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Super Metroid - its the 20th Anniversary today. - Destructoid

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Hello, I am Reinhold Hoffmann, the proud founder of http://www.game-art-hq.com/ a website and community all about video game related art, culture and history.

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Its days like today when i know that i am damn old with my 33 years and celebrate 20th Anniversaries of Video Games i loved when i was 14.

As a damn big fan of the Metroid series and especially Super Metroid which i played through more times than any other single-player game and so i had to get something together when i read about its release date just a few weeks ago. Was very busy with our Link's Friendlist Art Collaboration at the time but something just had to be done about S.Metroid and now, today i am proudly presenting a relative small art tribute with the focus on the Bosses like Ridley, Mother Brain and also the not so known ones like Crocomire and even the Spore Spawn Mini-Boss.

You can see this art tribute here: http://www.game-art-hq.com/68870/the-game-art-hq-community-art-tribute-to-super-metroid-we-celebrate-its-20th-anniversary/

It is not as big as our Legend of Zelda Art Collaborations but if you are a fan of the game you will most likely love the Illustrations done by fans who also decribed their views about the game and its bosses there.

Thanks a ton at Nintendo and Gunpei Yokoi (R.I.P) for developing this Masterpiece.

Going to play it again later.

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