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8:22 AM on 01.05.2014

Reinhold Hoffmann  says: related

I bet a lot of you know the "Authoritative Video Games Database"

If is a website really worthy to know and bookmark.

That website was created by three friends ages ago, and has become the by far biggest database about video games in the whole internet..leaving even the Wikipedia behind by far.

You can find all sorts of informations there about old and new games, ranging from technical aspects to original advertising texts, reviews by members of their community, screenshots infos about the story and contents oif a game and so forth.

The website was struggling and maybe still is though. It was bought by Gamefly years ago, but they didnt do anything beside adding their logo to the site and made it difficult for members to get their additions onto the site. And to make it worse, they tried to redesign Mobygames earlier in 2013 with a really bad design.

Not that the original Mobygames design is eyecandy. It looks like it was done in 1998 and thats probably the case. And not a bad thing in my opinion.

The Website was now bought by three enthusiastic sounding guys, with one of them being the investor and the other two being webdesigners like myself.

They reverted Mobygames look back to the old design which brought back many long term members there already, but are also actively communicating with the community now and a ton of new articles and infos were added in just the last 8 weeks.

Seems it is going forward to the website and as one of the guys who cares about video game informations and VG history i am totally looking forward to see progress there and be a more active member there as well. Seems i can help the new guys there a bit with SEO stuff at least.

I am not affiliated with MG in any form, just wanted to get the good news a bit into the small spotlight which is a dtoid community blog.

A few websites like gamasutra and polygon wrote articles about this btw @ dtoid crew.


Reinhold Hoffmann

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