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Its Time! Its Time! Its COSPLAY Time!

We celebrate an important day today, known as Friday which means weekend will arrive soonish. For me its a weekend without Internet since i am visiting thee family. That are two horrible events at the same time already...hopefully its not getting worse!

From next week on i work on a big Legend of Zelda Art Tribute similar to Link's Blacklist and OMG. I got some awesome submissions in the last months already but the last days topped everything. Do you remember that old geezer in the first Zelda who gives Link his first Sword in the dark cave?

He is there.  

If you care for LoZ and for Fan will love this one which is called Link's Friendlist and will hopefully be ready on the 20th February on Game-Art-HQ.

Thanks to a dtoid member i am having "nice" convos with sometimes in Nintendo related article comments, i looked up the release date of Super Metroid yesterday. Which was released on the 19th March in 1994.  Its not a lot time but there will be a fan art tribute about that one, similar to the "We are Doomed" Doom gallery released on the same day as the game. I asked my community yesterday..the response was great and it looks like another gem for art fans is in the making!

But now back to the weekly cosplay feature where i try to feature some of the - in my opinion - best cosplays of the last week shared on deviantART, as usual i have no clue what cosplays are going to get shown here while i am writing this. Pure Gonzo Style...or somethin'!


Lets Start!

Here we have Saber from the Fate/Stay Night Games and Anime. I don't know the character but looked up images and wow..this German cosplayer just looks like her.
Find a ton more cosplay photos of her at

Dat Legolas!  Seriously..this is..Legolas. The real one..the better one. Legolas.

More Elves..this time a dark one..and a hot one..a sexy one..this is AsherWarr from Russia as a dark elf from Lineage II and that make up and the costume looks phenomenal

This is a character named Heine Rammsteiner from Fandom Dogs: Bullet & Carnage.
I have no clue what it is but this cosplay looks great to me. I like that hair.
Done by

Okay..this is epic.

Holy Shit Kelume! This cosplayer also known as MissSinister is not only good in Tekken but also one of the female cosplayers who are so super dedicated to their hobby that she shaved her hair last year for a Sagat (SF) cosplay and now she is doing Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 as you see.


The good old Silent Hill Nurses....the cosplay is great, the background and colors super fitting but i miss the personality in this it a 6,5/10 and look forward to the shitstorm. This cosplay was done by

Thats it for this week...except the Bonus picture which is dedicated to Johnny Cage of course!

Happy Weekend everyone...

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