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Many of you heard about M.U.G.E.N the 2D Fighting Game Engine which was made available for free over 12 years ago already and got thousands of people worldwide creating own fighting games with it or at least creating stages, characters, or screenpacks.

Through this engine, Marvel and DC characters like Carnage, Lobo, Venom-Hulk and Evil Ken were made possible and even Thor from Marvel was made a long time before he was playable in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

But we have 2013, the technology of games and also game engines moved on and there were several attemps already by dedicated programmers who tried to build an engine to make 3D fighting games made by gamers at home with a standard PC possible.

There were even commercial attempts with the Fighter Maker series, but those were so bad and limited that they never got a caring community.

Now, finally it looks like we see an evolution with the new fighting game engine "EF-12"

I can only recommend to watch the trailers for it, screenshots are doing the thing no real justice.
It is still not on par with modern console fighting game technology but the possibilities seem to be veeery promising.

Giant monster character are possible, as well as four or six armed (think at Goro from MK, or Asura from Asura's Wrath) as well as creating Ryu from Street Fighter, or Weapon using characters like those from SoulCalibur.

This engine comes from one guy alone who calls himself EF-12 too, a daaamn dedicated Japanese programmer who dreams of creating a successor to M.U.G.E.N and worked on that project for years before he started sharing the news about it. With the time he was able to form a small team of more developers, during summer 2013 the main engine was ffinished, around a month a go it was translated into English.

The software itself as well as faqs and guides were translated into english as mentioned, he got support by parts of the M.U.G.E.N creator community and also tries to get the engine to Steam via Greenlight for free as well..but Steamworks would do wonders there to make additional content like characters by gamers easy to add and would also mean it getting an own forum there.

As fan of any engines which allow it us gamers to show OUR creativity and a fighting game player i hope it gets enough support /votes there on Steam to make it a thing.

EDIT: OMG It just received the needed amounts of votes on STEAM! Valve works with the EF-12 developers now to bring it in there! YES! YES! YES! YEEEEES!

EF-12 works on this engine every day and is currently adding Tekken or SoulCalibur similar costume options which make it possible to add items to characters or small parts of their costumes (Think different clothes etc) A character can have more than one costume anyway already.

The full version of EF-12 and English tutorial documentation is availableon Playism: http://playism-games.com/games/ef12/.

This could become a great thing, i tried to get this news passed to one dtoid editor already but got no response for the PM..seems that's nothing unusual here *cough*

If anyone of the editors reads this, please consider making this a news..i am not affiliated with the creator of this engine, but believe it is damn newsworthy and interesting for many of the fighting game playing people among the readers!

Greets and a happy new week!



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