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1:05 PM on 02.08.2014

Reinhold Hoffmann  says:

My 2nd Open Letter to the Dtoid Staff - Hoffmann vs. Destructoid!

The first open letter, which was more a complaint than anything else reached the record breaking 107 comments..i think thats still the record for all not promoted c-blogs since mid december and probably a good time before.

After that open letter about using an ad-blocker here and communication problems, i wrote over 30 different blogs ranging from reviews, sharing video game music related website links, featuring awesome cosplayers and also some of the artists i work with lately and during all the weeks here on dtoids frontpage including hefty discussions sometimes i noticed one damn cool thing which sets dtoid apart from other big gaming blogs i used to visit previously.

The direct communication between the active visitors who asked a question about a review, about a specific part of a game or voiced their own opinions about this and that.

Be it Dale North, Steven Hansen, often Chris Carter and the rest of the Bunch. They are not just the article writers, they read and communicate with the community.
Thanks goes also to the moderators who are doing a good job here, be it through funny or encouraging comments or having an open eye for spam bots and guys who want to tell us about how much their sisters made in the last hour through some shady snowball system crap.

Thats a thing well done here on destructoid and one of the reasons why i, and most likely many other readers are coming back to discuss stuff here.

Thanks for being like that, and taking a bit time for the community beside sharing news or write own articles.

oh..sorry for that cli-cli-clickbait headline ;)


Reinhold Hoffmann

Those who have come:

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