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Reinhold Hoffmann says:

Reinhold's Weekly DeviantART Cosplay Feature #1 2014

// Submitted @ 8:30 AM on 01.03.2014

This Blog has the purpose to show you some of the - in my opinion - best cosplays which were submitted to the popular art community deviantART.

My criterias are the costumes, the cosplayers, the angle and the background of the photos, as well as the shadows and light. Neither in this collumn nor on my own website game art hq i want to just get a colection of sexy girls together which show a lot T & A. All types of cosplays are included, this is not just about video game cosplay ..depends on whats shared on dA though.

Happy New Year btw.!

Bioshock's 1-2 rule! And so does Angela Bermudez

I still believe that the actress from the first Resident Evil game was the hottest Jill Valentine ever but Enjinight as Jill from RE3 just looks beautiful there

Another one by Angela Bermudez and [/color][/color][color=#000000]Anthony Z˙˝iga as Legolas, never been a big LOTR fan but these photos looks great.

Never played a Mass Effect game yet but these cosplays are impressive, shared by Nebulaluben

And moar Mass Effect, this is a cosplay of a female version of Commander Sheperd by

Never played League of Legends too, this is Jinx one of the latest characters from the popular MOBA and while i prefer the fan arts for this one, i thought this is one of the first really good cosplays of her. Shared by her photographer

Not going to play that shit but this is an awesome FFXIII-3 Lightning cosplay and made by

If Chun Li would be a real person and be at her SFII age, she would probably just look like Elin Kuzunoha

Seeya next friday

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Reinhold Hoffmann

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