Halloween with use of a DOD3 character. Art skill is not necessary, but it may become a deciding factor in the end. 

1st through 3rd places will be awarded prizes. First place will get the choice of one of two DOD1 Japanese guide books. 2nd place will receive the remaining DOD1 guide book and 3rd place will receive exclusive pamphlets from this year's Tokyo Game Show, obtained directly from the event.

Prizes will be shipped from Japan to winning participants at no cost to the winner. 
Winning participants must disclose a valid shipping address and accurate real name to receive your prize. Winning works of art will be featured on both the Facebook fan site and the DOD3 Web site.

Areas for Disqualification:
Images may not include full nudity, severe acts of crime, sexual acts, or anything of the like. Partial nudity or suggestive themes pertaining to DOD3 or the feel of Halloween may be acceptable. If by chance your artwork does not meet this criteria, you will be sent a message and the ability to replace the image with another.

Here is an example of what I'm looking for, but it certainly does NOT have to look like this!!!

I'd like to kick off this contest by Thursday, October 17th, so if you have any comments, questions, or ideas, please let me know at the following E-mail address:


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