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Reisen 's blog
I'll sort out an avatar once imageshack starts playing nice.

About me:
I like videogames.

I'm from Britain: that's that scraggy island a bit to the right of America where everyone drinks tea and calls eachother a cunt.

I'm also a student: that's British for leech on society stealing money from the government in order to accomodate three free years of easy living! Bonus points for being a student of Creative Writing!!!

I'm not actually as cynical as I made myself out to be in the last two points. I actually like some aspects of this grand country I live in. Regardless that this really just accounts to familiarity, some of the people being quite pleasant, channel 4 and the when I import something from a foreign country and feeling like the lower cost means i've beaten the system.

I own all three videogame consoles, but have no idea when it comes to PC's.

I've been gaming since I was about five years old; I could either play with Super Mario Bros. on the NES or a shiny new Lego Castle. I feel I made the right choice.

I also (to whom applicable) had a geeky best friend throughout high school who got popular and ditched me.

I cried at both the end of Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4.

I listen to and love all three podcasts!

When compulsively cleaning the house, I listen to the Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections.

The Lens of Truth can see through Snake's Stealth camouflage, no matter what anyone may tell you.

I sold my 360 to my brother to buy a PS3, because I didn't want to play games where the only thing on my mind was the next achivement. Ironically now the main reason i'm going back to Fallout 3 is because of the trophy patch. I sometimes wonder, then start to loathe what i've become.

I've been checking Destructoid for a while now, before finally getting off my arse and deciding to blog on here. Hopefully i'tll be a regular thing.

My girlfriend also just joined to start blogging on here. She's a nice person, regardless that her opinions on Assassins Creed are just wrong.

We both brought a 360 at the same time, and they both red ringed at the same time. I guess that means we're synchronised.

And finally, I look forward to getting involved in the community here blogging my snarky English arse off!
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6:49 PM on 12.18.2008
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