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Reinhold Hoffmann says:

Reinhold's Weekly DeviantART Cosplay Feature #3

// Submitted @ 4:19 AM on 12.20.2013

This Blog has the purpose to show you some of the - in my opinion - best cosplays which were submitted to the popular art community deviantART.

My criterias are the costumes, the cosplayers, the angle and the background of the photos, as well as the shadows and light. Neither in this collumn nor on my own website game art hq i want to just get a colection of sexy girls together which show a lot T & A. All types of cosplays are included, this is not just about video game cosplay

This is Korra from the Avatar anime series doing some water bending
by and

Skyrim Cosplay by

Violet from the Incredibles by the Incredible and Dat Beethy!

Good old Crystal Graziano is back with a new Yoko cosplay
You can read an interview i did a while ago with her on the 2nd best website after dtoid

Wonder Woman -i read she would be in the Superman & Batman movie too.

Holy SHIT! Someone else liked Bubsy!

Garrus from the Mass Effect games, this is just another fantastic cosplay by Nebulaluben from Spain

Ahri the Nine Tailed Fox Girl from league of Legends, cosplayed by

Bonus Art:

By for LOTR / Hobbit fans.

Hoo Hoo Hoo!

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Reinhold Hoffmann

Those who have come:

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