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Reinhold Hoffmann says:

We are Doomed - 1993-2013

// Submitted @ 5:37 AM on 12.10.2013

10th December 1993. Does that ring a bell?

If not, let me give you a small history lesson. It was a cold was back in the time when 16bit video game consoles got a ton of great games and..

it was the day the first Doom was released for the PC

This first person shooter by iD software introduced a fast and brutal gameplay to the masses..scary monsters and labyrinths in full 3d including a ton of traps and secret rooms.

The game was just phenomenal at its time and even today it is still enjoyable.

As a big fan of Doom i started an art tribute collaboration project via the Game-Art-HQ community. 10 artists and myself we created 20 artworks and the gallery itself which we called " We Are Doomed"

You can see it there on Game-Art-HQ

Beside the artworks, you can also read the personal opinions regarding doom, specific enemies or the complete series of almost all the artists who participated in this art tribute and dedicated their time and talent to make this happen.

Its quite an honor for me to work with them. My own part is just the hosting of the website, writing and designing the articles and organize the whole thing. But the respect belongs to the artists.

Our next and very ambitious anniversary tribute will happen in December 2014 and be about the 20th Anniversary of the good old Playstation. The target is to get around 50-100 different PSX games illustrated including the most popular games like MGS, Crash bandicoot and Tekken 3 but also the not so popular ones like Tomba!, Bust A Groove and Gex 3D.

The artworks for the Doom tribute are almost all in high sizes up to 4k pixels and should be useable for desktop wallpapers etc. If you use them for anything on your own websites etc. please don't forget to add the links to the original artists and their dA galleries.

Question: Did you play the original Doom, and did you play it through?

update, wow! we got a lot support through articles on Eurogamer, Kotaku and over 40 smaller websites from all around the world!
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Reinhold Hoffmann

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